Walk Of Shame-Episode 2


…**** The Dean’s Office****…..

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Anthony waited for his father to be done with his meeting. He strolled into his office as he watched a group of people walk out.

“You wanted me pops??”  He asked standing behind him. His desk separating both of them. Just the way they have lived their lives ever since his mother died.

“Yes yes!!” He turned placing a file on his desk.

“A new student is being transfered from lagos and she is already in  the waiting area.  Year three. As the student body president I need you to make sure she is properly orientated. As it’s your department ..so get to it.’” He dismissed him.

His father had always being a man of few words. He times everything to importance and priorities. He never mixed personal issues with business. Not even to ask how his dear son was doing.  Money and fame wasn’t everything. what happened to love and care?? What happened to family??.

As his father had no time for words. He also had no patience for disturbance and unnecessities.

Anthony sighed. He wondered why his father had to disturb his alone time for this. He had no time for newbies too.

“Right” he lifts the documents Off the table without opening it and went to the reception area. He searched for her eyes until it rested on him.

“Sweetheart. . . Don’t you look breathtaking this morning ?”  he strolled to her and kissed her lightly on the cheek. Her eyes followed his handsome face and then she blushed.


“Oh you naughty boy. What do you want  now?”   she vividly remembered what he looked and felt like a week ago when he took her to paradise and back.


“Well to greet you, plus Can you do me a favour?.  I got this assignment am working on and pops wants to put me on a newbie ‘ s case. Please find another scapegoat. I am on my deadline already. Please ??”


He touched her hands tentatively.  She smiled. He may be younger but he was a fine damn lover. And what his father didnt know wouldn’t hurt him. She was his secretary and that was it. But on one occasion,  sometime last week Anthony had made her feel good. A pity it was a one time thing, he doesn’t date older women. But she was grateful. Her husband was a bore in the sack. A little fun albeit once was deeply cherished.


” Ok fine. Give me the documents and get going.  I will handle it “.  She laughed. He kissed her cheeks and left.


He wasnt about to pass up free drinks and a lady’s thighs just because his father said so. He was even skipping class. He got his father’s brains. Intelligence was in his blood. But a lady’s heat made him boil. He smirked and left.


She walked to the waiting area..


“Grace Micheals ??? ”  She watched as a pretty girl raised her head from her computer and got up. She was pretty. Too pretty.

” She might break a few hearts” she mused. The pretty girl with an innocent eyes walked towards her.

“Welcome to the University of Port Harcourt.  Come, I will take you around and get you settled. Classes have already begun . Here are your documents and other necessary details you will need and rules and regulations .”

She walked ahead and urged the girl to follow.




“Everyone please make her feel at home”. Mr Bamidele urged  his students as Grace was directed to his class by the Secretary, after he did the proper introductions.


Grace thanked him and walked inbetween students,  a few guys offered her a seat close to them. A few girls welcomed her.  And one stopped her from taking the seat infront of her.


“That seat is reserved…for the student body president!”

The girl said.  Her makeup too heavy,  her nails long and cloths too skimpy for a class.

Grace looked around, ” is he a ghost??” She wispered. Anything could be possible, she didn’t see nobody


“You will be if you seat on it”.  the girl threatened.  Grace ached a brow.. a girl tapped her.

“Come, newbie.  Seat here” she pulled her down beside her, away from the girl who looked ready to pick a fight over an empty chair.

” ignore the banshee . ” She wispered .

Grace shook her head and sat down, thanking the girl.  Class resumed.


‘Hi am Rose. And that is Victoria. She is queen around here. You don’t want to mess with her” the girl said, giving her, her hand to shake while pointing with her index finger towards Victoria.

“Thank you. Am Gra–” Grace began taking her hands in hers  but gets caught  off.

“Yes grace..lag transfer. I have good ears. Don’t worry, I will show you around and try to keep you from trouble”she smiled. Graced smiled back. Already warming up to the girl.




Victoria already knew she wasn’t going to like the new girl. she seemed Like a stubborn weed. She liked to prune stubborn weeds. She smiled dismissing the new girl as another thought seeped in.


“But where the hell was Anthony??”

She wondered . The only guy she craved for other than chocolates . The only guy who seemed to be oblivious of her charms.. and the only guy she wanted for herself …and no one dares to go for her toys…much less her prized possessions.

She knew it. They knew it. He doesn’t know it yet but she was working on that. She hoped the new girl did too.

She pretended to concentrate on Mr Bamidele ‘ s class but in reality she was fantasizing about the guy who was making all the girls swoon in school.. The only guy she had been crushing on for three straight years. Love was a strange thing. And if she knew what love was or meant…Or if love was a man. Then love was “Anthony.”

“if only he would listen ” she sighed.