A cup of passion Episode 9


Jake paced up and down his room.He was happy and expecting Angela whom he had called.He was even happier when he got home and found three shopping bags full of expensive wears in it.He had given Angela the spare key to his room and she dropped those stuffs there.Jake was tantalized to the fullest and loved Angela more.A knock on the door,Angela opened and came in with a little travelling bag in her hand.

“Baby..i’m sorry..the traffic delayed me”.Angela apologised.

“It’s fine and thanks for….”Jake said and was cut short by Angela

”Sshhhh!!…don’t mention”.She hugged and kissed his lips lightly. “So what are we eating tonight?”Angela asked.

“We?..Tonight”Jake asked looking puzzled.Angela smiled.She turned,rest on jake’s chest with his hands around her waist.

”I’m sleeping over..”She said.Jake smiled and whistled.

…. ….

Jemimah curled on the Bed just like a cat will.David came into the room quietly and slept gently beside his wife.Jemimah sat up and touched her Husband.David looked back and sat up immediately.Jemimah began”David..Why are you making life difficult for us?”.David made no reply but simply looked away. Jemimah held his hands and he slowly whispered

”I’m sorry”.Jemimah jumped on him crying and soon they got into romantic mood.They started kissing and smooching each other.In a blink of an eye,they were both nude.Jemimah was so h—y that she craved for David inside her.David stopped smooching her b—–s and stood up. He walked to his wardrobe and brought out a handcuff.

Jemimah’s eyes was still closed until she felt her hand held strong and cuffed to the Bed.She protested but David rammed into her hard,the animal in him was unleashed.He held Jemimah’s neck tightly and grunted like gorilla as he did so.Jemimah was feeling pains greatly.She was no longer aroused and felt she was being harassed sexually by her legally married husband.She begged but it only made matters worse.

David brought out a cane beneath the Bed,turned her over,entered her and flogged her brutally as he copulated with.He seems to get pleasure in that to the sex itself.No doubt,He was a Sado-Masochist.

A sado-masochist derives pleasure from the pain his/her partners are undergoing during sex due to the sufferings he/she inflicts on his/her partner or anyone.

David flogged Jemimah’s back and bum badly till she bled.He grunted and released into her.He wheezed and scampered off behaving like an Ape.This is just the second day of their marriage and it feels like hell already.

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…. …

Jake tried to sleep but he couldn’t.His konji wouldn’t allow him to.He looked at the beautiful lady asleep beside him.He was tempted to touch her but he was scared of getting her annoyed.He thought for a while and gathered courage.He traced her back down with his fingers down to her bum.She was pantless!.What a chance!.He salivated and got up on his knees on the bed.He kissed her neck and tried romancing her.To his surprise,she responded by tilting her back.She wasn’t sleeping either.

She opened her eyes and drew him nearer to her.They kissed and wrestled each others mouth with tongue.Angela’s heart raced faster she wants him badly and jake vice versa.They were both virgins.Angela hurriedly lifted up her gown,spread her laps wide apart.Jake fidgetted as he tried entering her but she was just too tight.

She moaned as his manhood forced his way into her.He began to jerk and he couldn’t hold his o—-m any longer as it was too thrilling to him.He released into her and collapsed beside her.Angela pulled him closer and laid her head on his chest.They looked at each others face and smiled lovingly at each other. . . . .

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To be continued..