Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 1


” do you think he’s going to regain his memory back ” Gina asked.

” hmmm ” Dr Jude sighed.

” I will say it’s twenty over hundred percent in most cases like this ” Dr Jude replied.

” which is in favor ” Mr Oladele asked.

” twenty percent ” Dr Jude replied with a somber countenance.

” this is really bad ” Mr Oladele said burying his head into his palm as he fought to show how hard the news hit him.

It’s been almost a week since Ben opened his eye on the hospital bed but he’s been unresponsive. He was just there with his eye opened , unable to utter any word or move any part of his body.
Series of tests had been carried out on him which had already depicted that he had lose his memory as the doctor had already assumed since the day the accident occured.

Gina was still hopeful that the doctors might be wrong because of the kinda person Ben was, he’s a fighter who doesn’t give up easily.
She gave up hope when Ben uttered his first word in the morning when she was feeding him.

” who am I and what am I doing here ” Ben suddenly screamed , gripping her hand in a violent manner as he looked terrified.
That was his first reflexive action and words apart from opening his mouth when she’s down to feed him.

The quick intervention of the guards who were holding their position at the door freed her from his clutch.

Doctor Jude was swiftly summoned and he swiftly injected him which made him slept off peacefully.

Gina had already informed Mr Oladele about the improvement and before the completion of ten minutes, he was already in the hospital with his wife.

Mrs Oladele sat beside his son as her husband and Gina were summoned by Dr Jude to his office.

” will he always be aggressive when he wake up ” Gina asked.

” no, I doubt that ” Dr Jude replied.

” he regained his wit back earlier than he should have regained it, that’s what led to the aggressive act ” Dr Jude added tilting the eyeglasses on his face upward.

” since he’s now alright, can we get him discharged ” Mr Oladele asked.

” not today Sir, we still have to monitor his condition for the rest of the day and if he’s good to go, I’ll allow him to be discharged tomorrow ” Dr Jude replied

” alright doc, thank you ” Mr Oladele said stretching forth his hand towards Dr Jude, who in turned shook hand with him.

” good morning sir ” Snap greeted Mr Oladele as soon as he entered the ward Ben was placed in with Gina beside him.

” Oscar, how are you doing ” Mr Oladele reciprocated his greeting by tapping him on his shoulder.

Snap had to get himself a normal name because his in-law demanded for it.
They said it’s awkward to input Snap wed Sandra in the invitation card.

” what did doctor Jude said to you about his condition ” Mrs Oladele asked as she dried off the tears that was on her face .

” let discuss it on our way home ” Mr Oladele replied helping her up from the chair she was sitting on beside Ben.

” see you two later ” Mr Oladele said to Snap and Gina as they exited the ward.

” you’re really a scarce man to see this days ” Gina said to Snap smiling.

” ugh, it’s not my fault, been really busy with work and the wedding preparation ” Snap replied also smiling.

” I believe you ” Gina said still smiling.

” it’s great to finally see you smile heartily since all this years ” Snap said staring at Gina.

” have I not been smiling before ” Gina asked smiling awkwardly.

” you have been smiling but I know it’s always fake, you’ve been faking it but this is your real smile ” Snap said placing his palm on her cheek.

” and trust me, I feel vindicated on seeing it ” Snap added taking his hand off her cheek.

” thank you Snap ” Gina said.

” for what ” Snap asked smiling.

” for everything, you’ve been a really great friend to him and to me in the we needed you most” she replied.

” which kinda friend, Ben is my one and only family and since you’re his beloved, automatically, you’re also my family and family don’t turn their back on one another in the time of need, that’s why it’s called family ” Snap explicated with a bright expression.

” I feel like hugging you for what you just said ” Gina said smiling.

” and what’s stopping you ” Snap replied laughing as he stretched out his hand.
Gina hugged him, patting his back.

” but I really think you should contact your real family, stop proving a logger head and reunite with them, why even track them out when you’re not going to go back to them ” Gina asked as they disengage the hug.

” don’t start it again na, how many times do you want me to repeat the same thing all over, they’re already happy and moved on without me ” Snap replied smiling.

” till you finally give in, I won’t stop pestering you ” Gina said also smiling.

” or better, I’ll include Ben in my plight, I know he’ll be able to talk you into doing it ” Gina added staring at Ben.

” you don’t look worried about what the doctor said ” Snap said as he also started staring at Ben as they both suddenly lose the smile on their face.

” what was that ” Gina asked not taking her gaze off Ben.

” about Ben losing his memory na ” Snap replied.

” Snaaaaap ” Gina called out as she tilted her head sideway to look at him with a laser shot stare.

” I’m sure not even the squeaking of rats in this hospital can go unnoticed to you, f**king hacker ” Gina added staring at Snap with an awkward stare.

” take your eye away joor, you’re giving me chill ” Snap said smiling as he feebly pushed Gina’s head with his index finger.

” it’s not like I really wanted to put my gadgets in every nook and cranny of this hospital but I don’t trust anyone especially Harmony, I’ve not been able to find anything about them after we took down Mask ” Snap added.

” that’s because it’s no longer in existence, taking down Mask and the Cabals behind it was the same thing as taking down Harmony, so we don’t have anything to be scared of ” Gina replied with note of certainty in her voice.

” I hope so and I still remember you’ve not answered my question ” Snap said smiling.

” can’t you even pretend to fall for it ” Gina asked twitching her eyelashes.

” I wanted to but the curiosity spirit in me wouldn’t yield to it ” Snap replied laughing.

” I’ll be the end of that spirit ” Gina said smiling.

” maybe after you’ve answered me ” Snap said in a funny tone.

” the truth is that I was kinda hoping he lose his memory, I felt it will be a blessing upon him to forget all what he had to go through when he was still under the Mask and start everything afresh, feeling love from all of us that cherish him ” Gina explicated with a calm tone.

” hmm ” Snap sighed deeply.

” you’re right to some points but do you know him losing his memory also mean he’s going to be defenseless, he won’t be able to decipher his foe from his enemy and trust me when I say he got tons of them, he won’t be able to channel his skills as it will be locked with his memory and worst of it, he might not have the kinda affection he’s supposed to have towards you and his daughter ” Snap paused for a while as he stared at Ben pitifully.

” he’s going to be with a memory of an infant which means he might not be able to decipher the right from wrong, he’s gonna be a f**king sheep sulking around for grass and we all know Ben is a tiger, whose name only is a threat to many ” Snap continued as his voice was increasing tempo the more he spoke.

” I understand what you’re driving at but there’s nothing to do about it, the doctor said his chances of regaining his memory later on is ”

” twenty percent in favor ” Snap said interrupting her.

” yeah ” Gina replied shaking her head to affirm positive.

” he doesn’t know Ben like I do, that must be the reason he said that ” Snap said smiling.

” don’t be surprised if he regain his memory before the day I’m to wed his sister ” Snap added still smiling.

” hello ” Ben said faintly staring at the two of them innocently.

They both looked shock to see him conscious.

” the doctor said the sedative was gonna use up to five hours before it lose its potency ” Gina said still looking shocked.

” told you, it’s all been programmed into his body ” Snap said smiling.

” hello ” Ben said again staring at the two of them.

To be continue…