“I owe my kids the best mum and myself, a suitable wife”
Dear Future Wife,
Last night, I came up with my own definition of Love. I likened love to a psycho-cardio illusion that corrupts your mind, heightens your hopes, makes your heart beat faster, and then when you reach equilibrium and marginal utility begins to decline, it ditches you 999ft below sea level.
In spite of my pessimistic analogy, Love is a poison I still want to taste. Now, woman, take an akimbo position and listen to what I have to say. (in a soft romantic tone) 
On our wedding day, I want to read my own vows. Below is a gist:
“I declare that from today, Mz (Future Wife’s name), shall remain my wife to infinity. 
I shall be patient and kind towards you. 
I shall not be jealous, boastful or rude towards you. 
I shall not be selfish. 
I shall always defer to you. 
I won’t irritate you. 
I won’t keep any record of your weaknesses. 
I will compliment you from morning to evening. 
I won’t give up on you nor lose faith. I will always be hopeful and endure all circumstances. 
I will pay all the bills and fees(but my underwears will be your cost). 
I will foot all your shoppings. 
I will fuel your car and get you a 15×15 room to use as closet. 
I will take care of the laundry works and do the dish washing when you get pregnant. 
You can go to church any number of times you want to in the week.
You can support whichever political party  you want but for football, support Manchester United and I promise you, the cost of your Mary kay brand make-up will always be on me…”
To be continued…
#InspiredBy: dear future wife series 
#Author: Kwame Ernest Adu 
#Dedication:to all the women in my life
#PhotoCredit: Elorm Kosi Deklu  Deks Media Gh