31ST May Episode 32


soon…News about other children begins to reach them. there were other girls who were suffering thesame symptoms.

the village comes to a decision. ..

“We will take all of them , to the outskirts of the town,there is a new clinic and a visiting doctor.. he may be able to help our children ”

one by one each family loads their cart with their girls and with the villagers behind they carry the girls out of town to the clinic where they believe they would get answers and solutions.
“What is wrong with them? what is wrong with them?” the nurse who is standing by the door asks , fear grips her
In the room were thirty girls, from ages six to twenty . they were chained to the bed, they were screaming out in pain, they were violently struggling to be set free, and they had seizures and cried that it hurts , the pain should stop.
“They are possessed with black magic” the doctor says
there were others in the room, doctors and nurses , and behind the closed door, the village stood outside waiting for news
“but how come?”
“we have heard stories of people practicing black magic,the witches …this is their trademark. they take young girls to initiate them ..to make them like them, and the girls begin to kill and cause harvoc in their wake. what they are experiencing is not something medicine can cure. Not even the prayers of priests can stop. I have made researches , I have made contacts with other doctors. this is something that has never been seen. there is no cure, only purge” He says cleaning the beads of sweat on his forehead
“it’s been two weeks and this girls go from bad to worse. there is nothing we can do. we have used medicine unpon medicines. we have prayed. we have used the holy water on them..Nothing works. even the herbal drugs gotten grom the African priest. ..Ywekla. he too said he couldn’t help the first girl. The only thing left to do is to watch them continually as they go on this till the rest of their life or put them to sleep..or purge them away from the land.”
“They are suffering ”
“Yes they are. Maybe because they cannot complete the initiating with blood and flesh. that is what it’s been said. if we release them they might kill their family and everyone else. the only thing that we can do is to let them go to sleep .”
there was a knock on the door, the nurse opens

“They are waiting Doctor ” The gatekeeper says
“Tell them we are coming”

“What do we do..what do we do??” the villagers chanted.
“They are witches !!” Ywekla says

“God is silent “The priest says
“medicine can’t help them” The doctor adds
“Will they kill us ? will their suffering ever end ” ? the villagers wanted to know
“Possibly ” the doctors says ” And not untill they stop breathing .”
they lamented. they wailed . they cried for their children
“What does your bible say about witches Priest ” ? Ywekla asks
“Exodus 22:18 ” Thou shall not suffer a witch to live” “The priest says
Another rage of lament goes up

“Then it is written, I for once too side with the God in heaven. ” Ywekla

“It started with one girl, now we have thirty. before long who knows if the whole land would be afflicted and then we all would be wiped out. it has only been taking the girls if we don’t put a stop to it..all our girls would become witches and who knows if we can stop them by then” Doctor says
“How do we ..how do we stop this..”?”
“By Fire. witches will only burn and die by fire ” The priests and Ywekla says
“Yes Fire ” The doctor says
With a broken and heavy heart , they decided “Then we shall burn them, purge our land of this vile creatures and pray to God that with their deaths , we have no more Fear”

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One by one they tied the girls to a carved wood, one by one they stood them in the earth , in the mountain .

And as their mother held themselves and cried. their fathers bowed their head in tear. the priests says a prayer over their bodies, the Ywekla chants incantations, the doctor Stands and watches..

The voices of the girls never stops…the struggling was even more. . their eyes leaking with tears and they kept screaming…
“It hurts..it hurts make it stop..make it stop. ” they pour the dark liquid of the earth round them, and then they lighted their sticks and lighted the woods.

As the red flames burned through the woods from below and began to tickle their legs.. the girls didn’t stop screaming and begging for them to set them free…
“Mama!!! they called.
“Father ” they begged
“Sister!! brother !!” They cried..
While the village watched in pain and wretched souls..the girls burn to their deaths and soon the fire dances to sleep and all that was left was ashes and black smoke and villagers broken because they had purged their land, from witches who happen to be their daughters .

Modern Day * 2017*

“Mummy I don’t feel too good” Her fifteen year old daughter cries holding her stomach, slouching on the chair

Her mother frowns leaning to touch her forehead.
“You are running a fever , come let’s take you to the hospital, I will call your father on the way ”
“How are you feeling honey? ” Her father leans in and kisses her
“Not so good daddy” the girl says holding onto he father’s hand, still wincing in excruciating pain, her fever increasing and her constant jerking evident.
“Doctor what is wrong with my daughter?”
“Oh…She has Acute malaria and typhoid , and her appendix is ripe and almost ruptured. That is why her fever was so high, burning hot and her stomach pain was due to the typhoid and Appendix. why she kept screaming and thrashing is because it was very unbearable. but not to worry, she is slatted for sugary in an hour and with our advanced drugs she would be fine.” The doctor smiles and leaves them

‘oh thank God. I was so scared ” her mother says kissing her daughter.

“I will be fine?” her daughter asks

“Yes baby. you will be fine.”…

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The End.