A Cry For Love Episode 10



I was just knocking off from work, it being a Friday, I had plans with the guys, so I planned on getting home and change quickly before we could go out. I wanted to go with Ketty but she called me to say she had to finish the book she was working on. Knowing her, when she was buried in her computer, she barely moved till she accomplished her target.

“Afternoon Sir!” one of the staff sergeants greeted me as I passed him towards the car park. My Phone rung and when I noticed it was Ketty, I rushed to get into the vehicle so i could talk properly,

“Heey baby” I responded upon settling down.

“Hey, can you come over? Chisomo called me and she asked to meet us both here, it could be good news huh, we have not seen her in two weeks” she informed me and my heart raced at the mention of Chisomo`s name.

I had been with her a couple of times after Ketty practically made us make love the first time but not in an intimate way. It was never my intention to look at the woman in the way my heart had started and I hated I was being so soft. She was so calm, she spoke with so much passion and her desire to save others for me was just amazing.

The time we met next, I had followed her to the hospital. She had disappeared on us for a week and Ketty told me she was probably still feeling guilty about what happen,

“She will come around you know” she assured me, all I did was nod my head. I didn’t want to talk much about her, revealing to Ketty I enjoyed being with a strange woman the entire night, was not going to make things any better, so I let her assume I just did it in a rush and the two of us patted ways.

That evening I went to the hospital, not really knowing what to expect, I just found myself waiting outside, I didn’t have her line, nor did I ask about her mother`s name to find out the ward she was in, so I stood outside the car park. I was there for almost an hour, when she suddenly walked out, her arms folded around herself she looked exhausted.

In the moment I took time in analyzing her and realized how beautiful she was. Her dark skin was so appealing I wouldn’t want her to change it a little bit, she was of medium height and in her chitenge wrapper I could see the nice curves. My eyes went up her face and now the darkness did me no favor as I could not see it clearly, I was so far away.

I watched her for some time and saw her walk to the roadside carrying a small bag. When she stood by the road, I knew she was waiting for some sort of transport, so I started driving in her direction.

“Hey Chisomo!” I greeted her popping my head from the car window. She turned to look at me and looked right down.

“What do you want Mario?” she sighed

“How are you? And how is your mother today?” I asked instead ignoring her attitude.

“She is getting there, though the surgery has brought other issues in her body. Now what do you want? Did Ketty send you again, it’s just been a week and I cannot tell if am pregnant now” she shrugged like chasing me away.

“Where are you going? We can talk in the car and I can tell you why am here as we move” I smiled. She shook her head.

“Come on, get in, see there is a car behind me we cannot keep that man from passing” I insisted seeing her hesitate.

She came in and sat silently. I moved to fasten her seat belt and she looked at me surprised, I smiled so close her face.

“Seat belt” I chuckled and she pulled it round herself fastening it as she leaned back still uncomfortable.

“Where to?” I asked as I joined the road.

“Home, in Matero” she responded looking ahead without a blink.

“I already know that, just wanted to be sure we heading home, thought you wanted to spend the night at my place again, you um…”

“Mario, stop this now!” she cut me looking at my face and back at the road.

“What? What should I stop?” I teased with a smile

“That! Stop acting like we are in a relationship Mario, you are engaged to Ketty if I may remind you and I told you last time that night we spent together was a mistake, that was not part of the deal, the breakfast in bed, the whispers, the kisses, all that, whatever!” she raised her hands her voice now raised too.

“It was a mistake Mario” she added shaking her head.

“Oh, oh, don’t do that to me Chisomo, am not the one who brought this idea, and I should remind you too that I never planned for things to turn that way, it seemed the two of us are naturally attracted to each other and…”

“Enough!” she stopped me

“Say another word and am getting out of this car, besides am not and is never going to be attracted to you. You are just a man I slept with to get pregnant for your fiancé.” she yelled this time facing me I tried to smile but she was dead seriously.

“Well. Am sorry, I get it, no wonder you went silent on us after that day” I sighed increasing the speed as the road cleared ahead of us.

“Yes, I did my part and let’s just wait for that child, if am pregnant and the child comes, I give the baby to the two of you and you will never see me again. That is the deal” she emphasized the word deal and I could not say any more.

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Upon reaching her house, I walked her out to the front door and she insisted I went back but I asked if she could hand me some water.

“Am thirsty Chisomo, I need water” I lied wanted to spend more time with her. There was something about her calling to my name and I tried to push my mind to ignore it but i ended up pulled towards her. Not that I was not happy with ketty, in fact, we had been okey after mom was out of the hospital the two of us would visit her. We could sit and laugh, do all the things normally and I wouldn’t say I loved her less, just that, that thing for Chisomo was coming on slowly and the more I decided to push it back, the more I recalled our night together, the warmth of her body, her small snores when she slept and the peace and calmness that surrounded her face as she slept. I wanted to be close to her and that past week was like a torture. I couldn’t get myself to forget her.

“What? Are you going to drink the water or you keep staring at the cup?” Chisomo asked me pulling me back to the moment.

“Yeah, sure” I sighed getting the water from her hands.

“It’s a small house “I stated not having anything else to say. After drinking the water.

“Thank you for pointing that out Mario” she raised her face at me and I stood up realizing it was an inappropriate comment.

“Am sorry, I didn’t mean it like that, it’s just that,” I stopped looking at her face as she waited for me to explain myself.

“I missed you” I finally said it and she pulled her hands back.

“Go home Mario, it’s getting late” she cleared her throat.

“But why? I want to be here” I spoke without thinking through my words and she shook her head.

“Asking me to sleep with you so you two can have a baby is a torture enough, now you want to start playing your man games with me. Get out Mario! Just leave me alone” she spat getting upset.

‘You know that is not true, I have not intended to play any games with you. What happened between us was real, it was passionate and you cannot tell me I was playing my man games with you back then.”

“Leave then” she said indifferently.

“No, am not leaving so soon, tell me you have forgotten that night we had together, tell me you cannot remember a single thing and I will leave” I stood up

“You are being stubborn for nothing Mario, come on get going I need to rest.” she opened the door for me to leave but I pulled her back in an embrace I felt her gasp and stiffen in my arms.

She tried to push me away, but I made her look at my face and our eyes met, that moment I saw it, the small brightness in her middle eye that was shining so bright. I don’t know if I was imagining it, but it was there. She whispered my name asking me to leave her but I couldn’t let her go.

“What is wrong with you man?” I heard my inner voice warn me loudly but I ignored it. Slowly but with so much determination, I kissed her and she stayed there without doing a thing. For a couple of minutes I played around her partly opened lips and pulled back when she was not responding.

“I should get going “I sighed rubbing my eyes as she kept looking at me without a word.

“Yeah, that is right” she finally spoke and I walked out of the door pushing myself to the car outside. Sitting inside, I saw her watching me and drove away before I could get myself back in that house.

That was the last I heard and saw her. I decided to stay away and Ketty kept telling me she was okey and her mother was not yet fully recovered. I could not get myself to see her again even when I so much wanted to. I couldn’t just keep betraying my fiancé and the right thing to do was to keep myself away from Chisomo.

Now the call, I have to face her again, made my throat dry with nervousness I felt like an idiot who couldn’t control his hormones. Putting the keys in the ignition, I drove to Ketty’s house.

“Here we are” Ketty smiled at me and Chisomo after I had arrived some time later. Chisomo looked at me and back at Ketty, I noticed she was avoiding my face but said nothing, she was seated across the couch, Ketty and I sat on the same couch she was holding my fingers.

“Am pregnant” she announced without warning, Ketty jumped up in excitement she was screaming her joy out. I on the other hand folded my arms not knowing what to do.

“What?’ I finally managed to say

“Mario, baby, she said she is pregnant. Isn’t that good news? Oh baby am so happy, thank you Chisomo” she went on to hug Chisomo who was silent watching her jubilation

“Mario?” Ketty gave me an eye I stood up faking a smile.

“Yeah, its great news baby. Finally you have achieved what you wanted” I smiled at her she jumped to kiss me and for some reason I pulled back faster than I intended looking down at Chisomo who had her eyes on us, she looked away the moment our eyes met.

“Well, come on, we plan the coming of our baby “Ketty sat excited she could not stop smiling. My eyes went to Chisomo who was evidently so emotional I could see her face clouded with sadness.

To be continued