15 Days Fiancée Episode 30


Written by Authoress Ti Fe


As soon as I was out of the bathroom, I walked into the room with my towel, to make a call across to Celine. What she did was so surprising and loving.

She made sure I didn’t fall into any of Stefan’s plans again, and for that I need to thank her. I wish she could even go to this vacation with someone she has in mind.

I dailed her number and she picked up in no time.


“Hey Baby girl, how are you

“I am great and thankful.”

“What do you mean by thankful?”

“Celine Jace told me what you did.”

“Ohh, he spilled already.”

“Celine that was so so generous of you.”

“I told you I won’t sit down and let you go back to that idiot called Stefan.”

“I am so happy to have you as a friend. I was stupid and annoying, and you stood by me.”

“What are friends for?? I understood you perfectly Elena. It was love and I don’t blame you at all. But Jace is the perfect man you can ever be with.”

“Yeah. I know that now”

“That’s good. So…. Are you going on this Vacation?? This Couples trip?”

“I don’t know yet Celine. But I will talk to Jace when he is back.”

“Back? Where did he go?”

“He stepped out of the room to get the door. I think he has a visitor *staring into the mirror*”

“Stepped out of the room! Don’t tell me you two…..”

“We did. *blushing*”

“Oh My!!!! Jeez!!! Do you know how red my cheeks are right now?”

“Mine are red too! *Happily*”

“This is great news Elena. And it would be perfect if you went on that trip. It will be damn romantic!”

“Not perfect till I have another couple with us. You and your boyfriend, but it’s a pity you don’t have one.”

“…. Actually, I think I have someone that would love to come.”

“You do!! Perfect! I will ask Andrey to get us another two of this tickets. And who is this guy anyways?”

“New in town, charming, handsome. I can’t really say it over the phone! *Happily*”

“Well I can’t wait to see him.”

*The door opened and Jace came in interrupting their chat.*

“Celine let’s talk later okay?”

“Sure. Take care.”

She hung up and I dropped my phone on the bed approaching Jace.

“You didn’t come on time. I had my bath already.” I said wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him.

“Sorry Love. It was work.” He said.

“Is everything okay?” I asked and he nodded planting a kiss on my lips again.

I smiled and walked to the closet to get a clothing.

“You should have your bath now.” I stated and he nodded.

“Yes I would. And we should also start packing up.” He said and I looked at him through the mirror.

“For?” I asked In anxiety.

“We are going on this trip! And there won’t be any disturbance or distraction from family or work. Just you and I.” He said holding my waist from behind and kissing my neck.

“Sounds like Heaven. But no disturbance from your work? I doubt that.” I said and he smiled.

“Our phones will be off my love. No one would be able to reach us or even get in between us.” He said and I tilted my head to kiss him again.