A New Beginning Episode 7


Victor and his friends took Nina to an uncompleted building, his intentions was to rape her . “since she don’t want to submit to him willing, she will Submit by force” that was victor’s thought.
They laid her on the floor, she was screaming, fighting with them but they were stronger than her, 3 hefty guys against a slime lady, what can she do?.
Victor friends held her hands and leg strongly making it difficult for her to move, Victor roughly lifted her gown up while and pant came to view, she tried to struggle but all went to no avail, only her voice could save her, she scream while Victor quickly landed a heavy slap at her face making her to close her mouth, he shifted her pant to the left direction and brought out his rod, he quickly insert it without any lubrication making it a tight penetration hurting Nina in the process. “ahhhhh” Nina screamed in pain. Victor was moving fast while Nina was screaming as the pain became unbearable, She suddenly began to beg him, Victor and his friends bursted into laughter. “when you dey shakara you no know abi” that was victor’s replied
“yesaaa !!!!!!!!!” Victor scream as he released his seed on her. While his friends decided to have their turn due watching Victor had turn them on.. About 30 minutes later they were all done. They left Nina was on the floor totally debilitated, she was wailing bitterly. She stood up went home, some part of her gown were filled with Victor and his friends spam.
“Victor must surly pay for this “she cried inwardly but who could she tell, she can’t tell her parents, her dad was never around while her and her mum were not even close. She can’t even tell Roy because she thought it will halted their relationship seeing her as a rape victim, she can’t bear the stigma.
Sandra and Roy are now friends, Sandra can’t stay a day without talking to Roy, she had found him interesting, she knew she like him because him alone clouded her thoughts, but her wedding is just 3 weeks, 3 weeks for her to be the wife of lex.
Roy on his own part admired her, he knew his feeling should not go beyond that because they were not in the same league. The way they became friends astound him, it all begin ever since she heard him sang “all of me” by John legend since then Sandra had been coming to chat with him..
Roy sat down on a plastic chair with Peter , they were both discussing the EpL matches which will be held in the evening.
” Man city will defeat Chelsea, I am sure about that,,, na we get league ” Peter bragged..
” there is no way Man city will defeat Chelsea, Man city way dey flop” Roy replied.
Suddenly they saw the maid, she was walking to the direction. “Roy madam Sandra is calling you” she said while Peter smile.
“Roy be careful of this madam Sandra ” Peter said jokingly mimicking the maid, I While Roy shrugged and left with the maid.
Sandra was the only at home, her mom traveled while her dad went to work as usual.
” I was told you were calling me ” Roy said as he walked to the sitting room.
” i am kind of feeling bored, so decided to chat with you ” Sandra smiled.
” you knew you shouldn’t be sending for me, your mum will not be happy if she find me talking to you instead of staying at the gate post. ” Roy said.
” they are not around, or Is it a crime for me to like you ” Sandra blunted unintentionally.
” like “Roy asked in surprised.
” I like you that’s why I am always sending for you “Sandra replied.
” i like you too ” Roy replied while she smiled..
” like you have a feeling for me ” Sandra asked while Roy shrugged. He knew he had feelings for her, who wouldn’t? She is the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, but he had a girlfriend, he can’t cheat on her, and Sandra was not on his class. She will be getting married to lex in 3 weeks time, even though he knew she didn’t love lex, . So he should kill the feeling he was having for.
” Roy what are you thinking ” Sandra asked jolted him from the realms of thought.
” noth_ing “Roy stuttered.
” so do you have feelings for me ” Sandra asked for the umpteenth time.
“is no use if I had any feelings for you, you are already pledge to lex, and there is no way we can be together, your parents will never allow it” Roy blunted.
“I like you Roy, and I had feelings for you I had be keeping it a secret but I can’t anymore, your presence give me joy. ” Sandra said and sat close to him .
” your voice mesmerizes me, your handsomeness astound me,” Sandra words took him by surprise they stared at each other without uttering a word, their heads started coming while they suddenly kiss for the first time