Hello and good morning sweethearts. Hope you slept well. Doesn’t really matter if you know how your child slept or not right?
Well, what are you having for breakfast? Oh wow, isn’t that beautiful?  Doesn’t really matter if you have no idea if baby mama can provide breakfast for your child right? Forget about baby mama, she is super woman, she can survive without food.
What are you doing next?  Going to work? Wow, amazing, who cares if you know if your child is in school or not right? Baby mama is super woman,  she’ll handle it.
How much are you paid at work? Yaaay, aren’t you so smart, you do know your salary. Doesn’t really matter if you have no idea how much your child’s fees cost right?
Now let’s go through your wardrobe,  wow you have clothes, how many clothes does your child have? Oh you don’t know? No problem
What colour of shirt do you want?  That’s your favourite colour?  Nice. Who cares what your child’s favourite colour is?
Now you are all ready to go to work, nice, wait, where do you work again?  Oh that’s nice, it doesn’t matter if you have absolutely no idea where your kid schools right?
What are your plans after work, ohhh,  meet up with the guys? Cool. Doesn’t matter that baby mama can’t meet up with the girls cos she’s meeting with the kids on a regular basis right?
I see you’ve been eyeing that lady. You want to use her for fun right? Doesn’t matter that baby mama is having sex just to make a few notes to get drugs for your baby. Doesn’t matter cos she’s super woman right?
After all this, I realize that there’s only one group of people that are allowed to be irresponsible most of the time……….kids.
I guess I gave the letter a wrong heading,  I think it should be……..
‘Hello boys, want a candy?’