When Love Dies Episode 1


It seemed like a new beginning for Kate and I and our only son David. The sun was warm and the rays penetrated the windows of our humble home . Be it as it may, every story has a beginning and ours was the most exciting moment of my life of which I will always remember.

* ” I will always be there for you. Even when the world is against us, I will stand by you , love you and cherish you in health and sickness; in wealth and poverty, till death do us part, Gabriel” . *

These words meant alot to me and the smile on Kate’s face alone was the most beautiful thing in the whole universe. As she made her vows to me and proclaimed her love in front of the whole congregation, I felt like the luckiest person alive”….. **

I was still beaming with Joy and happiness while I put the ring on her finger, when the priest said ” You may kiss the bride’_ ‘brethren I give you Mr. and Mrs Egedege” . The soft but deep kiss on my lips by her’s made an inaugural statement of the bliss to come in latter days.

Kate is a very pretty lady and her long black hair adorned her fair-skin that made her look like a hybrid( or you can say half-cast). She is a naturally caring person and would go extra miles just to make me happy. Her Ibo descent made her seem more economical with financial situations. I couldnt say less of her ability to nourish me properly both in the dinning room and the other room. *

My son David, is just 6 and wise enough to help out with little home chores. His brown eyes depicted a clone image of mine ,matching his dimples on the cheek. The trait was in the gene, including his hard but curly hair like mine. *

Our family was a happy one and didnt care much about the little income we made from my craft-work (paper marge, wood carving and capentry). Things went on fine untill the needs of the family became more demanding and cumbersome… Only a miracle would rescue me from this situation.

The only thing I wanted was to give my family a wonderful and comfortable life. This seemed farfetched and impossible because my wife Kate was no better a high school leaver, and her mini-business (she sold food items) could only provide little. The remedy was a mile walk away, but I was determined to get there. Anyhow or Anyway, I was going to succeed..



It was early in the morning but we had to leave, Dave was still in his room getting his school bag ready, while I munched breakfast. I called out to him and he replied in a loud and clear voice.

‘Am coming Dad, let me get my bag’ David replied while he dashed into his room. He was quick and agile , I couldnt imagine the energy that flowed in his veins. Every opportunity I had to smile and feel proud, was utilized to the c—-x.

‘Love , you should eat your breakfast quick. You know I dont like you starving at work” Kate reassured me with a soothing voice. I was happy and let the love and happiness circulate to every part of my being. *

The only words that were courageous or rather sheepish enough to escape my mouth was

”Kate, I love you so very much” . She leaned forward and rested on my shoulders with her hair stroking my chin. When she had felt comfortable, it was time to admit the unending truth

” And I love you so very, very much, Gabriel”

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I took Dave by the arm and we went outside . A truck was there to carry some of my products to the seaport. Some of the goods very priced below normal, but I didnt complain since the youth of these modern age prefared gadgets to wooden toys. The clearance officer was my very good friend and he adviced me to make wooden horses to be exported to the west. The idea was bright but the capital to start was deep down in hades- if only it were that easy- the best I did was to settle for little shipments until I was able to acquire a loan from the bank. **

” Dave dont forget to kiss your Mom goodbye , Ok” I said . The little man rushed to his mother ,who was now standing at the doorway. She had to bend down a little and receive the kiss .

” Bye Mom, love you ”.

” and I love you too, Dave” Kate replied. I bade her goodbye and then we hopped into the truck (which was almost filled to the top….. The driver ignited the engine and it took off gradually and then accellerated with minimum velocity.

As we left I looked through the side mirror and saw Kate waving her arms in a way of trying to bid us goodbye…

” take care Love, call me when you get to work” she shouted a little.

” I will. I will call you ,Love” my reply came while popping my head out of the window a little. The seaport was an hour journey, and was sort of exhausting to get there.

I dropped Dave at school, before we embarked on the journey…….. We Reached there at about 9.45 am on the morning drive.

The port was busy for its status. A huge sign was placed at the entrance and the security officials were fully armed to the teeth. . . . .. .

METRO-DEVIAN seaport was a hub for dealers of general mechandise and home service equipment. It was established 30 years back and now flourished 24/7. ” where my goods…” came a voice , when we had parked ”I hope they are in good shape, Gabriel” continued the voice who was now in sight.

Tayo was a good friend and a very hard-working clearance officer. He helped me secure some space on the container, in return he got commission on the products.

” Tayo. Good to see you again and yes they are in good shape” I reassured him. He looked at the back of truck and came to me the second time when he finally said

” Gabz, you need to do more ok. If you ever want to be rich. Man try getting a loan from the bank. Remember you are doing this for Kate” His words were blunt but honest, the least I could do to repay the love of my wife was to make her comfortable. And that was the prior thing for now and I couldnt care less about myself… *