ADANNA Episode 13


Me: adanna where are we going na?

Adanna: come on dont tell me you are afraid, when am here with you.

Me: yeah,, with you am not suppose to be afraid, but my time has stop ticking and no network on my phone again.

Adanna: at least you now know why my number is always switch off right.

I was scared no doubt so na this place she dey go all the time wey make her number no dey always go hmmm. i held her hand very tight as we continue moving like movie train.

We got to a junction, three parts we followed left, no house again for this area just bush, the only sound you hear are that of night birds looking for food, i believe by now 12 go don nack oh, we keep on moving till we reach one place wey grass and trees full, then she stop.

Adanna: where is your chain.

Me: is at home.

Adanna: from now on anywhere you go let that chain follows you.

Me: yes ma, (i said still afraid of where we are) she stand between two trees, took soil from the ground and blow it in between the trees.

Adanna: the door has opened.

Me: which door ?

Adanna: you cant see it, you are human, the chain make you half mortar and half immortal (how can i be so blind that i didnt know that am a dead man walking according ritababe, may God help me in jesus name) she held my hand, draw me to follow her, i hesitate because i didnt see any door.

Adanna: dont you trust me?

Me: of course i do.

Adanna: then follow me. I followed her from behind holding her hand tight, we entered in between the two trees and we found ourself in an ancient room, full of and ancient things like laboratory, we walk to the first room and i saw an old woman (very old) spinning somthing known to her only, by my left i saw another woman with white hair using a stick to turn water as they saw us, they turn and greet her, calling her “her majesty” but they didnt stop what they were doing,

Me: who are they?

Adanna: they are my sisters

Me: but you look younger than them and you told me you dont have any family.

Adanna: i dont have any human family i mean.

Me: so what’s this place exactly.

Adanna: this use to be my house.

Me: why use to?

Adanna: because i found another house @ mcc there because i know you wont want to come to this place again (oh you do know because this place look like shrine)

Me: why didnt you take me to your house at MCC?

Adanna: because this is where you will get the answers you are looking for.

She took me to another door with a wide room like parlour, on the wall hang a mighty picture which look like drawing, i went to look at it and i saw what shock me a mighty white snake (python) wearing a red crown fold together.

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Adanna: yes thats who i am, have been living here all alone since the 16th centuary when i lost my first love, i have been indoors since then but one day i decided to come out and i saw 5 men raping chinansa, i help her and since then we became friends, though she didnt know who i am, then that night when i visit her i saw you, you look just like henry my first love, hairy, handsome, same blue eyes, i decided to keep an eye on you since then, because i believe you are reincarnation of henry, thus always following you around in form of a serpent, thats why when i called you that first time you didnt see me, because i turn to a small serpent, am not a human being and now am sharing my secret because of love.

She said and went to sit on her throne with a sad face,

Adanna: you feel you loved me, but no, you dont, am an encharted queen, my eyes, my scent, my breath everything about are charm drawing you closer to me,

Me: my love i dont know what you are talking about, when i see you i fall in love with you and i dont care wether you are a serpent or not, all i know is that i love you and am ready to die with you . ( crazing illusion ) may God help me in Jesus Name.

What will become of me i dont know, i swore and oath with the devil just like philfearon fuccking with the devil, well i dont know how it happened but i just know that i exist for one reason and that reason is adanna, why me? Oh yeah she said i look like her former lover in the 16th century, does that mean shes 500 years old? But her pussi supposed wide na if she don old reach like that na, but she be like virgin when i enter na, well maybe na only one times she had sex with henry thus disvirgin her.

I kept on thinking over the whole issue, i didnt even bother to seek for my pastor or to meet mercy my prayer warrior.

I lay in my bed on saturday morning omo today na weekend i must watch match, i nor dey miss weekend match, i got up from my bed arrange my clothes, chai asumming mercy dey na, na she for wash my clothes for me, i got up lazily i went outside to buy soap, my neigbour on im generator because no light im come go put am for my frontage, kokoko i knock on my neigbour’s door,

neigbour: guy how far wetin dey happen.

Me: bro why you dey do like this na, you supposed know say this smoke from your generator fit kill person na.

Neighbour: guy na everytime you dey complain, i don tell you my wire no long reach, if you want make i move am go buy wire make i join am with my own.

Me: no wahala, i left na salt i go go buy no be wire, i went outside to buy soap, i came back pack my clothes outside and started washing, after washing my clothes, i went out to buy ingredient that i will use to cook soup, i went to ahia nkwo market, i bought vegetable leaves, fish, crayfish, water leaves and lots more, on my way coming towards MCC i saw mercy from far off coming to MCC junction, immediately she saw me she turn back, lol, she no even look back she continue walking as if if she turn back she go turn to bag of salt, i nor blame her sha.

I went home and cooked my soup deliciously (yeah i sabi cook, na me be last born my mummy teach me well), i ate my food with akpu, then relax on my bed and try to sleep, i put my head for pillow but sleep no gree come, the noise of that generator dey scatter my head, and even the smoke dey enter my room, i called Adanna.