ADANNA Episode 6


I looked at her from where shes sitting, she winked and smile. So i send

“so na person wey reach to be your papa you dey f**k?” she read the test and smile, the barman brought pepper soup for them, omo see flexing, i better commot here before i will be tempted to buy some, she send me another test

“i miss your d**k can you come tonight” lol, so na me she wan dey use satisfy her konji abi, so i reply her.

“what happen to the man you are with now” i waited for 10minutes before she reply, i guess she was doing justice to the peppersoup.

“im dey f**k like dead man” i nor know when i burst out laughing, and everybody started looking at me, oboy make i dey go, i paid the barman for my drink and left, on my way i bought sunshine and apple, she sent me another message, saying she will cook rice and she want us to eat it together, nothing go make me miss that rice.

I went home direct, i open my door and everywhere was sparkly clean (i trust my babe)

Me: how far.

Mercy: welcome dear, you didnt watch the match again? (she know say anytime i go watch match i must spend 2 hours)

Me: na only first half i watch, the match is boring.

Mercy: ok did you buy the sunshine.

Me: yes. I gave it to her while i relax on my bed, she took it and hang it at the wall. She join me on the bed, i took my phone and started playing fifa14, she took her own and start watching drama.

Me: sweetie low your drama na.

Mercy: why you no low your own?

Me: na me first start na, okay put earpiece for your own then.

Mercy: no i like it like this. .

I dropped my own down and concentrate on her phone,

mercy: you nor play again?

Me: no i wan join you watch.

Mercy: but you are not watching na, you are starring at my breast. .

Oh yeah i am, i loved her big boobs. She continued watching her movie while i gaze my eyes at her omega-2-vitamin, only starring alone dey cause hardon self, i held one of her hand, moved it to my d**k for her to see the bulge from my trouser, she felt it and then laughed.

Mercy: i thought you satisfy yourself last night.

Me: me for where?

Mercy: for here na, last time we kept 4 condom, but now its only 2, what happen to the other two?

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Me: i borrow my neighbour na.

Mercy: you borrow your neighbour?

Me: yes.

Mercy: so your neighbour finish using the condom then drop it at your dustbin outside.

Chai see wahala oh i even forgot say i used condom with adanna self, so she threw it in the dustbin.

Me: come on dear i dont know about any condom, you know my neighbours na, everything na im them dey put for my waste bin.

Mercy: ok oh if you say so no problem.

Thats why i like her, she dey forgive and forget something quickly.

Me: so can you do something about the bulge from my trouser. ..

She kept quiet so i took her hand again and use it to rub my d**k, she started rubbbing it, then she drop her phone, face me and said

mercy: lovie, that dream of yersterday is still bothering me oh,

She said stroking my d–k.

Me: dont worry, nothing will happen, so far i have you as my guide am not afraid.

Mercy: i love you so much and i dont know what i will do if something happen to you.

She said removing my trouser.

Me: lose me ke, wey i just dey start life, just forget about it okay, we will pray over it( me wey wan commit sin na im dey talk of prayers)

She removed my boxer and my shirt, she stood up and remove all her clothes, she stay ontop of me, she later turn around and faced me, kissed me passionately, then she insert my d–k slowly, she started moving up and down slowly, why i like her is that she know how to move her ass very well like professional, we did it for like 10 minutes before i came, is after the sex i remember i didnt use condom, we slept afterward. . .

I wokeup around 7pm in the evening, mercy don getup already preparing to go home, i took my phone and a saw test message from Adanna saying.

“i hope you will still have strenght for us tonight” who is the us? i thought.

I escorted mercy to her place around 7:30pm, on my way back i decided to branch to go see blessing. I called her number to confirm if she dey house, she told me yes she’s at home, so i told her to open the door that am her doorpost,.

Me: pretender how you dey.

Blessing: f**kerholic i dey fine, come inside joor. .

She use her right hand to draw me inside, before i dey say jack and rose, she don dey fire me kisses as if she never kissed for 1 year, she was rushing me very fast, she held my d**k from my trouser and squeeze it, i gain attention at once, she removed my shirt, press me against the wall and s–k my lips like tommorow no dey again.

I returned the kiss as i squeeze her ass in return, i removed her handless shirt, she no even wear bra maybe she don dey wait for me since, i s–k her boobs and she let out a moan, she remove my trouser and boxer as she bend to s–k my dicck, she hit it two times then said.

“i hope my baby is up to the task today” she was already wet, i s–k her as she whined her ass in pleasure, ” oh yeah baby, s–k me hard, i wish you were my boyfriend, i would have been the happiest girl in the world” lol, i know she didnt meant that, i bang her as she continue speaking in tongues, we later came after 15minutes, we relaxed on the bed silently without saying anything, and then i took my phone, 4 miscal all from mercy, maybe she wanted to confirm if i don reach house, the time was 9:45pm, i think i should start going home now, but one thing is missing.

“Where is my plate of rice?” i ask her.