A Man’s Destiny Season 1 Episode 15


Richard rushed up from his bed and ran to the waiting room to check what was going on. He just felt better after the thirty minutes he had spent on the bed, in pain and as well thinking of his sister.
To hell with drip! He said as he flung away the tube and rushed outside only to meet Pemisire seated on the brown chair in the living room, weeping. “What is it!” He shouted as he saw her.
Pemisire was frightened. She rushed to her feet shivering, silent until Richard ran into his sister’s ward and met her covered up. “No!” He said softly as he approached the corpse and shivered as he touched it.
He removed the cloth from her face and saw that she was dead already. Pemisire had gotten to the door then, watching him as he displayed. “Christina, talk to me.” He tapped her cheeks as he stared at her. “Christie!” He shouted.
Pemisire rushed in and held his left hand. “Rich, you have to stop this!” She said.
Richard was blinking already as he started crying, shivering along, he put his head on her chest and was weeping so hard. “Christina!” He shouted again, wriggling out his hand from Pemisire and went on his kneels.
Seems like yesterday we used to rock the show
I laced the track, you locked the flow
So far from hangin on the block for dough
Notorious, they got to know that
Life ain’t always what it seem to be
Words can’t express what you mean to me
Even though you’re gone, we still a team
Through your family, I’ll fulfill your dream (that’s right)
In the future, can’t wait to see
If you open up the gates for me
Reminisce some time, the night they took my friend
Try to black it out, but it plays again
When it’s real, feelings hard to conceal
Can’t imagine all the pain I feel
Give anything to hear half your breath
I know you still living your life, after death
Every step I take, every move I make
Every single day, every time I pray
I’ll be missing you
Thinkin of the days, when you went away
What a life to take, what a bond to break
I’ll be missing you.
“Christie!” He kept shouting until Doctor Kate ran inside. “Take it easy, please.” She said as she held him.
It seemed Richard was going crazy already. He ignored the deep cut he had by his arm during the accident and stood to his feet. He shook Christina continuously and kept shouting her name. All was still like a dream, all was still like a play, he felt it wasn’t the reality.
“Please wake me up from my sleep, I don’t want to dream any longer.” He shouted as he held Pemisire firmly, throwing himself into the air and crying.
“Richard.” Pemisire called his name, trying to calm him down but all was up to no avail. He was just spluttering.
“He doesn’t exist! Yeah, he doesn’t!”
Pemisire hung her head in sadness. She couldn’t get things right too, why on earth is everything like this? She knew how he’d feel to lost his sister even after several years of sicknesses of various types.
“God is wicked! Heartless! No… Christie.
What else could be so heartbreaking like what just happened? When Jay and Uche walked into the hospital with the money for the operation, they almost fainted on hearing of her death. “God’s will, A man’s destiny.” Pemisire kept repeating as she held on to Richard as if they’ve known each other for a while.
Richard jumped up suddenly and rushed outside. Jay and Uche were still down, weeping when he rushed out. “Where’s he going to?” She asked herself, wondering.
She wiped her own tears and rushed after him. It seemed something had gone wrong completely. “Richard!” She kept calling him as she got outside and saw him pick a motorcycle.
She stood and watched for a while, questioning herself of where he might be heading to. “She picked another motorcycle and started trailing him.
“This is Michael.” The voice told Helen.
“Michael?” She sat quickly on hearing this. She just concluded her lunch, which Michael could that be? She kept wondering.
“God! Babe, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten me? Helen!” The voice said again.
Helen smiled. “Wao! Michael, what’s up?” She stood up.
“I’m good, it’s been a while. How are you?”
“I’m good, how’s everything?” She asked.
The voice laughed. “You and these words of yours, I’m good sha. How’s this your friend that said I inspired her into singing?”
Helen nodded, still smiling. “Wao! So it’s been a while you heard from Pemisire too right?” She asked.
“Don’t mind me, I’ve been busy with Dad’s business.” He replied.
Helen cleared her throat and began wondering. “Your voice has changed a lot, and besides which Dad? You told us your Dad has died.”
“Urh…. em.. Don’t mind me, I call my uncle my Dad now. I’m releasing an album soon.” The guy informed her.
Helen was happy. “I must get that album! Oh! You’re talented!” She jumped happily.
“I wish to see you and your friend, there’s a particular song I wish to feature you guys in.” The guys told her.
“Really? I’ll tell Pemisire. She’s here with me in Ibadan, she came… she just came to greet me.” She replied.
“Really? Pemisire is in Ibadan too? Send me the address to your house, I must come and see you guys!” He said.
“I’ll do that right away, take care.” She jumped happily and ended the call.
Michael was the one who lead an inspirational music when they were still in school and inspired Pemisire into singing and playing instruments until they became friends on campus and later lost their contacts.
Helen sent the address instantly, she couldn’t wait to tell Pemisire that Michael called her. She never knew it was Lawrence and his guys that were at work.
to be continued on monday, our weekend story is Even Abu Got A Boo, stay glued


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