Hi, my name is Jane, I have a problem, a very big problem, I am in love, the person I am in love with knows that I love him, but I don’t know how he feels about me, I try to read it from his actions but its difficult, i feel that he is different from the people I can read, it is very difficult to read him, I need someone who can help me solve this problem, someone I can tell everything to and get a good answer, so I know if I should step forward or backwards, I need a friend, a confidante, someone I can spill my guts to and be assured I’m safe, someone who gets me, someone who understands me, I do have someone like that, but there is a catch, the friend I have, the confidante, the one I share all my secrets with…..that person is the same man I’m in love with, so what do I do, do I go to him and say, dear, I want to find out how you truly feel about me, is he going to tell me exactly how he feels, or do I take the risk of sharing my problem with someone whose decision might be based on his or her own experiences, why does it always have to be this difficult


  1. For me, it’s best to talk to him, so things will be cleared out. But do it when you’re fully ready to hear his answers.

  2. well here is something very interesting to look for, if that person you say you can tell everything then it should very easy to ask him how he feels about you. but the question is are you ready to change the nature of your relationship with him cos it may be that he is afraid that what he has with you may change as soon as he tells you how he feels (whether he loves or not). Are you ready to take that risk? if yes then just go straight and tell him, no need to talk to another person. But prepare yourself for the answer and be ready to take on the consequences of that answer whether positive or negative.

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