31ST May Episode 44


There was a funeral, with family and friends in attendance
And there were tears so much tears and broken hearts…
That was a year ago today..

Now you are back at the door again,waiting for them to return, they usually got home by this time.
Then your smile break out in your face when you see them pull infront of the house..
You rush up the staircase to pretend as though you are asleep..

You loved it when they kissed you awake ..You climb the bed and pretend to be asleep and then you would hear them come in…Daniella first to place a kiss to your cheeks and then she would rush off to her room.
Then Steve, he would come and lay down on the bed …and he would say
“I miss you when I am away ..now I miss you more even when I am here”

Laughing you would turn to him and hug him “I miss you baby …I miss you so much ” You would tell him

squeezing him in a hug and you both will kiss..Yes, this was the happy family you have always wanted…The family that should have never left.
You hear the knock on the door and you rush to open it.
“Mum!!” you say as your mother envelop you in a hug, then she walks into the house, She sees the kitchen sink piled up, she sees Daniella’s bag on the dinning table, packed, she sees Steve’s briefcase on the floor just beside the door, his jacket sitting on the chair, she sighs picking it up
“Mum, leave it”
“No June I won’t, I worry for you” She tells you as she goes upstairs and you follow her
“Why mum, you shouldn’t. I am fine. we are fine’ You tell her, She is shaking her head, cleaning the tears with her hanky as it escapes her eyes

“No you are not fine baby, no you are not. look at you, you look sick and pale baby, look at all this mess” You are in Danielle’s room now with your mother as she begins to remove her uniform on the bed, she picks up her shoes and her socks, then she goes into the toilet to turn off the shower

“Danielle is taking her bath mum, please don’t disturb her, you know how hard it is to get her to take a shower” But your mother don’t listen to you..

She grabs a laundry bag and begins to throw Danielle’s cloths in it, opening her wardrobe and pouring more of her cloths in it
“Stop it mother, what are yu doing . Leave her cloths aline, those are clean you don’t have to wash them mother”
“I am going to give it away”
“Why mother, let it be, it’s Danielle’s mother,your grand daughter, do you want her to go cloth-less ma?”
“No mother leave it” You nudge her away and struggles with her abit

She give up and then leaves her room, then she enters yours, then she saw it; the pillow that was wearing a different pillowcase, much like a man’s shirt, she wipes another tear that comes in…
“You need to give it all away June, you need to give it all away” She goes into the bathroom and turns off the shower..
“Mother, Steve is in there ‘ You shriek pulling her out and turning on the shower “Sorry my love, mother can be crazy sometimes ” You close the door of the toilet and you turn to her, angry

“Leave me alone mother, leave us alone ad go home. I am fine. we are fine.”
“No baby, you are not fine. You are losing it. It’s been a year June. ..a year. why don’t you let them go? you lock yourself in your house all day all year round, you stopped going to work, and everytime I come and clean up your house you get back to piling the sink…with cereal using Danielle’s bowl and then throwing it away.. You make breakfast for the three of you and then you eat yours and theirs is full you throws it away and pile up the sink. you pack her bag and lunch too, you leave it on the dinning because that is what you used to do with her because she always forgets to take her bag..and then you Stand at the door and wave to an invincible car and telling I love you to the air. June baby, there is no one here in this house other than you..
They are gone…Your baby Daniella and your husband. ..they are gone. They died , that car hit them off the road while you laid there, the driver swerves off when he saw you and hits them instead. June, they died on the spot,they weren’t in the hospital when you were there battling shock. .it was just you. They were buried June …you have to let them go.
All these, trying to keep them with you won’t bring them back June, it won’t. Acting as though they are still alife, and that Steve has taken her to school and they are back home is not healthy. you have to move on with your life June, you will slowly kill yourself..baby I love you and I don’t want to lose you but you have to let them go…please ” Your mother comes to you and holds you..
“No no no…Danielle and Steve are in the shower and they are here and alife with me. I am not crazy…I am.not crazy. they didn’t die. no one died mama…see…can’t you hear them mum? Daniella is calling me, she wants me to comb her hair and Steve,he wants me to help him with his shirt button…Mother please…don’t speak nonsense about the living calling them dead…Go away..go away and leave us alone”
You go to your daughter’s room and then you find her on the bed, she looks at you and smile….”Mummy can you help me comb my hair?” She looks at you with love
‘Yes baby, I will. don’t be angry with Grandmother…she ..she doesn’t understand” You tell your daughter as you take the comb and begin to comb her hair..
“Its okay Mummy…its okay” Daniella looks at her grandmother. ..
You turn when your husband calls you “Yes baby,we are in here”

Steve comes into the room and then he goes to you, kissing your cheeks
“Hey baby”
“Hey baby”
“Won’t you call me hey baby too daddy?” Daniella teases her father

“You are my little princess ” He bends and kisses her
“Yes you are , ” You bend and kiss her too
Then you turn to your mother. . “You see, you see that I am not crazy, we are fine.. we are here,together, that is all that matters . I love you mum…I love you so much ” You tell your mother
“And I love you all so much…but this..this isn’t real, this isn’t reall” she cries walking away, grabbing her bag and leaving
“Mummy, will grandma be okay?”
“Yes baby, she will, she will”
“She is just having a a bad day” Steve says , then he hugs his family

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Marylene enters her car and cries for a long time…
“I love you all so so much” She says pulling away and heading to the cementary. She alights with flowers and walks inside.
Then she stops infront of them..

It read ” June Locke , Steve Locke and Daniella Locke sleeps here”
“Gone too soon..May you three rest in the bosom of the lord”
She places the flowers on their grave tomb , breaks down to her knees and cries.. She remembered that day so well…

When they called her and told her the news..She had rushed to the hospital to see that her daughter , husband and grand daughter had been run over by a truck driver who was drinking and driving and lost his break. They were dead, all three of them. Then like one shocked she had walked away,refusing to accept it..
“No..no…they are not dead,no they are not dead’
It’s been a year now…And she still sees them…but slowly …one by one they had begun to fade and now she only was able to see her daughter today, not her son-in-law or her grand daughter and she didn’t want her to leave too…
she cries for a long time..
Then she gets up and leaves..

It was on her way back home she saw him…The driver.. He had been released, He had a good lawyer, they closed the case and within a year they let him go..She saw him,She remembered his face…He was laughing as he came out of a liquor store, heading to his car..
“No…never again. .” She says as she hits her breaks, She saw him look at her, saw him shocked..then she saw the bottle leaving his hands and hitting the floor shattering … and his body drop and she heard bones crack, skull shattering and she felt her car gallop with the impact.
Then she saw him no more. She didn’t stop. she kept moving…
She just kept driving. ..!! Sweet revenge

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