A Mother's Sacrifice Episode 4


Shanty: the only person who can help us is the father of those two ghost gals . 
Shanty have done her research on the gals they only attack teenage gals, the gals were witness to what their father did to their mother burning her alife.
Shanty: i have tried on many occasion to talk to their father who is currently in a psychiatry home under treatment but he did not agree to talk to me, please ma help me save my job and prove them correct.
Savitri: i will help you, i have another daughter so i will help u for the sake and life of my daughter. 
Shanty showed her the picture of the gals father. When she saw the picture the gals were already there. Savitri saw the gals hiding behind a tree and immediately the picture in her hand caught fire. She dismiss shanty and told her they will talk the next day.
janvi was on the couch in the parlour studying when all of a sudden she heard her name Being called. She got up to find out who was calling her and found out it was her sister karina.
Karina: janvi pls come with me i rely miss you come with me
janvi: no no no
karina: don’t you miss me come, when you come we will continue to play like we use to, come. 
At this point janvi was scared and started moving back then she saw the two gals and she shouted, then she woke up from her sleep. Her mother savitri heard her shouting so she ran into the room to find out what was wrong with her. she asked her why she was shouting and she said it was noting, that it was a dream, she just miss her sister karina. 
Her mother thrn console her and told her that everybody miss her too, she should go back to sleep, which she did. The next day she tried convincing her husband about what shanty told her but he want nothing to do about, he say “she is just a reporter looking for stories to make out from his daughter suicide”.
Savitri tried everything possible but he will not listen, he told her to concentrate on the only daughter they have now.
when janvi was on her way from school that evening she encounter the two ghost gals and they just smile to her and she smile back then she moves to a fire which was burning by the side of the road………
LAST episode coming up soon