A cup of passion Episode 12


Jake rolled on his bed and sat up.He had informed his mother about all that transpired.His mother had told him to come home to explain to his Father what had happened.His heart raced faster as he bathed.He knew he’s going to have another heated and violent argument with his father.He prepared for the task ahead.At least he was no kid,Twenty-three years of age and in 300 level.

His mother knows about Jemimah which he was dating but was confused when she heard Angela.Children of nowadays,she thought and shrugged her shoulders.

Jake heaved as he stepped on the house’s staircase.He entered the sitting room and met his father seated.He looked angry as he read the newspaper.

“Daddy…Good morning”He greeted but got no response. “Daddy”He called once again.His sister,Margaret rushed out of her room shouting”Jakeee!!!!”.She was happy to see her elder brother.

”Maggie …You’ve turned to a big girl”He replied smiling.

“Hmm..What about you?”She said timidly.

“Don’t talk to me like that,i’m three years older than you”Jake teased and laughed.

“Hmmm…and so?”The girl said laughed. “Anyway how’s JABU?(Joseph Ayo Babalola university)”He asked.

“JABU’S fine”She said.

“You two must be very stupid”Their father roared. Jake lifted up his face looking at him.

“Daddy now”Margaret said sadly.

“If you call me again..You won’t make it in life”Their father cursed her.Jake smiled.

“And you..I knew you have been cursed..Right from your birth you have been the worst”Their father continued in his loud thundering voice.

“Spare me that!!!..What have we done to deserve curses?…”Jake roared back at him.

“Are you talking to me?…How dare you?!!!”Their father said getting up.

“How dare me?…How dare you too curse us for no reason?!!”Jake fired back.

“Egbon mi…Please calm down” Margaret pleaded to jake.

“Paaaaa!!!”A hot slap landed on Jake’s face from his father.Jake went berserk and headbutted his father.They started wrestling with each other.Margaret screamed and ran out to call their mother who was at her friends place in the third house to theirs.They rushed back to the house.Their mother entered screaming Jake’s name.Jake and his Father locked each others clothes red faced with anger.

“What’s all these?…Do you want to kill me?”their mother said tearfully. Margaret was crying all through.Jake left his father’s shirt and walked away.

”I don’t want to see you here again..You this cursed child and your mother too”Jake’s father roared.

“I flippin won’t come here again..Have my word”Jake said, turned away and left.

“Ohh so you can marry the b—h you’re sleeping with at the palm wine joint”Jake’s mother replied.

“She’s better than you anyway”Jake’s father said.

“Hehehe(laughs)….Jake should have beaten you bend”Jake’s mother replied and walked towards her room.

“Come back here,woman”He called after her.

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David got down from the Bus.In order not to attract attention,he didn’t take any of his vehicles to school.He carried his cross bag which contained a pistol.Unknown to him as he alighted,he had been spotted by a member of the ĀYE cult.The member called the others and informed them about his presence.The three members who had laid in wait sprung into action.They came out from three different angles with axes in hand to kill him.

David picked up a race as they chased him.He opened his bag, brought out his pistol and shot one of them on the forehead.He dropped on the ground.The people around took to their heels as the cultists are about to start their killing sprees.

David continued to run,hoping to get to the school main gate which he was already seeing from far off.Out of nowhere,a cultist slid into his legs tripping him to fall down heavily. The ĂYE cultists of about 8 in number and circulated him.They lifted their axes and started cutting him but to their astonishment the blades weren’t cutting into his flesh.

They looked at him loss at what to do.One of them got down on his knees,he took david’s neck and started squeezing hard.David wheezed loudly with water running out of his eyes.He couldn’t break the choke and soon the guy twisted his neck breaking the bone.David died immediately.They then cut him into pieces with their axe.

They packed his cut up body and threw it at the front of the school gate. The students were moving around peacefully in the school’s enclosure. Although they have been informed of the cultists fighting they knew not that it was the SUG president that was being fought.

The Security guards at the gate broke the news that a dead body was thrown at the main gate which had been locked to prevent chaos from entering the school.They musterd up courage,opened the gate and went to inspect the corpse.To their surprise,it was David Ridd,the loved by all SUG president!

. ….

Jemimah was watching the Television in her intensive care ward.It was a Nigerian channel showing an Igbo movie.She loved it and smiled at intervals.Soon,the movie was carried away and a breaking news showed.She looked at the screen more.

Yes!,that’s it the familiar compound of her University in Nigeria. Killings?!!,Who?,She thought.There it was,the student was identified as David Ridd.Her husband!.Jemimah screamed and fainted. . .

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To be continued….