I just hope I was doing the right thing. I was standing beside my mum’s bed with Monica. My mum had already fainted, I don’t think she can refaint😐. When she saw Monica with me she sat up.
I was waiting to hear what she has got to say and all I could hear was “I am sorry😓”. She apologized for taking Monica away from me and forcing Manny on me.
She knew it wasn’t right but she had already started it. She had my phone reset, and my laptop replaced as soon as my first doctor told her I would lose my memory. She tried to take away everything that would remind me of Monica😪. She even went to the extent of telling others that Monica had broken up with me. I wish I could knock her into coma too.
But your mum is always your mum no matter what:roll:. Just as your “boo” is the sound of your fart😄-nonfa.
Then my mum asked me if my dad had told me. ‘Told me what?’ I asked. As it were Manny and her sugar daddy were travelling outside the country for good. I was super damn happy😎💃🏻!
My real life didn’t suck like the coma life. I looked at Monica and said ‘Ko lom’. Then my mum looked at me in a strange way. She hadn’t heard me say that since the incident, I told her I remember everything now. Oh yeah, I remember☺! She was happy! And so was I. It wasn’t after a while that I realized we were in the same room I woke up in.
For some reason it had not even occurred to me. It was so funny. I looked around with a smile and unfathomable joy in my heart. As I sat beside Monica with our hands clasped, I told her I had read her letter in the doll. I remember we nicknamed the doll ‘M.A’ meaning Monica Acheampong. And we used to pass information to each other through the doll when my mum wouldn’t let me see Monica. Julia would take the doll to church and then Monica would put her letter in it and read mine.
I received a text from Manny apologizing for everything, she said she and my mum had to put up an act when they were told I would suffer memory loss. I didn’t care as long as she was not threatening to kill Monica😅. The young nurse came into the room suddenly.
She smiled. Monica was her friend too. She said my mum would be discharged tomorrow, so we can leave and return later. As we walked out of the hospital I couldn’t wait to see Julia, I had really missed her! This is something that would have never happened in my coma!


Thanks for reading. It’s ur man Eddy💫