A Message For Everyone


The  water which hardens the egg softens the potato, Your greatest motivation might be the source of discouragement to others.
What others value and accord with great reverence might be too ordinary to you to be cherished.
We are from different backgrounds with diverse orientations, interests, experiences, beliefs and convictions.
From your own circle, your convictions and practices seem to be the best of all but I also acclaim my beliefs and practices to be the yardstick for all.
If we all cherish our respective morally tested convictions, why do we condemn and look down on people and group who do not think and act like us?
You can recommend what seem best to you; religion, spirituality, ideology, policy and product, to others but it is unfair to impose it on them.
You can guide others from vices but do not use your personal conviction as a universal rule.
Let others see the authenticity of your beliefs and ideas in the quality of your life.
Be proud of your convictions and be sensitive to the genuine choices of others.
God be with you as you enjoy the holiday. EID MUBARAK to all