When Love Dies Episode 44 (Final Episode)



The best feeling ever is when you find a fulfilling end to every adversary. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Then comes the feeling of joy of getting what you never thought was possible to achieve . its wonderful.

” You know I actually thought he did it” Gabriel’s voice brought me back to the scene in the room. It was a large king sized bed based upon a hard metal frame that kept it from the tiled floor. The two windows on the left and right let in the cool breeze. I was transfered to private room in the hospital. And in that room, I had been for the past four days and my family visited me quite often.

” Andy is a nice guy. Seriously, I had doubts when those hoodlums called his name. ” I said and heaved a sigh.

” He will be released from custody today ” Gabriel said and took out his phone from the pockets ” Oh! Jethro just texted ” He read the message and smiled , obviously he had good news to tell me. I hoped within me that Damilola had been arrested already .

He put it back into his Jean pockets and gave me a peck on the cheek. I had never thought I’d see this day come through: Where I would have him all to myself and have him love me for me. Hold him and wish time paused while we enjoyed the moment.

We were both together in the room with our son who was sound asleep on the left side of the bed near the window. He so peaceful and calm.

” What’s the good news? I asked brushing my arms round Gabe’s shoulder bone.

” The police are en route to Dami’s home to apprehend her”

” Shouldn’t you be with them ?” I asked again feeling a bit awkward. ” This is your fight ” He grasped my arms, then said softly

” I’ve been fighting for too long, let Nature and law finish the battle” Whatever he meant by that, it had to be very important to him. He had arrived very early that morning with David and stayed up to this point in time. I looked at the clock on the wall across the room which said 8:45 am .

” I am really grateful ” I began ” Thank you for coming back to us-my son and I”.

” Its really noth-” he was about to say when the door flung open and a lady barged in with her daughter .

” Why won’t you just die? The lady said ,looking at me with disappointment written deep into her eyes. She was the worst nightmare I had been having in days. My fears had finally come to pass. Gabe’s phone ringed and he answered the call . After some minutes he uttered the words that had been choking him .

” Ok. I understand, She is here. Be quick” Luckily , Gabriel stood up and confronted her. He yelled out to her and dragged her arms .

” Why do you hate me so much ?” Dami begged and struggled to break free from his grasp” Let go off my arm” In the drama , I tried to get up from the bed and act but I was weak. The noise woke up David and he became startled , he held on tight to my b—m.

” What are you doing here ? Gabe queried and tossed a slap to her face. ” Its over Dami – you can’t escape the police anymore.”

” No its not ” Damilola said in tears ” Gabe, your daughter – Funmi misses you . Please come back to us. we will disappear together , the three of us and never to come back to this place. ”

” Daddy ! ” OluwaFunmi began with whimpering ” Please forgive mummy. I know she had hurt you , but we still love you ” Gabe paced the room and turned to me, then to Funmi , then to Damilola, she was bitterly in tears. Why the heck was she crying?. I had disgust written all over my body. I wanted to yank up and slit her throat for the last time , and put an end to this madness. The fear in me lessened as I saw she was in a pathetic state of mind.

” Lola ” I said ” Or whatever you call yourself, haven’t you had enough? I can still beat the devil out you, even in this condition”

” Please just die ” Dami said without feelings ” What are you still waiting for ?” she advanced towards me and wiped out tears off her eyes. Gabriel gave her another resounding slap. He pushed her slightly backwards and I feared she might posses a weapon.

” How dare you say such a thing to my wife? ”

” I made you Gabriel ” Dami said as she scrambled off the floor ” Why–why ? What did I do wrong than give you a good life and all I ever asked for in return was your care and protection for my daughter . A father figure ”

” Dami ” Gabriel began ” I tried but , it cost me my family”

” Then marry me” she begged ” Make me your second wife ” I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up from the bed where I had been resting. I gave her a dirty slap that made my palm red.

” You have no shame ” I said ” after you tried to kill me, and you even killed my baby ” I nearly broke into tears ” you think you can just walk in here and everything will be fine? You must be really mad, I will poison you if I get the opportunity. You hoe!. Take your b—–d somewhere else, she is not a part of this family,and will never be” Gabe pulled me back and I felt energy leave my body. I sat back upon the bed and held my kid tightly. He was shaking with fear. Suddenly I felt pity for both children ,Dave and Funmi. The both of them had to witness this incident. It was so degrading that grown ups behaved in such disgraceful manner. What lessons did we teach our children?

” If you dont come back to me ” Dami said abruptly , she held out a gun . ” I will kill you Gabe. If I can’t have you , Kate won’t either ” Fear gripped me, and shivers ran down my spine.

” Please drop the gun ” Gabe begged ” you don’t want to do this” Dami pointed the gun towards me and Dave , then said

” I will shoot your son and that b—h over there. If you don’t do exactly as I say ” I saw Funmi’s face as she trembled with fear. She moved back a little and tears clouded the corners of her eyelids.

” Mummy? What are you doing ? Funmi asked her crazy mother. She pulled her dress from behind.

” quiet, I am doing this for you .” Suddenly, the door opened carefully and Dami didn’t notice. My father came from behind and collected the gun forcefully out of her hands. Funmi screamed in fear. He pointed the gun at Dami, she had her back pressed up against the wall, her daughter cluctched to her side.

” Papa , drop the gun ” Gabe said calmly .

” Why? My father asked still aiming at Dami’s forehead. ” The police will be here soon, please don’t take laws into your hands. Give me the gun, slowly and gent-” Gabriel was about to say when he was interrupted .

” Shut up, you fool. You think I’m happy you are back with my daughter. Just like that and after all you did to her ? with this –this cheap w—e” Papa said in anger .

” Papa ” I cut in as things started to get steamed up “Please drop the gun .Please” He didn’t blink and he focused at Gabriel . Dami grabbed her daughter and tried to make it for the door, but was caught. ” move one more inch ” my dad said to her ” you will say goodbye to earth. ” ” Bolt the door ” he continued ” Now step back ”

She fidgetted and her daughter was crying furiously. Poor Funmi . I feared even more for Dave who was in my arms shaking.

” Papa , please stop this . Let Justice take its course ” I chipped in again as I was more terrified than ever. Although I wanted him to pull the trigger, but I feared he would end up in jail.

” Keep quiet Kate” he barked ” I’m doing this for you ” The door started to rattle and voices shouted from outside . I could hear Mimi and Yvonne calling out . They wanted to get in, but the door was barred . Maxwell and the doctor voices came as they tried to push the door open.

Unexpectedly, Papa and Gabriel started to struggle for the gun . Gabe struggled. Papa struggled. Both flexed muscles and Gabe had an edge but papa was more experienced than him. I was confused. Dami was confused. The people outside were equally confused, as they heard screams. I shouted out my lungs. Dave cried out. Dami shreiked out too, Funmi cried out bitterly as well.

” Stop it” I begged and cried ” Please stop this” All of a sudden ” KrakaBOOOM!!!!!! The 9mm reported with a loud bang . Silence engulfed the room. My heart stopped momentarily. Gabe moved backwards. He was bleeding. He had been shot in the chest. I nearly ran mad at the sight of it.

” No!!!!!!!” I cried out by a freak of impulse. I came down to his aid and so did Dave . Papa was confused, he dropped the gun and like a possessed being, the spirit left his eyes instantly. I saw guilt in his eyes, why did he have to do this?

Gabe slumped to the floor, the bullet had penetrated his heart, and he bled out. Dami tried to touch Gabriel, but I slapped her and she retreated speechlessly, sitting on the cold tiles. Dave was in deep shock as he grabbed my arms, he was not supposed to have lost his Dad in this manner.

“Im sorry ‘” Gabriel uttered with his last breathe. I remembered Tayo’s words “…You have to forgive him so that when the time comes, he will be–” I cried out bitterly onto Gabriel’s lifeless body and that moment my world became dark. The feeling clouded me and I couldn’t think straight. I could feel my heart pace increase, the peace in my heart decreased.

I sparingly looked up to the clock as it struck 11 am.

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Andrew The door opened carefully and the figure that came into view was familiar. He was followed by a more familiar figure, Kemi.

” You are free to go ” The constable said after he unlocked the cuffs on my arm. The feeling of freedom and ability to move my palms freely was alluring. I rubbed my arms together and got up from the floor, the cold floor that stunk of dust and putrid urine attacked my nostrils. I came out of the cell, and the constable pushed me slightly on the back .

” You can go on now. Your clothes are at the counter. ” I clutched my trousers together and gazed at Kemi. She was speechless. She tried to touch me, but I drew back.

” Andy. Im sorry — I — I” she tried to say. I looked at her again .I shook my head and moved past her , but her arms touched my shoulder bone. ” Please , let me make it up to you ” She began ” I am– I’m in love with you” I turned to look at her , I couldn’t believe that she had the guts to say such after setting me up .

“Yes I do “she said with tears in her eyes ” I did from the first day I met you”

” I’m sorry ” I said ” I can’t love you back . My heart lies with another” She instantly hugged me and her tears washed my dusty chest. She held on tightly and she didn’t let go.

” I know ” She said ” but you can equally learn to love me too” I pushed her back slightly and walked out to the counter .

” Maybe ” I turned for the last time ” maybe I will , but now I just want to be alone . Love is not forced , its a gradual process” She rushed to me and held my arm. She looked into my eyes and said

” This is where it all ends? ” For us ?

Yes , but for me , No . ” I replied ” I need to rediscover my life. ”


I realised that somethings in life are just meant to be. Even if you try so much to avoid it , it happens,even in adversary it happens. I watched as the undertakers lowered down the coffin into the space in the ground and the priest said the prayers.

“….A time to live …. A time to die ….” those parts of his statement caught me in the neck. I was not able to shed tears. They didn’t come out, why?? I was shocked. Andy hugged me and so did my son Dave. Mimi cried unto the shoulders of Elisha, the duo were my best friends for life. Yvonne held onto Maxwell, she brushed her tummy carefully. She had conceived and was five weeks pregnant. For a moment I thought if Gabriel reincarnated and was coming back to us. No!!! it was absurd but somehow I was happy for Yvonne.

Mama held tightly to Gabe’s mum as both were entwined with their arms and pools of tears washed down their faces. Everyone was in black and their faces were equally gloomy as would the cold night of winter. If I ever fell in love again, it would take time to be true and I hoped to be in a better position to give out more, nothing feels like your first and one true love.

As the grave was covered, the impact of the sand on the coffin, made me feel like Gabriel was becoming a memory taking off and screwed deep into a container, then locked up in a stash , far away , his last words echoed into my ear, the echo of goodbye blanketed my subconscious mind , it was like a mushroom umbrella that ousted the rays of logic. A moment when Love dies..