In The Dark-Season 2 Episode 14


“Hello…kelvin… Can you please pick me up, am stranded” i said admist tears immediately kelvin answered my call. “where are you? Where did he take you to?” kelvin asked and i could sense anger in his voice. I called out Jordan’s residential address to him and he said “am coming right away, just stay put and be safe”.
I ended the call and walked toward the fence for support. I bent my head down and leaned on the fence. I thought about the whole scenario and tried to figure out what i did wrong. I realised, the only wrong i did was trying to keep Jordan’s feeling secure. Knowing fully well that he was the jealous type and he would feel insecure if he should know about kelvin’s arrival. “He even called me a liar” I thought as tears rushed down my cheek. I tried to stop my tears but i could not, i wished i had someone to talk to at that moment.
Thirty minutes later, kelvin was yet to arrive. My legs had started to hurt due to me standing at a point for awhile, so I decided to walk down the street, thinking it would be easier to locate kelvin. I was about moving on when i heard Jordan’s gate been loudly opened. At first i payed less attention to whoever it was, thinking it was the gate man.
“come in, let me take you home” i heard Jordan’s voice from behind. I slowly turned to him and told him not to worry about me. He smirked and said “this is not me worrying about you, its me doing the right thing. I brought you here so i should be responsible for taking you back. Dont waste my time”
If been hurt is what i felt before, i felt heart brooken after Jordan’s statement. A part of me wanted to go in with him, since kelvin was taking so long to arrive but another part of me wanted to tell him to go to hell. I stood rooted at a point for some minutes, thinking of what to do. Later i decided to go with him.
But as i slowly took a step to follow Jordan in, i heard a loud horn behind me. I turned back and so did Jordan. Kelvin came down from a Gwagon and waved at me to hop in. I looked at Jordan and i could see him burning with jealousy. “since one good turn deserve another, a bad one deserve a return as well” i thought and i took few steps toward kelvin. i could see Jordan fold his fist as i ran into Kelvin’s ride. Kelvin gently closed the door after me and got into the car as well. I could feel Jordan’s eyes on me as kelvin zoomed off.
“Did he hurt you?” kelvin asked, breaking the silence. I replied no with a nod. “then why are you crying?” kelvin asked again and i brooke into fresh tears. Kelvin slowly parked the car before asking me to look at him. He slowly raised my face and said “do you still love him?”
I replied yes with a nod. “Do you still want him?” kelvin asked again and it dawned on me that i could not answer his question. I loved Jordan but wanting him is something i was not sure of. I was not sure if i could cope with his jealousy, over protectiveness and aggressiveness. “He did not even give me a chance to explain myself” I thought.
“Nancy?” Kelvin’s voice brought me out of my thought. I let out and loud breathe and whispered “I don’t know” before bursting into tears again. Kelvin took me into his arms and pat my back gently.
I would not have believe i could cry so much for a guy, until i found myself weeping for Jordan. I thought about how i gave Jordan a second chance even after i caught him in the act but he was not even ready to give me a listening ear. “why am i always unlucky with love?” i asked myself and i cried the more.
In the middle of my tears something occurred to me. “i lied to Kelvin as well, i told him i was not in a relationship and i never said anything about Jordan. Why is he still here with me?” i asked myself without getting an answer.
“Its okay Ma’am, this shirt is super expensive FYI. Do not stain it with your tears” kelvin said as he realised me from his grip. I smiled weakly and looked down at my shoe. “will you be fine Nancy? If you need anything, just know am here” kelvin said with a smile. I looked at him and said “you are not mad at me?” kelvin frown and said “for what?”.
I stared at him and said “for lieing to you about my relationship?”
kelvin held my hand and said “I know you have your reasons, which you will explain later. Am not going to judge you with that.” I smiled, feeling lucky to have Kelvin. I thanked Kelvin and he said “Dont thank me yet, just be fine. After which you will face your query ma’am”. I hitted kelvin playfully and we both laughed. “Take me home” i finally said.
“Are you sure you won’t start your crying session if you are alone?” kelvin said. I fold my fist and show it to kelvin before saying ” Ama strong girl, i can’t cry”. Kelvin hummed and said “Says the lover girl that stained my shirt with tears”. I hit kelvin again and we both laughed. I could not help but take note of his beautiful dimple as he started the engine.
{A friend in need)
Even in the presence of kelvin, i could not help but think about Jordan. I was lost on what to do about him. All the memories we made together came into my head afresh and all i could wish for was to have him with me, even if we would not be in a relationship together, i wished we were still in good terms.
“And we are here” kelvin’s voice brought me out of my thought as he parked in front of my compound. Kelvin released my sit belt and i smiled weakly with my hand on the door. “you sure you will be fine?” Kelvin asked again and i noded with a smile. I alighted from the car and waved at kelvin before he zoomed off. After kelvin left i felt completely empty and lost, not having Jordan and not having kelvin’s shoulder to lean on. Again i could not stop the tears forming in my eyes as i slowly walked into the house.
I met mi mom in the livingroom when i arrived, i greeted her briefly and rushed to my room in a bid to avoid her seeing me cry.
I quickly undressed and went into the bathroom immediately i got into my room, the only thing that could help reduce the pain i felt in my head was a cold shower.
I slowly came out of shower and sat on my bed with my towel. Everything within me felt empty, i never realised i had given a huge part of me to Jordan, until i was at the verge of loosing him. All the memories we had in the past came calling again and i could not help but cry for my youthful love.(my first love)
I tried to sleep, hoping it would make me forget Jordan but i could not, his picture continued to appear before me. I stood up and unlocked my phone to get bussy with social media but the first picture that appeared on my screen was his (my wallpaper) I dropped my phone and sat up, staring at a point like a lost soul.
The ringing of my phone brought me out of my aimless thought. The caller I.D was khole, i was happy to finally have someone to talk to. I quickly accepted the call and whispered “hello”.
” hey girl we are back in Nigeria” khole shouted from the other end. My face brightened up as i asked if she was in kwara state already. “No, we are in Abuja, we should be in kwara in two days time” Khole replied. I happily told khole to bring enough goodies for me and send my regard to Josh. I was about ending the call when khole said “sis are you okay?” i told her i was perfectly fine, trying to hide my problem from her. She concluded to fish out what ever my problem was when she get back and ended the call with her usual wicked laugh. I could not help but wish i was lucky with love just like Khole. I dropped my phone and laid on my bed. I did not have the strength to change into a dress, so i covered myself with my blanket. In less than a minute, i found myself thinking about Jordan again, at a point i wanted to call or text him and apologies though i was not wrong but i kicked against the idea, with the conclusion that he might not give me a listening ear. I slowly turned to the wall and begged for sleep to take me away.
” Baby are you okay?” i heard mi mom’s voice from the door. I quickly wiped the tears in my eyes and turned to her. She slowly walked to me and sat on my bed. “You are not wearing anything? Are you sick? Have you been crying? Did anything happened?” Mi mom asked as she touched me all over to feel my temperature. With the care and concern she showered me, i could not help but feel loved. I burst into tears and went into Mi mom’s arm, she took me in and slowly patted my back. She allowed me to cry into her arms and released me when i was no longer crying. She lifed my face up and said “What is it my baby?”. I took my time to explain everything that happened to mi mom, she gave me a listening ear and took in every word. When i stopped to talk, mi mom sighed and said ” I see why you’ve been crying but i want you to know he does’nt worth your tears baby. No man does, not to talk of someone that has cheated on you before and treated you like you never existed. I know you love him but do not let the love blindfold you. From what you said kelvin has been there for you. Am not taking sides here but Nancy, I need you to open your eyes and do not let Jordan’s love blindfold you. There is a difference between a soul mate and a partner. Don’t make the mistake of making a switch. No matter how much you try, if you do not belong with your soul mate, yout will never end up with him. Think about it baby, i know you are smart”.
I thought about mi Mom’s statement for a while but i could not phantom what she ment. “who is my soul mate and who is my partner” I asked myself without getting an answer.
The ringing of my phone interupted my chat with mi mom. I check the caller I.D and it was kelvin. My mom asked who it was and i told her it was kelvin. She told me to answer his call as she excused herself. “Hello… You forgot your bag with me, you wanna come get it in my room…?”
“Hello miss… You forgot your bag with me, you wanna come get it in my room?” Kelvin said from the other end. I could not help but laugh at his silly question, ” and what is happening in your room?” i asked with little interest. ” ehm lets just say something that will wipe your tears” kelvin said. I hummed and said “Not good enough reason for me to come cos have not been crying”
“Seriously?!” kelvin shouted and i told him yes.
“what if i have a better reason?” kelvin asked and i told him its not because of his reason, it just because i wanted to be alone. Kelvin respected my wish of wanting to be alone and told me to take care of myself before ending the call.
I switched my phone off and sluggishly got a dress from my wardrobe before i went to see Mi mom in her room. We talked for awhile about alot of things excluding relationships, i gussed mi mom was purposefully skipping that part. After a lot of gisting, i had dinner with mi mom, though i had little appetite, her company lifted my spirit.
After dinner, i told mi mom i would retire to my room. “Sure you will be fine?” mi mom asked and i noded. “I don’t think so, probably you sure come stay with me” Mi mom said and i agreed, with the conclusion that been alone will only help in making me think of Jordan the more. I had my shower and changed into my night wear in my room before i went to join Mi mom in bed. Mi mom was super fun to be with, if not for her,i would have cry myself to sleep.
“Hey baby, wake up you are late for work”. I heard some whisper into my ear from afar. I slowly opened my eyes and i saw mi mom. “Get up honey, you are late for work” Mi mom said again and the event that brought me to her room occurred to me. I looked outside the window and saw how bright it was already, i quickly pulled the blanket away from my body and rushed to my room. Thinking of how harsh Mr.larry would scold me for my lateness.
I had a quick bath and quickly got a dress before i applied little make up. Satisfied with my look i rushed out of my room and said a quick bye to mi mom before dashing out to my car.
Fortunately for me, I met mr.larry’s absence at work. I quickly settled in my spaced and got bussy with the files on my table, though the files were not due for submission anytime soon, but i needed something to be bussy with in order to free my mind.
I was still bussy with work when i heard a knock on my door. I told the person at the door to come in and a delivery boy walked in.
“Are you miss Nancy” he asked and i noded. “please sign here” he said as he put a note in front of me. I signed and received the package with surprise. I quickly opened the package immediately the boy was out of sight. “Waoh!” I murmured immediately i saw the content of the package. In the package was a very beautiful red rose and a colourful greeting card. I smelt the rose as i read the message in the greeting card. It was a beautiful Goodmorning message and i could not help but smile as i read. Inside the card was a small written note. “miss your phone has been off. I quickly got my phone from my bag and switched it on as i read the content of the note over and over again, trying to figure out whose hand writing it was. My only hope was for it to be from Jordan, in a bid to apologies for his wrong. “I will surly forgive him again” i said as i fold the note and got back to work.
At exactly 4:00pm, i got off work. I decided it was time to leave when i had nothing else to do. I packed my bag and left for my car. “hey miss!”. I heard someone say behind me, i turned and saw kelvin full of smile. I walked up to him and hugged him before i asked what he was doing at my walking place. “ehm lets just say am waiting for an angel and i found her already” kelvin said with a smile and i hitted him playfully. “Get in” kelvin said and i asked “to where?”.
“no questions” he said as he opened the door for me. Kelvin was behaving all romantic and this made me doubt if the delivery was from Jordan.
“wait… Did you send the delivery boy?” I asked with a questioning look. “Lets say i did” kelvin said with a charming smile and we both got into the car. I handed my car key to one of kelvin’s security before we zoomed off to the unknown destination.
I ended up in a cinema with Kelvin. We saw a movie together and i loved every moment of it. In the middle of the movie kelvin tapped me and touched his shoulder. I knew he was trying to tell me to place my head on his shoulder but, i pretended i was lost. He tapped me again and touched his head before touching his shoulder , i could not help but burst into laughter. With him realising that i was pretending not to get his sign, he pulled my head and placed it on his shoulder with a little force. I would have fought him to free myself but the laughter made me weak. I let my head rest on his shoulder and concentrated on inhaling his scent over the movie.
To be continued..