A cup of passion Episode 11


Jake felt jittery as he knocked at the Gigantic mansion gate.The gateman opened up,inquired whom he was.He explained to him and he opened up immediately.He looked around the compound mouth agaped as he saw fleet of Vehicles.

The compound was a typical rich home type.He could have fallen down but the sight of Angela who came outside to meet him attracted him.She smiled shyly at him making his head to swell in pride.She looks good to eat or so,he thought.Without a word,took him inside and sat him in the visitors living room.

Jake looked around the lavishly furnished home.He shook his head and soon he saw Angela coming back with her Dad and Mum.He instantly stood up and bowed to greet them. They motioned to him to sit.Angela sat beside jake and held his arm.

“Mummy..Daddy..This is Jake miles, My fiancè”She said sweetly. Her mother smiled happily but her Dad looked stern.He surged forward.

”You impregnated my daughter..Wasn’t it?”He asked in his deep voice. Jake trembled and couldn’t speak. ”Are you deaf?!!!”Major Tarsey, Angela’s dad roared.

“Ye.ye..yes sir”He managed to reply.

“So..you think you can have my daughter laid before marriage…Was that how you were bloody trained?!!”He shouted.Angela’s mum touched him lightly”Leave me alone woman!!”He barked.He faced Jake

”Now get up…”.Jake shook with fear.The Man stood up and moved closer to him.”Gbosaaaa!!!”He landed heavy slap on his ears.

”Daddy!”Angela shouted out in anger.Jake scampered off in pain.Major Tarsey ran towards him but he had already escaped into safety.He came back then faced Angela.

“You won’t marry that boy..He is of no lineage!..And look for a way you’ll remove this thing”He said.

“No…I won’t Daddy!!”Angela shouted back.It was the first time she would defiled her Dad.He looked at her in surprise.

“You’re so heartless…Do you even know what it takes to love?!…Did you marry my mother in the proper way!…No…You’re a fiend who pretends to be a cat!!!”She spatted.Her Dad rushed at her but was hindered by her mum.

”Noah…You must kill me today..You’re a retired soldier but still kept on behaving like one…You’re old and i know the young man you slapped was only shy of you else he could have dealt with you mercilessly”Her mum said.

“Well…Over my dead body will you marry that boy?!!”He roared and stormed off into the room. Angela and mum sighed in peace.

”Where can we both see that young man?”Her mum said.

“His home off-campus”Angela replied angrily.

“Take it easy dear…i’m in control…”Her mum added and patted her back.

“Okay mum..but i’m not aborting the pregnancy..Have you forgotten the pastor’s warning? And besides Jake is the first man in my world..I can’t afford to lose him.”Angela blurted out.

“It’s fine…You will marry him..just leave the rest to me”Her mum said.

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…. ….

David landed at the airport.He heaved a sigh of happiness.He took a taxi and went to his home at Ajah.He was careful not to draw the attention of everyone that he was around. On entering the house,he pressed the voice message machine to listen to those who had left him messages. Among them was people telling him to come home for the convocation ceremony which is commencing in three days time. He was going to be a graduate but already a billionaire.

He shrugged his shoulders as he loosen his suit.He opened his briefcase and sighed.He had forgotten to drop jemimah’s passport.He could have at least begged her to come to Nigeria so he could be accompanied to the convocation.He picked his phone and called his friend,Muyiwa.

“Hello..guy”He said.

“Dollars my guy…shey you don enter naija ni?”Muyiwa asked.

“Yes..How we go do friday?”He asked.

“See David..I’m not going..I’m hearing rumours about the ĀYE cult swearing to attack we the Lords of ĀLORA that day”Muyiwa said.

“Then we should inform the members at least we have 1,000 recruits from the 100 level students..We’ll use for the war”David said.

“Guy..Are you sure it’s gonna work?…We are much more than the ĀYE but they are very deadly,skillful and Stronger.It’s not about the quantity but the quality”.Muyiwa replied.

“We’ll meet in Abk tommorrow..I dey come school”David said.

“Ok..my regards to your wife”Muyiwa said.

“No problem”David said and disengaged the call.

He heaved and looked forward to the convocation day and hopes he scales through.He’s leaving Nigeria finally after the day,he thought. But is he really gonna make it?….. . .

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To be continued…