31ST May Episode 43


You turn to find the warmth you have always woken up to for the best part of your years.
His intoxicating scent, that male scent that had constantly seeped in your nose for years.. You smile, rolling into him you snuggle up against him as he brings his arms around you and buries his face into your hair.
“I love you so much baby” You whisper to him
And he hugs you tighter, you love when he does that because he was never an expressive person but he showed how much he loves and cares in his actions…
You stretch your neck and place a kiss to his lips which he returns and then you both make love because…Being with him all these years was never enough.
Later on you would head into the shower, while he is still in bed, you smile. . You liked ambushing him in the mornings…As much as you loved it he loved it more ..just like your daughter, his eyes are never truly open untill he is under the shower..
So while you were ontop, making happy moments and taking a ride to the 7th heaven as he kisses and takes you over the cliff..
His eyes are shut, his groans getting to your ears and his desire evident because of his member throbing within your legs..
“I love you Baby” You say when you finally come down from the climax in which he had sent you to..
“I’ll always love you baby” his words comes, fillng your heart…
Yes!! this was always what you wanted.
A man who loved you, completely, a beautiful child like Danielle, a happy home,a great job. What more could you ever ask for. Yes,you smile in the shower as you bath, You should go wake your daughter up, it was school time.
“Wake up baby , it’s time to go to school” You say walking into your daughter’s room , she is still in bed. she was always a lazy one.
Ever since she was a baby,when she closes her little eyes to sleep,it takes a while to get her up, even while she was eating her eyes are usually closed.
she would only shoot her eyes open when you sprinkle cold water on her face when you are about to bath her.
she would bawl her lungs out and try to climb out of the tub.
This would make you laugh, and because she wouldn’t be willing to stay still, bathing her in your arms would be the only solution as you would climb into the bathtub with her and pour water on your body would she be willing to try and let you bath her.
“Danielle, ? wake up honey!!” You call out again, but she turns on her side, willing your voice away you are sure.

Smiling you would go to her and place a kiss to her forehead , shifting her mass of curly hair away from her face..
“Its time to go to school” You tell her , but she would groan
“can I just sleep some more mum?”
“No baby, get up get up, you would be late” you tell her
But that wouldn’t matter to her because getting up was never in Danielle’s agenda
You would pull her by her hands and try to make her open her eyes, well which is always a fool’s attempt..then you would usher her into the bathroom after helping her strip, putting her under the shower you would ask her to pretend as though you were in there with her.
She is eights years old now , she is too big to be carried in your arms and bathing. It takes a while but it works.

While she is bathing you go to her room to make her bed, making sure to put her uniform on the bed and her bag packed..
“Going to make your breakfast Daniella, hurry down” You tell her heading to the kitchen.
You hear the shower come on in your room..You know that Your husband is finally awake..
You go about making sure breatfast is ready for them before they come down. Almost done you hear them…

You turn to smile down as they make their way down to the kitchen
“Morning daddy” Danielle says tugging at her father’s suit so he bends and she gives him a kiss
“morning kiddo. Crap I am so sorry I slept off, I didn’t come to get you ready for school”
“It’s okay daddy , mummy helped me get ready”
He smiles..looking away from his daughter and at you..where you stood
‘Yeah she never forgets to do that right?”
“Yeah she never ”
I smile. ..”Alright darlings I know you love me silly but get to eating.. you are already late for work and you for achool ” Smiling at each other they sit…

You and your husband reach for the plate thesame time, you smile kissing his cheeks and letting go.. Sometimes he didn’t mind setting the table..
You go to sit as he puts food on the table, a plate for him, and Danielle
“Mummy would eat now daddy, not later. she never has time to eat after when she is working ” Danielle tells him
“True baby, Danielle knows me too well” you touch her cheeks,she looks at you and smiles.
He places a plate infront of you and then you sat down to eat.
While they are eating and you are done, you rush up to get her bag, you needed to make sure she had lunch packed in so she doesn’t forget it.
You come back to meet them outside..already heading to the car..

Quickly you put her lunch in her food flask, and zipped up her bag
“Danielle! !!! you forgot your bag and lunch for school” you called out,

from the corner of your eyes you see them stop…
“What did I tell you about not forgetting your bag Danielle? ” your husband scolds her gently
“I didn’t forget , mummy was packing it up, she always makes sure that I don’ forget it daddy?”
“I know..She never forgets that..she never forgets anything ” He says “Go get your foodflask”
You see her run back to the house , as you wait with your hands stretched out with her bag.
“Tell me I am awesome ..I have super powers ” You say with a huge smile on your face, She comes smiling

“You are awesome mum and you have super powers ” She laughs crushing you in a hug , swept with love for your child you hug her back and kiss her more than once.
“Danielle! !!!”
“Your father is calling you, hurry up now. I love you kiddo”
“I love you too. Always and forever ”
“Always and forever ” You tell her as you both walk to the door
As she runs down to meet her father you stand there and stare at them..

Yes!! this was the family you always wanted and you got….there was nothing as important than this two..They were your world…

Always will be.
Always and forever! !
You love to stand at the door and wait till they pull out of the drive way, but there was a reason while you stood there..
A moment ..that sweet moment when you know he would always look up and smile at you..
That moment he does and then…when he says “I love you June, I’ll always love you”
You loved the way his eyes sparkled, you loved the way he sounded. .and you loved the way his eyes glistens…
There was no greater love than the love your husband had for you…
It was made in heaven. it was blissfull.

“I love you too Steve..always and forever ” You whisper back with a wave of the hand as they begin to pull away and soon they disappear from your sight..
You turn away from the road and go back into the house…And slowly you begin clear the dishes and the house, Waiting for them to come home soon.

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“Go in Kiddo,you don’t want to be late for school” Steve turns to his daughter
“I won’t. ” she says holding his hands, he squeezes her hands back, then he looks away …she could see his lips tremble and then she saw him fight the tears glistening his eyes
“Do you miss her…do you miss mum?”

“Alot. every single day” He says as he closes his mouth and tries to stifle the cry threatening to come out
“I miss her too”
“She didn’t have to die. she didn’t have to leave us..I wish I could go back to that day when it all happened.
I wish I could have prevented it but I couldn’t. ..I saw her fall and then the car came out of no where and everything else spiralled out of control. Seeing her in the hospital , watching her slowly give up on life destroyed me. I know you are too little to understand but…Oh Danielle I miss her every single day. How do I go on without June. she was my life, our moon and star. she was your super hero, I know it is hard for you too and for a child you are a lot strong but some days I can’t bear it. Sometimes I feel her in the room with me..Doing stuffs we loved doing,telling me she loved me ..Sometimes I feel her presence in the kitchen and standing at the door telling me she loved me….Oh Danielle, it’s so hard to trully accept that your mother is gone and I wish I had gone instead of her…”

Steve cried
“I miss her alot father…And I try not to accept she is gone and because of that I see her every time…she helps me dress up , she takes care of my lunch and she even hugs and kisses me. I don’t want to ever believe mum has died and gone to heaven she is supposed to be here with me, with us forever…I miss mum too..but in my heart..she is here and I get to see her every day”
Steve turns smiling at his daughter, she was a kid. Even the doctor said kids tends to live on their own alternative world..and in her world..her mother was alife. .she may be dead elsewhere but she was alife in hers and she speaks and sees her .
Doctors says she would be fine.

she would outgrow it when she fully accepts it
“I know baby..I know..” Steve says cleaning his eyes. .”Go to class okay, I love you?”
“okay dad, I love you too” She says kissing her father and alighting.
it was a cold dark night when you, Steve and Danielle made their way back from a friend’s evening wedding…
“Mummy, can I have cold stone icecream please??” Danielle says when they pass the shop
“No sugar after 6pm” You tell her

“But mum please…dad please tell her that I could have one”
“Your dad won’t. .he knows the rules ”

Daniella pouts, you laugh because you could see her from the front mirror
“I promise I won’t ever disobey your rules ever again but just this once mum please!!!!!!!”
“Oh come on babe, just one…I would makes sure that she never breaks any rules again.” Steve says stopping and making a Uturn back..
“Oh fine. Besides you were already turning so not as though I have a choice.” You say feigning anger

“well because you wouldn’t bare to see your daughter unhappy..isn’t it great that I know you that much my love”
“Yes, it is kinda cute” you smile as Steve comes to a stop..
“Baby, please park well, you are on the road”

“No car is coming, plus you would be fast and the other side is abit dark..Just go rush down and get the icecream and we would be gone in a juffy”
“Please please mummy ” Danielle jumps on her seat
” okay fine, ” You come down from the car and begin to make your way across the road to the other side ..

You were wearing a six inch heel, and you were an excellent walker with heels…
But when Danielle screams “Mummy!!!!!”
You turn at the neck of time to see it , bending in all fours running towards you or away from something you weren’t sure..But the fear of finding something unexpected causing you to turn…
It was a Cat.
A bloody Cat.
Danielle is scared of Cats..

And as soon as she saw it she screamed .
And you turned at that exact moment, fearing for your daughter and you see the cat..but by then it was too late you twisted your ankle and you hit the floor rolling…still on the road

You see the cat run the other way, maybe even scared of you..
But you kept rolling, And then stop..

You are bruised, and maybe your leg is broken from the twist and fall.. You can’t move it.
You hear Stear and Danielle scream their worry and they open the door and begin to run down towards you..

And then you saw it..The car coming towards you..And the driver hidden be hind the bottle of which he was pouring it’s contents down his throat.

You looked back at your husband and daughter coming towards you…
“Stop Please Stop!!!” You scream at them but they don’t hear you..they don’t see your fear
You couldn’t move, Yes your leg was broken, you were bleeding already from the side of your head..
“Stop Please ” You wave at the man driving, hoping he could see you

You wave at your family rushing to come get you off the road,
But the driver didn’t see, didn’t horn, didn’t stop because he was hidden by the bottle
You couldn’t move and the Truck kept coming down fast, faster and You scream covering your face when it swiftly makes impact

And then total blackout…

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To be continued