In The Dark Season 2 Episode 15 


On kelvin’s shoulder, all the memories we’ve had together came afresh as i inhaled his scent.This was the same guy that helped me out of a mess the first day we met.Though the mess i created was super annoying, he never got mad at me neither did he disclose a thing to my mom.After the whole messy meeting, he took me like a sister and started a cooking lesson with me.I could remember consulting him whenever i had a problem, i could remember running to him like a guardian and i could remember him taking my problems in and solving it like his own.I looked back at all the things kelvin did for me when my mom died.I could remember how he stood by me and held my hand so i would’nt fall.I could remember his timely advice and his financial assistance even though he was in need as well.All this going on in my head got me emotional.I wiped the tears in my eyes and held kelvin close to myself.I wished to have him this close forever because every moment with him makes me feel like the only girl in the world.

“Is somebody trying to seduce me?” kelvin’s voice brought me out of my thought.I released my tight grip on him and smiled shyly. “why are you crying? The movie is not tragic” kelvin asked in a whisper and i just noded in response to his question. “Okay ma’am, lets leave” he said and i said “i am fine with the movie”.

Kelvin chuckled and said “and who said you are not fine with it. We are leaving because the movie has ended.Sure you did not even notice because you are so obsessed with me”.

I raised my head and looked around the cinema. Most of the people we saw the movie together were on their way out. I struggled my shoulder and said “Oh, i never knew”. Kelvin laughed at me and said 

“how will you know? When you are busy holding me as if i would run away” i hit kelvin and told him to go if he want to. He rose to his feet and bent down toward me before saying 

“Just say you want me to stay with you and i will never leave”.I smiled and told him to disappear for all i care. Kelvin pinched me on my cheek and held my hand as we left the cinema.


kelvin took me to a five star restaurant after seeing the movie.The restaurant was beautiful but had little people in it when we arrived, probably because of the expenses.

We settled in an empty chair and a waiter walked up to us for our order.

Kelvin asked for what i would love to have as we went through the menu.I told him i would settle for a plate of coconut rice and chicken but kelvin ended up ordering most of the food on the menu.

In less than twenty minutes, our table was filed with varieties of food.Though i wanted to keep my eye on my coconut rice, kelvin forced me to take alittle from all the meals on the table.We had a glass of red wine each before we decided it was time to leave.Myself and kelvin went hand in hand over to the cashier to settle our bill. 

“Woah what a perfect couple. Please invite me over to your wedding, i get excited when i see true love” the cashier a middle age woman said.I smiled shyly as i thanked the woman in a bid to hide the fact that myself and kelvin were just friends.

“You need to pay me to be the groom at your wedding miss” kelvin whispered on our way out and i hit him on his shoulder.We both laughed as we left the restaurant, holding hands like love birds.

I was happy even though i ended up with a sudden pot belly, due to the meals kelvin forced me to take.


Time checked 8:00pm. Kelvin parked infront of my gate.I could not help but feel lucky to have kelvin with me.He was there for me whenever i needed him and this made me feel the need to express my gratitude.I cleared my throat loudly and said “Ehm…I just want to say a big thank you for the support whenever i need you.Thanks for been there kelvin”.

Kelvin smiled and said “you are welcome Angel.I just want to let you know that i will always be there for you no matter what,till you will realise that with me is where you belong” Kelvin’s statement came to me as a surprise and this made me look up at him.I caught him staring at me as well and we remained in a point, staring at each other for a while.I could see the fire burning in kelvin’s eyes but i could not decide if it was mere likeness or love.Kelvin slowly bent over to my side and i unconsciously closed my eyes.I felt his lips on my cheek before he burst into laughter.

“It just an innocent goodnight peck miss”.Kelvin said and i opened my eyes. Instead of feeling embarrassed, i joined in the laughter as i hit him continuously.When i was satisfied, i came down from the car and told him never to come looking for me as i walked toward my gate. He laughed and pleaded but i rushed into my compound and closed the gate loudly.(forming angry).

I was yet to step foot into the house when i got a new message,i unlocked my phone to read the message

“Am sorry for all the pains i caused you.Please give me another chance to set things right I miss you! (Jordan)”
I could not believe my eyes as i read the message over again.”If only Jordan had sent the message a day ago, i would have been the happiest girl in the world but he saw the need to apologies when i was getting attracted to kelvin” i thought.

The ringing of my phone brought me out of my thought. The caller I.D was Jordan, i decided i was not in the mood to talk to him and rejected the call.

” and my baby is here!” I heard mi dad’s loud voice immediately i entered the living room. 

“Daddy!” i shouted as i rushed at him for a hug.He held me tight and asked after my well being before mi mom interupted by clearing her throat loudly.I hugged mi mom as well in order to balance the equation before i left for my room.

Immediately i got to my room, i undressed and went into the bathroom in a bid to wash off the stress i went through.

I could not stay long enough in shower due to the continuous ringing of my phone.I got out of shower and got my phone from my bag.To my surprise, there was more than ten missed calls from Jordan.With my phone in my hand, settled in my bed and thought on what to do.

Again i compared my up and down relationship with Jordan with my relationship with kelvin.I realised that kelvin had always been there for me even though he never confessed his love for me but Jordan on the other hand had always confess his love for me even though he never seemed to be there whenever i needed him and due to the fact that i had always forgiven Jordan, his eyes were blind to the fact that there is always a limit to what a lady can take. There and then i decided it was time to give Jordan a piece of my mind.

I continued to wallow in my thought until the ringing of my phone interupted.It was an incoming call from Jordan so i accepted the call and murmured “hello”.

“Thank God you finally accepted my call” Jordan said from the other end.I only hummed as a response. 

“Baby i know you are still mad at me but am sorry” Jordan said and i asked 

“for what exactly?” Jordan cleared his throat and said 

“For everything baby, all that i did to make you cry.I just wanna let you know that i deeply regret my actions and life is worthless without you. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me baby.Am so sorry honey and its real i cannot live without you. Please don’t say no to me”.

Jordan ended his speech and just like magic my anger flew away.

I told Jordan i had forgiven him and he screamed out of excitement. We talked for more than an hour before finally calling it a day after i accepted Jordan’s request to have a date with him the next day. The joy i felt within me after making up with Jordan made me realise how much i had missed him. I went to bed with my face filed with smile.


“Wakie! Wakie sleepy head!” I heard someone scream into my ear the next morning. I slowly opened my eyes and the sight that welcomed me was a shocker. “Khole!” i shouted as i hurried out of bed and jumped on her. Khole was looking really ravishing in a simple wear and more beautiful than ever. “easy sis, don’t squeeze the life out of me”. Khole said and i released her from my grip. 

“when did you get here?” i asked.

 “this morning” khole replied.

 “where is Josh?” i asked. 

“He went back on a bussiness trip” khole replied.

“woah and you will be staying here with us?” i asked and khole noded with a smile.I rushed at her for a hug and i ended up pushing her on the bed.Myself and khole talked about everything, yet we could not get enough of eachother. Khole had alot to tell me about her honeymoon and i could not help but envy her as she narrated her experience. Later in the day myself and khole went to the new apartment Josh got for them.It was a big mansion built in the secluded area of the state. After touring the house to my satisfaction, khole decided it was time to leave.

Jordan called on my way back home with khole in a bid to remind me of our date, i told him i would be there and i could feel the excitement in his voice before i ended the call. 

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Time checked 4:00pm. I was simply dressed in a red flowing gown with a silver sandal and a matching clutch.

I bid my foster parent and khole goodbye before i left in my car. I called Jordan i was on my way and he told me to come over to five star restaurant not far from his house.

I saw Jordan immediately i parked in front of the restaurant, he ushered me in and we settle in an empty table. Jordan made an order and held my hand, making romantic promises as we waited on our order.

“enjoy your order ma’am” the waiter said as he placed a covered plate in front of me and another infront of Jordan.

Jordan opened his plate of fried rice and i opened mine.

 “What?!!” i screamed in shock. What was in my plate was not rice but a Shinning Golden ring. Jordan got on one kneels with smile and loudly said



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