"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 2


Yaw’s head crushed against the steering wheel which led into bleeding profusely from his nose.
Luckily for them, apart from Yaw’s nose bleeding, they never got hurt in anyway.
They quickly got out of the vehicle even though Yaw looked very weak and dizzy.
Yvonne who was still in panic noticed Yaw was bleeding and came to his rescue.
She used her handkerchief to help clean the blood but he kept on bleeding.
Yvonne then opted that they go to a hospital immediately before people even notice them.
Yaw objected with the reason that he won’t be able to protect Yvonne when he is admitted at the hospital.
Eventually they had to rush to Yaw’s apartment in a cab where Yvonne managed to stop the bleeding with the use of first aid medication.
Yvonne  stay overnight and took care of him.
They both decided to keep the accident a secret. Surprisingly after series of deliberation of who could be behind the life threatening messages, their number one suspect was Franca.
Even though Yvonne doubted it, they both arrived at a decision to keep their movement a secret to them.
The following day, Franca was worried about Yvonne’s where about since she last saw them at the restaurant.
She called Yvonne to ask where she was and also to find out why she didn’t make it home that night.
Because of the decision Yvonne and Yaw had taken she had to lie that she was at the office working on some unfinished work.
After finding out the truth about who her Father is, Yvonne wanted to see her mum.
She wanted to go with Yaw once he becomes fit. Yaw agreed that they will go on the following day.
Out of the care Yvonne gave to Yaw, he noticed that she was indeed a caring lady, a woman and a mother as well.
Everything was beginning to show up. Yaw had seen her weakness, her strength, her bad side and her good side as well.
He was gradually falling in love with her. As she was preparing breakfast to serve him, Yaw lied on the sofa gazing at her.
She had already changed her dress and had put on Yaw’s long-sleevs which was big enough to cover her to the thigh level.
Her exposed beautiful legs got the attention of Yaw. He just lied in the sofa and kept admiring her. He got distracted by a knock on the door.
“Who could that be, at this time of the day? Yvonne, can you check it up for me”
Yvonne placed the tray containing the breakfast on the center table and quickly run to open the door.
While she was going, Yaw kept looking at her and admiring her until of a sudden Yvonne called out Franca’s name.
Franca was the one behind the door. She wasn’t expecting Yvonne to be at Yaw’s place but at her office.
They stood starring at each other wondering what they were both doing there.
Yvonne broke the silence with a question.
“What are doing here Franca?”
Yvonne asked.
To be continued