A New Beginning Prologue


“Love is an untamed force; when we try to control it, it destroy us, when we try to imprison it, it enslave us, when we try to understand it, it leave us feeling lost and confused”
A tall, dark pulchritudinous boy who was full of life. He never knew his parents and had never met them before. He only heard that his mother was a prostitute who abandoned him after birth so as not to obstruct her business which resulted to her throwing him into a carnal for him to die. But Roy was a fighter, he refused to die. When Mr. Williams and his wife found him, pig had almost eaten him, he was saved for the quicker reaction of Mr Williams . Ever since then Roy had been living with Mr Williams who he called father. They lived in a room and parlor self contain. They were 2 boys and a girl staying in the house but none of them was Mr. William child as they were all abandoned babies
A young beautiful girl who was the daughter of a business tycoon, she was schooling at Oxford University in England, which was one of the best University in the world. She was extravagant as the result of the wealth of her parents. They owned magnificent companies; one which was known as “Herald”, the company deals with importation of cars and an oil company in delta state. Sandra who had being engaged ever since she was 18 with a guy she never loved will be returning to Nigeria for the wedding
Lex was Sandra’s fiancé who was not a man of many words. He believed in action, and was sole owner of a company named Oracle which deals with building constructions and selling of houses. He was known to be arrogant and a presumptuous commander who had the reputation of being a philanderer. Even with his bad reputation, he was popularly known as a great entrepreneur. His father was the owner of a telecom industry. Due to his father and Sandra father’s friendship, they decided to pledge their children so as to strengthen their friendship
Roy best friend and his childhood friend; they had been friends for the past 22 years, ever since Mr Williams brought Roy to the neighborhood. Most people had thought that they were dating due to their closeness. Roy was her secrets admirer and she had told him once but Roy assumed she was only bluffing.
Roy abducted father who took him to his home, he never had his own child. Though he was not wealthy, he was well known for his kindness and generosity. He tried his best to send Roy and the rest of the abducted children to secondary school which was the highest he could afford. Roy was his favorite because he was very intelligent even with his o-level certificate; people assumed he was a University graduate.
A Business man who was the sole owner of Herald Company termed as the biggest company for the importation cars. He is the father of Sandra who was his only eye. He was not ruthless but a presumptuous commander.
Sandra’s mother and a ruthless vainglorious woman, a splurge and a vicious woman who was well known to be extravagant, which her daughter inherited the same trait from her. She feels nobody was up their standard,.
A business tycoon who owned a telecom industry and was also known as one of the richest men in Nigeria due to the growth of his business and how business minded he was, he decided to open a business for his son which was known as Oracle, making his son to be ranked as Nigeria’s most successful young entrepreneur.
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A NEW BEGINNING Written by Best
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