A Man’s Destiny Season 2 Episode 14


No one saves us but ourselves. No one can
and no one may. We ourselves must walk
the path.
-Gautama Buddha
Even if things don’t unfold the way you
expected, don’t be disheartened or give
up. One who continues to advance will
win in the end.
-Daisaku Ikeda
“Yeah!” Pemisire jumped up for joy on getting back with Richard and Helen from the station. “I never knew it would be so soon.” She said.
“It is glaring, don’t you know?” Richard smiled.
Richard handled the driving, in Uche’s small vehicle while Pemisire sat by his side and Helen was seated at the back seat. It was a nice thing to see Lawrence in the custody, confessing his crimes and begging for mercy. “At last!” Pemisire shook her head.
“Honestly, nothing pays like patience and good character. How could he have done that? It is not good, turning a whole family to nothing because of your own selfish desires.” Richard hissed.
“Do you guys not think what I am thinking of?” Helen spoke from behind.
“What?” Pemisire asked, turning to the back.
“They have the power to turn everything upside down, I am scared.” She said.
“There is nothing to be scared about, it is glaring already. The only thing left is to showcase the documents in court.” Richard said.
“Yes, it’s in the newspaper already. I see lines falling in pleasant places for us.” Pemisire added.
“All is well.”
“Guy, what of your parents?” Pemisire asked Richard.
“Pemi! Abeg oh.” Richard smiled.
Pemisire laughed as she swooshed out a long breath. “Let go of the past. Of what essence is it when you believe in God and still have something in your heart, keeping you away from God?”
“Pemisire! Those people killed Christie, have you forgotten”
Pemisire smiled. “There is nothing to be forgotten there, no matter what!”
“Have you forgiven that man and his fellow guys too?” He questioned her.
“Yes. I honestly have forgiven them.” She replied.
Richard grinned. “So easy!”
“You just have to let it go.” She smiled.
Richard sighed. :Alright, I have forgiven them but I don’t think there is anything that can happen between us again.” He told her.
Pemisire laughed. “That is not forgiveness. Though, let us be verisimilar, one can’t forget but try as much as possible to keep everything flowing because of God!”
“Pastor Mrs, you don start!” Richard laughed.
Richard was breathing heavily. He checked his pocket, laughed and took of his eyes again. “My God!” He said and sank in his bed again. He picked up his laptop and typed something before looking down.
Mission had been accomplished, the documents had been submitted to the highest authority for review and Mart Companies was Pemisire’s own already. She had been excited and wished to celebrate with her friend, Richard  and his guys. “It must be done!” He clapped his hands together again as he wiped off his sweat.
The screeching of the door made him raise his head quickly. “Guy, are you not set?” His friends approached him.
He grinned. “I am ready.”
Uche moved closer and peeped at the laptop before him. “Guy come!” He chuckled as he called Jay to move closer to him.
“What?” Jay moved closer.
“Your friend is searching for how to ask a girl out, on net.” He laughed.
“What?” Jay rushed closer to them. “Guy you funny oh!” He started laughing.
“Don’t laugh, I am just short of ideas.” He grinned.
Uche hissed. “See the person asking us not to laugh, you want to tell her about your feelings today?” He asked.
“Sure, but I don’t know..” He hissed.
“Rubbish boy, wasn’t it a way you asked Debby out then? This love..” Jay chuckled.
“It is no longer funny, let us go, God will teach me. Don’t you know Pemisire us different from Deborah?” He smiled.
“Let’s get going.” Jay said.


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