ADANNA Episode 2


if i hear say na me dey romance this girl i nor go believe, many people try to woe her in school but she decline, so i settle for friend only, but now i don dey get the benefit.

“uuuuhmmm, aahhh s–k me dear” me dear? Waoh, after the romance i hope she continue calling me dear oh, i stop s—–g her and move her to her table, i make her to lie down on the table like a dog facing the table with her ass staring at me, while i remove my trouser (no time for long romance i fit no get another opportunity again or she fit lose interest if i too dull)

i remove my hard d–k from boxer and position myself to insert the disk inside the cd player, but there is one problem no condom.

Blessing: baby whats holding you na?

Me: i dont have cd and i cant go in raw.

Blessing: check that purse on the wall you will see condom.

I open the purse and saw packet of sealed condom (na wa for this girl oh) for school she go dey virgin.

she c-m 5minutes later and lie in bed telling me shes tired.

Me: wetin you wan come do my hard d–k?

Blessing: i dont know, i cant continue am too weak pls lets just sleep. She lie in bed and face the wall, with her ass smilling at me, i went to her and started rubbing her back, i separate her leg, she was enjoying it because she was also moving her ass closer to my as i stroke her from behind, i fuvvk her so hard for 10 more minutes before we came the same time.

Blessing: waoh, i didnt know you are this good

Me: how will you know, when you never gave me a chance.

Blessing: hmmm dont get it over your head, this will be the first and last time.

Me: hmmm, i dont think i can let you go because u are too sweet, only madman will do that.

Blessing: you nor well, you still want to eat.

Me: no i just want to sleep beside you.

Blessing: ok goodnight.

Me: goodnight dear.

I check my time 10:00pm, i held her like my romeo as i go into dreamword.

Around 1:00am i woke and try to sleep again for were, the hunger wey dey scatter my stomach no let me sleep again oh so i woke her from her sleep, she yawn and ask me what is it?

Me: i cant sleep

Blessing: why na?

Me: because am very hungry.

Blessing: but you told me not to cook anything again na.

Me: yeah that was because i wasnt hungry then, but now my stomach is crying.

Blessing: the only thing you can take now is garri manage it when day break i will cook something for us to eat.

I gat no choice so i got up and soak garri, i put salt and then fed the worms in my stomach. Since light dey i just carry the laptop, open it and configure everything for her, all apps are installed but not on homescreen, so i help her move them, i also activate her video player so that she can watch movie,

when i finished i took one movie and start watching, she woke up and join me i guess the sound was disturbing her.

Blessing: what we did let no mouth hear of it.

Me: i really dont care i love you and even if the whole world know about it i dont care.

Blessing: your girlfriend mercy is my friend and shes a faithful girl, so i dont want to put asunder, so pls just focus on her and forget about me.

Me: (shock i thought i was dating her secretly, how she come manage know na) waoh how did you know about mercy.

Blessing: haha i ask about you, the first time you ask me out.

Waoh, i was dumbfounded i never knew my affair with mercy will come out. We watch the movie silently till we slept off. I went to my house the follow morning, i took 8 cup of rice with me of course, My bag of rice finish since last week. . I got home, dressup and went to church, i came back from church in the afternoon and saw my door open, i went in and saw everywhere neat and sparkly clean. only one person can clean my room neat like this and only one person know where i put my key and that person is mercy.

I wasnt suprise to see her, she was lying down watching movies from my laptop, she saw me and got up, gave me a hug.

Me:when did you close from church?

mercy: by 9am

me: ok, you attend morning mass right

mercy: yes dear

me: so how was the service

mercy: fine and urs

me: wonderful

mercy: i hope you waited till they shared the grace

me: yes na (if i tell her no, she wont be happy with me), so what did you cook sweet.

Mercy: afam soup and garri

me: thats why i love you

mercy: only when food is involve abi?

Me: haa u know me now, i dont need to tell you how much i love you because if i start i wont stop

mercy: abegi let me hear word. I removed my clothes while she serve the food, she use her money to cook the soup, i like her because she is very caring, light in complexion, big boobs, tall and good backyard.

We ate in silent while i keep on staring at her pant, she sat in a way that made her pant visible to me, she noticed it and adjust.

Me: why you dey adjust na

mercy: today na sunday lets keep it holy.

After eating i tried to touch her but she nor gree oh, all those lord’s chosen girls them dey dey stubborn sometimes, i remember the day i disvirgin her she started speaking in tongues asking God to forgive her, as if na God carry her come my house. she really meant that her word “holy sunday” lol, if she really want to keep it holy why did she come at all, well even if no touching, at least i don get soup for house wey go reach me till wednesday.

We watched movie together (falling sky) till 8 in the night before she said its time to go, i got up took my phone and escort her, her house dey the same road to blessing house, but her own far pass blessing own well well, i escort her to her house before going back, i made sure she enter inside her gate before i turn back, the time was 9:30pm in the night, i check my pocket no transport and i thought i put 50 naira in my pocket, hmmm i hope no ghost today. . I was coming towards MCC junction, before i reach lord’s chosen church headquarter in Aba, place where big lorry spoil and bad road, i heard footstep following me, i stopped ,looked back and saw nobody, i fasten my footstep and continue going, not quite long i heard footstep again, this time i didnt stop to look back i just kept on going, i heard the footstep coming closer, i ran and the run after me, i ran till i got to the big lorry then i hide, the person stop at the spot where i stop running, i can see the person now, shes a girl, a beautiful damsel, she look left and right, move left and right also, then she said

” ok you can comeout now” with her sweet voice that can melt anybody’s heart.