45 DAYS Episode 37



It rains almost the whole day.
Lawyer Joshua Darkwa picks up Effe’s new car from the offices of the insurance company, and drives it to Effe’s house.
Effe carries out more pregnancy tests, and they all show positive, and she laughs with happiness and cries to God to make a way so that she finds Chris again.
Eyram visits Rupert and the rain traps her there almost the whole day. They share a first tender, shy and awkward kiss in the kitchen whilst their children sleep in their respective cots.
Jonathan Afful gets roaring drunk and finally gets an erection and makes love to an old Chinese prostitute on top of the deep freezer in his kitchen, and afterwards he breaks down and weeps bitterly, calling Eyram’s name over and over. The Chinese prostitute leaves with all the money in Afful’s wallet whilst he lays snoring and giving off great thunderous flatulence on the floor of the kitchen.
Mr. and Mrs. Kedem make quick love in their room, the first in a very long time, and Ken falls asleep but Ivy lay there trying to stop her tears and refusing to think of Chris.
Steve stays in the office and watches Chinese Kung Fu movies and gets so drunk that he vomits on his desk and falls asleep on the floor of the main office.
And on the slippery road of the Tema Motorway, very late in the night, almost close to midnight, a man on a motor cycle speeds violently on the road.
His motorbike suddenly skids and shots into the air.
The man crashes down on the hard surface of the road and skids off the motorway into the bushes.
He lies there with a huge gash in his head, because he is not wearing a helmet.
His arm feels broken, and he begins to bleed badly from his wounds, but he is unconscious.
There is no vehicle around, and no car around because it is so late.
He lies in the bushes unconscious and slowly bleeding to death.

Sorry for the short episode, story continue soon
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