Somewhere last year we went for evangelism at Dansoman last stop. I met a man who was warm and welcoming👴. I was glad I didn’t have to talk much to sit and talk to him about Jesus:).
I was in the spirit when he started talking about his son’s disobedience…..he started killing my vim😐.
I decided to listen and give my opinion afterwards. He then talked about how his son had gotten a lady pregnant. I was losing my zeal bit by bit😟. Then he told me how the lady had brought the child to his son and how his son had run off leaving the child in his care😒…vim dies.
I was quite moved until he called out the child and there he was, about a 17 year old😦. Ahh!!
The man then asked me if I could give him some money to buy food for this grandson. Hahahaha😆. I had left the spirit and was totally in the flesh by now. I gave him my last 5 cedis and decided to continue with the message but he told me they are going to buy food so I should come back later😬🙊.Hehe, anyway.
So I was wondering what Dora had to say to me. She looked sad and I was just hoping she wouldn’t tell me she is pregnant and that she needs money for blablabla. I didn’t have enough to spare today. So she asked if we could talk.

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I decided to sit with her under a tree near my house🌴. My room was definitely a no go area🚫. She just needed someone to confide in. She told me about how Mike had played her and how she trusted him😪. She had already started crying and I had to comfort her. She told me she has no one to talk to but me….hw3. She had no idea how badly I needed to talk to someone too.
After all the tears and the cuddling I went to see her off, promising I will call later. On my return I decided to check on Akosua. When I got to her place this time the gate was locked:?. A certain lady opened and asked who I was. She sounded quite rude so I told her I am Edwin, and I have come to see Akosua. Then she smiled and told me Akosua is with a client at the moment, but she(Akosua’s friend) is available if I don’t mind:oops:! She turned around lustfully trying to entice me with her goods!


Watch out for episode 13. Its ur man Eddy💫