When Love Dies Episode 33



I went home to my parents and they accepted me with open arms. If there was any place I ‘d be safe, it was my father’s house. Mama burst into tears when I narrated everything that had happened to me in Gabe’s cruel hands , she rained curses on him and even the very ground he stepped on.

” He had the guts to cause you so much pain.. The Chi that I serve. Chukwu Okike ( God the creator ) will surely avenge all the evil he has done to you.” All the while , Father said nothing . He was silent and although he wasn’t happy about how I discovered the truth , he still had doubts . He was not yet convinced and given the fact that the proof was still in words and not on paper with ink , the matter was very much debateable to him.

” Kathy ” He asked after Mama had capsided her wailings .

” Yes Papa”

” Did you catch him red handed in the act of sleeping with another woman? His muse was confined to seriousness . I thought about his question and replied the honest thing I knew. To me it was proof enough.

” No sir, but I saw a picture of –”

” A picture ,?? A picture can be manipulated . Kate you can’t stay here. You have to get back into your husband’s house.” He said blankly and scratched his hair furiously. Mama intervened on my behalf and refused to let me go back to that monster. She complained of how thin I had grown and how it was very emotionally unstable for David to live with us in such environment.

” I don’t know your plans, my dear ” Father retorted ” well , hehh! To me there is no logic in what you have just done. I’m telling you to fight for your man, else another woman will just take him away right before your eyes, then it will be too late ” Mama was not happy with his conclusion. She took my bags and put them in the room, after which she came back and sat with her arms crossed.

“No one is leaving or going back anywhere.. If he wants you back, he should come for you. ”

” Nneka , listen to me ” Father began again ” I’m a man o, and thank God am not like other men. Staying away from her husband will only push him further away into the arms of the other lady.”

” Did it stop him from having affairs outside the marriage when Kate was still with him ? Mama asked.


I went to my working place after days of absence . Mrs Edeh, my superior was very understanding when I explained everything to her, in essence, she equally gave me three days off to gather my act together. I was at home one afternoon when Yvonne and Gabriel’s mum came to to visit. Maxwell drove them in a Toyota hiase model car, I hoped they were not here to preach me the good news about how loving and kind Gabriel was, I had almost heard enough.

” Mama!” Yvonne said after I gave them seats in the parlour. She obviously saw something in me or on me, One of both possibilities was glaring in her eyes as she fixed her gaze steadily at my bump.

” Yes I’ve seen it too ” Gabe’s mum said. She came towards me and sat comfortably , while my mother came out from the kitchen with a tray of tea for the visitors, it was breaking heat and steam when she placed them on the centre table.

” My dear … I know my son isn’t perfect , but please don’t punish your unborn baby for the sake of its father’s mistakes . The little one deserves better ”

” Yes Kate, I’m begging you..” Yvonne seconded her mother. She elbow tapped her husband to say something , however he was less concerned or maybe loss of words. He sipped his tea and stared at everyone in the room guilt showing on his face as he too, was a man.

” Cupcakes? ” Yvonne hit him again.

” Maxwell say something ”

” Uhm– Kate you have to fight for your right..besides you are his legal wife. Its not wise to back down now , You just gave him a better reason to justify his actions” Maxwell said in the most matured way ever. I looked round the room hoping to see the culprit in question , to see the guilt on his face and have him tell everyone how terribly he had been lying to me all along. And I thought he loved me. I guess I was wrong , he never cared , not for me , at least.



I was supposed to be a manager , an overseer, a CEO, but I became a waiter overnight. Everyday , I would wait for Kate at her working place. I wanted to speak with her , it was so urgent and time was on the run. It had to be now or never . I somewhat got discouraged after days of futile expeditions. Even her son didn’t attend school anymore and I guessed they had traveled to their hometown.

” Dammit–” I landed my fist into the steering wheel having lost all hope. I wanted to beat time as it ticked away. Just then , I saw a lady and indeed she would help me get Kate’s new address. I came out of the car and walked straight to her , she was wearing a camisore suit and her hair was parked in the most decent way ever. I stopped her in her tracks as she was about to open her car’s door.

” Excuse me Madam” I said while touching her softly with caution.

” Yes ? Of what help may I be to you ?

” please don’t be offended, I’m an agent for stock exchange and I have been searching for a particular client whom I believe works in this school ” I said pointing towards the school’s gate. The lady was surprised

” Is she a teacher?I mean , in this school?

” Nope, she actually drives the bus”

” Oh … Kate !! ” I was happy at last ,I was obviously getting somewhere. ” You are an agent right ? For stock exchange ,” She questioned my authenticity .. I nodded . ” But I don’t see any identity card proving such” I chuckled a smile , realising that I just got busted . I had to pull this one off, and not worsen the situation. I searched my pockets like I had forgotten something. I acted swiftly and immediately and said

” Well , let’s say I was assigned this duty on a short notice and in the rush forgot my I.D . The situation is extremely important” She didn’t buy my lie, it was glaringly obvious in shinning salt and silver that I never made it away with lying, I was always caught in the act. Not funny at all. She refused to give me any info pertaining Kathey’s whereabout , I was devastated and almost downthroden. The only people who could still help me were Mimi and Elisha/ Only if they weren’t so strong headed to do so. Even Mimi had denied me access into her house on the night I went there to see Kate.

I left the school and drove downtown to get a nice hot coffee just to cool off. I walked into the coffee shop and sat quietly into a corner, then the bells on the door dangled as another customer came through .I looked and saw a lady, who was the next thing to beautiful. Everyone in the hall glanced as she walked majestically drawing attention to her self. She wore a bright coloured milky tank top with bluestone washed jeans and boy was she stunning ?

I gulped down saliva and called on the waiter to take my orders , seeing that she came right towards my table.

” Excuse me can I sit here ? The lady asked me .

” Sure ” I blurted out. The waiter left and came back almost immediately , holding a cappuccino latte with straw berry flavoured cream in the mixture.

” Make that two please” The lady said taking off her sunshade.

” First time in the hot south ? I starr
ted the convo. She smiled and introduced herself, her soft arms stretched forward and shook mine calmly.

” No.. And the name is Kemi– Kemi Joe” I felt so lucky to have met this wonderful lady on a day like this, when Kate seemed out of reach, She immediately took away my worries and I felt so easy with her, it was deep chemistry and adrenaline. Maybe she was the soul mate I’d been aching for… Maybe Kate and I were not meant for each other , maybe!! And then I realised that tommorow will be even better than today as I just couldn’t wait.