🌿A person who is not interested in the dark skin can use creams that don’t have hydroquinolone.

🌿Bleeching is a cosmetic procedure for lightening the skin or certain types of discoloured teeth.

🌿Skin bleeching entails the use of certain creams , lotions, ointments, or soap on the skin, which contains hydroquinolone and other chemical agents that has the ability to deplete the melanin( black pigmentation of the skin).

🌿When a person bleaches extensively, all the black pigment will disappear , making the first layer of the skin to become very thin and fragile, which intends exposes the superficial blood vessels.

🌿In this case the skin loses its natural ability to provide
warmth to the body , protect the body against evasion of germs and can even predispose a person to skin disorders. 🌿Avoid so much exposure to sun rays. This can overdarken the skin make it look like crocodile skin:)


🌿Exposure of the skin to sunlight increases the production of melanin,which protects the skin from harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and causes the skin to darken.

🌿 We need to keep our skin healthy and fresh by drinking a lot of water,fruits and vegetables.

  🌿I will see the beauticians and get back to you.:)