"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 12


Yvonne saw Yaw and Franca in that uncomfortable position which seemed liked they have been kissing.
Yvonne’s heart got broken when she saw them. Yaw was surprised when he saw her at his door. She looked pale and weak.
“Yaw, so this is what you are busy with that you couldn’t even pick up my calls” Yvonne said.
Yaw quickly ran to where she was standing and held her, ignoring whatever she was saying.
Yaw was just happy to see her, but Yvonne was still hurt about what she saw which seemed like Yaw was kissing Franca.
Yvonne had become very sensitive with any situation around her. She all of sudden finds everything serious and often became emotional to it.
Initially, such a thing wouldn’t bother her but after being subjected to rape and torture in the hands of Daisy and Tiger had made her very sensitive. In a nut shell, it had affected her psychologically.
Franca played along and helped Yaw usher her in.
You could tell from her look that she was badly weak.
Yvonne never mentioned what happened at Daisy’s end, she lied to Yaw that she escaped.
They planned on seeing Franca’s Dad first thing the following morning.
Yaw was just happy with the return of Yvonne. She on the other hand was hurt and full of doubt as to what Franca was doing at Yaw’s end at that time of the night.
Besides what she also saw upon her arrival made her think something different. She felt that, at least Yaw should have been in the move searching for her but he appeared unconcerned even to the extent of texting “Busy” when she sent him a message.
As much as she was so much in love with Yaw, she now had a reason to doubt him however, she pondered everything in her heart and decided to do the confrontation later.
They spent the night together and soon it was morning and they prepared to set off to their Dad’s place.
Franca went out strangely with her purse. She returned within the shortest time. It looked as if she had returned with something in her purse.
Yvonne and Yaw wondered where she had gone to but somehow they didn’t find it important to ask her.
They quickly set off. Franca received a strange phone call. What made it suspicious was, she never spoke back to the person. She only answered and listened to the caller.
Caller: ” You have the package now, work with it before i come in”
That was the only thing the caller said.
Franca made a weird comment right after she had received the call.
“Yvonne, don’t you think its about time you tell Yaw about JayJay.” Franca said.
Yvonne got surprised and was wondering why Franca will ask such a question. Besides who was JayJay, she even didn’t know him.
Before Yvonne could open up her mouth to ask, Yaw had already done that.
“Who are you talking about Franca, who is JayJay?” Yaw asked.
“Oh don’t worry, i don’t even know what came in mind, Yvonne doesn’t know him, he is a close friend of mum” She manipulated her answer.
Yaw knew that, that was an obvious  lie. He was then determined to ask Franca about JayJay in the absence of Yvonne.
Yaw was so much convinced that there was a lot of things that he didn’t know about Yvonne.
First it was the lie about Yvonne being related to Franca, then He found out that Yvonne was a lesbian and now JayJay.
All these went through Yaw’s mind.
Meanwhile Yvonne too on the other hand became very suspicious.
All of a sudden she has seen some closeness between Yaw and Franca not forgetting what she saw yesterday when she returned.
The barriers between Yvonne and Yaw started popping out. They were losing trust in each other.
It was very clear now that Franca was on the move. She was striking from an angle they least expect.
Her plans were working, Franca was obviously up to something.
She just succeeded in bringing doubts between Yaw and Yvonne.
However, there are more questions to be answered.
More mysteries unsolved.
Who is behind the killing of Yvonne’s mum?
What is Daisy trying to achieve in all this?
Was Ray and Yvonne really twins?
Who is the “He” Franca and Susan keep talking about?
And what does Susan have against Yaw?
As soon as they got to their father’s end, Franca rushed to the living room and placed something beneath one sofa.
Yvonne and Yaw by then were now entering so they didn’t see what she had done.
They came to meet the absence of their Dad who was on his way from the mortuary where his late wife was.
They all sat at the living room and waited for him.
Even though Yvonne and Yaw sat together, you could feel this tension and gap between them.
Franca called one of the maids to dust up the living room cause it looked dusty.
Yvonne suggested they go to her room but Yaw insisted they stay there cause he was comfortable there.
The maid came to the sofa that Franca had placed something and started cleaning it.
As soon as the maid lifted the cushion in the sofa, she saw one of Yvonne’s work brown envelop which had her work address on.
She quickly brought it to her.
“Madam i think this is yours” the maid said.
Yvonne didn’t look surprised as she knew that she sometimes brings her work stuff home.
Yaw was sitting beside her as she opened the envelop.
To her surprise she saw the pictures that Daisy had taken while She was being raped by Tiger.
Yaw also saw it and quickly took the pictures from Yvonne to make sure whatever he saw was real.
Indeed it was real. He stood up asked
“Yvonne, what is this, tell me” Yaw asked.
“Yaw, i can explain, please listen to me” Yvonne said.
“Tell me, Yvonne whats the meaning of this, who is this guy” Yaw asked with his temper rising.
Yvonne couldn’t take it anymore she ran into her room and shut the door behind her.
Franca quickly came to Yaw to have a view of the pictures.
“Oh no, that’s JayJay” Franca said.
To be continued