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Believe it or not WOMEN LIKE LIES

I am a realist when it comes to issues concerning women and I know for a fact that some seeing the title of this write- up would pretend as if this is not true but let’s face it “women like lies”.

Now, those who think this is false let me ask you “Has a man not told you the smallest piece of a lie before?” If yes! then know that the weight of a lie can and will never be measured by how a person said it whether for good reasons or bad. A lie is a lie. Hence within this context I’m talking about men. Yes! Men .

So this not aimed at attacking the virtues of men(the responsible ones) but to expose the true nature of a man (irresponsible) and their act of deceit that makes ladies digest words that cannot stand the test of time, all in the name of “love” In statistics, ladies are attracted to anything which has an element of romance, that is why women watch more of love movies (tele-novela), sing love songs, read romantic novels and listen with so much interest when topics on relationships are discussed. For instance, I realized that more broken hearted ladies love Adele’s “someone like you” song. Or am I wrong? Hmm! (sighs)

Nonetheless know that everything in this world revolves round power. For in the creation of this world God exhibited his infinite power through spoken words including the creation of the first humans (Adam and Eve). We know the details of what happened but the point I want to make here is, after that encounter with the master of subtlety (satan), man has become cunning in his ways. But one thing needs to be noted, satan was able to have power over man through the power of deceit, but the emphasis here is on who had the final power – woman.

With that power, she was able to convince her other half (Adam) to eat from that lie. I’m not saying that because the woman believed in that lie, I hence developed a title out of that to say “Women Like Lies”. No! In as much as that can be true, I ask myself, why didn’t the devil approach man first but rather chose the woman?

The answer is just simple; the emotional wall of a woman is weaker than that of a man. So it doesn’t surprise me at all that some men smartly outwit and outsmart women more when it comes to lies.

For a fact, men are better liars. That is, they know women are easily carried away with witty words and how they expect them to make first impression which is why when a man sees a woman he is attracted to; he first begins to strategize in his mind using words as a weapon to break into the woman’s emotional wall so as to divert feelings of interest to himself.

As a lady, know that the power of a man is not measured by his strength but by what makes him weak and it is you the “woman”.

To be continued . . . only if the write-up gets more likes. Comments are welcome.

Credit Tim Word