Woara Episode 7 – “Blind Spot”


Well I love Afra, but this will actually break Yvonne’s heart if she finds out I got intimately involved with her sister.  I thought of breaking the news to her before  Afra did it. It will be better if she heard it from me.
“Yvonne, there is something I also need to tell you” I said. At this moment we were in a public place and that made me cautious of how she might react after I told her everything.
“Can we go to somewhere private” I said.
“Sure, I even want to get out of here” She said. With the smiles  on her face, I was so sure that, she thought I was going to say something about the proposal. We got to my spot, where I always find myself to be when I want to be alone. That was the very spot she asked me to join her celebrate her birthday with her sister, Afra.
Just when we got there, I began to freak out even before I opened my mouth. “What is it Kwame, you should be bold and tell me, for once  be a man in your life” She said and began laughing at me.
That was a bit irritating but I understood her anyway. I mastered courage enough to call a spade a spade.
“Well, it’s not really a big problem, I just want to….” I said but got interrupted before I could finish my sentence.
“I know what you are driving at, don’t thank me, that’s the least I could do, besides, I was going to waste that money anyway, your education is very important” She said.
I was just lost, what the hell was she even saying. “I don’t understand, what money are you talking about” I desperately asked her.
She then reach out to her bag and gave me a receipt in my name. She has cleared my fees without me even knowing. Usually, I normally keep my financial issues to myself knowing how difficult it is for my mother to sometimes raise money for my education. The semester had just began, so I guess Yvonne took a really good guess and found out in a her own way that I still owe fees.
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That got me stunned, I couldn’t break the news to her, I was really surprised that she will go to this extreme. My only option was just to play along.
Before I opened my mouth to even thank her,  We both got distracted when her phone started ringing. It was Afra, apparently, she has gotten to campus and we were suppose to meet her that moment.   I freaked out the more, Afra, just can’t do this to me, this shouldn’t even be the way.
“That’s my sister, she is here now, hey, can you meet her up for me, I need to go for the rest of my books in class” Yvonne said. That was just perfect, maybe I can use this opportunity to talk Afra what she was about telling her sister.
I hurriedly got to the car park and without any difficulty I was able to locate Afra. There she stood, nicely dressed and that reminded me of what I felt for her. It seemed I was loving her each passing moment. I just couldn’t hide it anymore. I was being blinded by her love that I failed to see how supportive and loving Yvonne, her sister was.
I hurriedly went to where she stood and welcomed her.  “Where is my sister? She asked.
“She will be with us in a moment, Erm, Afra, don’t you think there is something we need to talk about before telling your sister about us? I asked her.
She looked surprised after I said all this, it was as if, she didn’t even know what I was talking about or even trying to drive at.
“About us? She asked
“Yeah, I mean, lets take everything into consideration, see our way forward, before we make everything public” I said. I was so sure that I was making sense but little did I know that she had a different Idea of about this whole thing.
“Hold on, what are you really talking about, I hope you are not considering what happened between us serious.” She said.
I was just stunned by her remark. Is sex not suppose to mean anything? I asked myself. At least I was relieved that she wasn’t even going to tell Yvonne about us, that was patent with the way things were going. But her words was just hurting that I couldn’t believe she actually meant what she was saying. Maybe, I misunderstood her or something.
“We were intimate Afra, is it not something worth talking about and seeing the way forward? I asked. She just tittered as if there was something amusing about what I said.  
“Hey, hold it there boy” She said. I freaked out, she just called me boy and that even made me feel less human. I never knew this side of her anyway.
“You can’t just make a meaning out of that ‘less than five minute ‘ thing and expect that it will be a determiner to  the rest of my life. Grow up boy, I just needed that moment and that’s all” She said.
Just then Yvonne joined with the rest of her books in her hands. “What’s going on with you two” She asked as it was self-evident on Afra’s face that she wasn’t happy about something.
“Oh nothing important, anyway, I came here to deliver a message” She said.
I could tell how astonish Yvonne was by the look on her face. As much as I was hurt about what Afra just said, I was even curious to know what message it was.
“Message? Yvonne asked.
“Your boyfriend, Fred  is in town now and apparently he really wants to settle down with you now” Afra just spilled the beans.
“What” Yvonne yelled out.   “As a matter of fact, he is even here with me” Afra continued.
To be continued.
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