When Love Dies Episode 38


He who chooses to stare into the abyss , knows the Abyss’s will definately stare back- courtesy : Kpagogin


I became impatient as my thumbs raked down my trouser lines , a bit near the pockets .Her eyes fixed into mine and the tension was unbearable. I knew this was the pivot point, it was either Kate or Dami. One had to go. Naturally , Kate was the first and deserved me more* But I wondered, what had prompted them into a muscle tussle, which gave Funmi a bandaged head.

I had been to the hospital and her critical condition left me with few choices. I was confused, Dami did worse than helped matters .She had threatened to call the police, if I hadn’t left. ” why the fuvck am I even doing this ? Is it for the cash or the love? I realised bitterly that I wanted both. I wanted Kate, and i would pay any price for Dami’s wealth*

” Kate, you went too far, what were you thinking? ” I shot back at her, some seconds after she put forward her part of the story. She had explained every detail with precision ,but her story conflicted Dami’s tale on the issue about Funmi’s head attack. Dami had said , Kate intentionally shattered the bottle on Funmi’s skull .

” which sides have you taken?, Don’t tell me you’d believe that lady’s story.” She said and flung an object at me.( as usual) ” you can leave now. ” Her voice increased ” Get out!! We are done here.”

” Love –”

” Which Love? She asked with a grin ” don’t call me that, that love you knew… Its probably dead now” It hurt me to hear her say those words. Seven years ago,it wouldn’t mean much, but now it wrenched my heart. When our love was the only thing that mattered most to me, our hearts had been united into a single beat, if she smiles, I was happy, if she had been angry , I took a turn down the moody lane . Now it was different, I am sad, she is mad and yelling out. What happened ? I qurreied myself.

Her reactions made me realise : I had it all ,but I couldnt eat my cake…Either ways I had to decide. I went nearer and grabbed her waistline meticulously.

” Tell me what you want, I’ll do it, just tell me” I said in a very certain voice, my head, down unto her chest and I could hear her heart beat rapidly like a turbulent surge through underground pipes. Kate tried to break free, but I wouldn’t let her. She hit me on the shoulders and bit her lips in disgust , it was obvious she wanted something . What was it? My mind played dirty games on me.

” Was she worth it ? Huh? I bet her pu%sy was a gold mine and you couldn’t resist being a dutiful gold digger . You fool” she yelled out. My eyes went to the deem lampstand in the room ,it added intense romance to the situation. Eventually, we’d get there. I had been longing for this, it was way past overdue. Nights and days of loneliness ripped me apart internally and I wanted to quench my urge.Although I had doubts.

” So you think its just as simple as that?” Her eyes sparked like a plug in a hyperventilative cyborg. ” You can just show up here any time and I’ll welcome you with open arms? ” she scoffed. She pushed me back and sat into a chair in the room. It used to be hers , when she lived with her parents. It had been our den for love making, and on those nights I would sneek in through the window. It had no bars then, and it was wooden.

On a particular night I almost got nabbed by her dad. He came in unexpectedly, he forgot his reading glasses in her room, he had snifed the air and thought something , , , being out of place. My luck was an impulsed motion I pulled ,I ducked under the bed. Before daybreak /I had disappeared.

” That’s all you ever think about ” she jolted me out of my thoughts. “All you ever think of is sex and your personal ego . How can you be so selfish? And too bad, I am not in the mood, So you can leave. ” She said , with tears begging to break free from her eyes. Emotions sipped into her voice, her face became glooomy , it was painful to see her sad, yet do nothing about it.

“Kate—” I began , almost heart broken. My stomach stirred up and the juices did a bad job down there.

“You are not welcome here . Get out!!! — leave now ” she barked . Her mother came running into the room and in a confused state asked what had transpired. Kate reveled out everything to her. She was angry indeed. I thought that was supposed to be husband and wife secret?

” You have another wife , get back to her and satisfy your wicked desires ” She read my mind. She jammed the door behind her and broke down into tears. She poured out her heart- Mine bled in pain. I left in shame and pity, speechless and humiliated. I opened my car and claimed unto the seat comfortably, or so I thought.

Many years ago , the dream of washing a car’s body was farfetched. Now ,I owned one but I paid the ultimate price for it. Then it was time for the unthinkable. I picked up my mobile and dialed a number .

” Yes Mr Klanp .. I want to transfer four million Naira to a remote account” Klanp was my new accountant , A dutch vetran in the arts of numbers and book keeping. I had met him through Dami when she relinquished everything to me. He was trustworthy and I paid him a handful amount to keep Dami in the dark about my spendings. He operated from Nigeria and lived comfortably in GRA , PH city.

” To which account ,sir? He asked.

” An account under the name: David Egedege, my son. I opened it last week.. I’m afraid, Klanp, ” My voice cracked “my nightmares have tuned into reality and are after me in daylight”

“What’s the problem sir?

” Nothing, its personal ” I wiped a tear that wandered in my eyelid ” Just do the transfer ASAP” James klanp carefully told me what was involved to make such a transfer work and concluded by checking my account balance ,but then his initial content changed as he reeled out terrible news . He was certain . When he was done, I became part confused and part –heart broken.

” Can’t you solve it ? I asked when I nearly smashed the windscreen in anger, it hid my inner brokenness( the anger , I’ mean)

” no sir..I’m afraid there is nothing I can do”

” Who would do this? I asked more angered .

” Miss Damilola Akehinde ” His intonation was dutch. I froze internally , my chest muscles contracted at the name mentioned. Things took a wrong turn this time around, but I had to decide, and it had to be quick.


The shower ran . Every drop romanced my body as would a legion of demons exploring my skin to possess it… The water synchronized my emotions ,it created a bombshell of adrenaline. My heart beat raced .I ran my fingers across my left arm, the touch shocked me ,it flashed memories.

I swirled my head to the bathroom door. She stood there unclad and dead-drop hot. Her palms held the glass doors apart, a few inches from her hips . it created an effect of a needle’s eye. I couldn’t help but lust for a treasure in between her legs. I panicked for a moment then regained calm.

” Can I? She asked innocently. She had high hopes,if I would let her in. I went for her hips and dragged her into the circle, under the shower . I looked her in the eye and saw passion. I made sure it was right and avoided misled feelings. Fire burned deep inside those chocolate brown eyes of her’s and so did her n—–s. Erect and hard.

Her palms against my chest , it came furiosuly ,it sliced away water crystals reeping me out emotionally .She brought her head forward and planted a kiss , deep into my lips . It was sensational. It was alluring, it tasted strawberry mixed with banana crisps.

” Are you sure of this? I asked her I felt inside me, a desire far greater than lust. It was rapid and exciting as my anatomy grew hard , it brushed her pubic bones. She jerked at the impact.

” Im dying , just to have you inside me ” Kemi’s voice moaned into my ears. She wrapped her legs round my waist , held on tight to my shoulders. Her skin begged to be touched while it glowed like a brown carton of chocolate bars .

A smile grew from my cheek and I dutifully basked in her embrace. I suddenly thought about Kate, and it came fast , impulsive . I had crossed the limit, no going back now.

” Andy, . . Make love to me” She moaned again. ” Please ” she continued as she brushed her wet region against my anatomy , and whoosh !! : nanabots ran down my spine. I kissed her religiously. I rolled my tongue like a mop along her neckline., I took my time . Feelings, they came in, succession upon succession. Hit upon hit, heat upon heat, back to back.

” I .. ” Kemi moaned. ” please” Her palms found their way to my back, moved up smoothly along the spine and the motion continued reapeatedly. I went for the crowned jewel on her chest, I salvored the thrill , I paraded the line in between with a stroke of my tongue. I stick a finger into her wet region, contemplated if I ‘d to ride her like a wagon or let the gas lick through while she burned out her cylinders.

She fired down , took a turn to the right ,then to the left. She stopped for a quick drop at a mile, and off she went again. My touch on her bud, burst the pipe, gas leaked out furiously. I released the gear, and pulled out the finger.

” Please don’t! ” she begged me to continue,.I reignited her engines. The ride became smoothly rough and I let her use out her nitro cylinders, she fired on without breaks this time ,I had four fingers in.
” please, oh god no, yes there ,deeper, yes.. Do it ,do it , do it yes, yes ” She moaned violently. I felt that too- it got me deep in the bones. I missed this, I wanted this,. My head and mind were not in synchronization. I reduced the tap inflush and carried her out into the room, I knew what was at stake. I wanted it. She had me in her , at the tip of the c–k, her wrist fussed into gear six , the warmth mouth rode like a Mercedes benz, she did a sixty five on a thirty two mile per drain ,she milked out the oil in my resoivor- mind blowing ,indeed.

The night went wild , as did our desires. I gently took her to the bed and knelt at the tip of the foam with a leg, while the other was bent ,it supported my stance on the bed. I pounded hard and my laps hit against her raised limbs ,they rested on my shoulder. The eyes , the n—–s , the aisle of bliss , I had them all , my entire body focused on a single mission : giving her pleasure.

” god , I’m finished , yes… more, more , there ” she went wild with ecstasy. I knew where she wanted it. I gave it to her. Hard. modified