I barely slept, tossing and turning in bed and it was morning already. I had hoped yesterday will be a dream but it wasn’t😑. Now I was wondering if that’s what Akosua wanted from me all this while and I failed to do so. I texted her and asked her if she has ever thought of having an affair with me, and this was her reply,
“Eeii what has come over you this morning. Relax your mind. It is not right to do that in a relationship, and you of all people should know that!”
I had not told her anything about what I know happened yesterday .
I dressed for work still thinking of what a fool Akosua has made of me. At work I could barely concentrate, I don’t know if that’s what we call broken heart💔 but it sure had something to do with my heart.

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Rosette had noticed my mood at work and decided to stay and talk to me after work. I am usually the last person to leave and so it was just Rosette and I in the office:roll:.
She asked what was wrong but I didn’t tell her because I know she wont say anything sensible😄. Then she sat beside me and asked if I realize we are the only people in the office. I laughed and said yes. Then she said we could have sex right now if I wanted to😬😶.
Honestly I felt like doing it to get back at Akosua, but that will be childish. How will that in anyway affect Akosua, it is my purity at stake here.
Then Rosette asked why I am so hard on myself when it comes to sex. She told me I can die today and everything I have will soon be dust:mrgreen:. I also told her I would have been happy if life ended only in the grave, because what happens next will be for eternity and that’s what influences my decisons.
She looked carefully and quietly at me and smiled. Then we left the office. I hurried home when I remembered I had a FIFA 14 match with Monica🏃. I had stayed longer in the office today. When I got home someone wanted to see me. I was praying🙏 it wasn’t Samuella. When I checked it was Dora! Ah!:oops:.


Watch out for episode 12. Its ur man Eddy💫