Walk Of Shame-Episode 18


Grace and Rose held on to each other, crying. Grace felt woozy… scared but giddy.

The four of them stood about them.  Gathering their spoils. The taller one went towards the girls…

“Is that her???” He pulled Rose’s hair… She kicked and screamed

“Let her go!!” Anthony and James shouted… James more in pain.

“Hmm… okay.” he lets Rose go and grabs Grace’s hair….

“What about her..?”

“Let her go… I swear I will kill you!” Anthony said through clenched teeth. Threaten

“Oh…there she is…. how about a little fun missy hmm. Am sure your daddy wouldn’t mind eh”…

Anthony charges again for him and gets knocked out cold. Grace and Rose screams.  James groans.

The taller one hits the culprit… lifting him off the ground…speaking through closed teeth. ..

“You fxxking cunt . Don’t hit the rich one you dick.  I will break your hand. She would have our necks.”! He pushes him away. And touches Anthony’s neck, feeling for a pulse.  He felt it. And steps away from him.  Turning back to Grace.

“Take her!” He orders and then pauses…

“Take both of them.”

Two of them flunk Grace and Rose over their shoulders, their kicking and screaming didn’t disturb the night. They carried Anthony’s car, taking their cash and cloths and zoomed into the night.

***** Next day****

“How is he?” The man who towelled over him asked the nurse. .

“He has a concussion. We are going to run scans to make sure he doesn’t haven internal bleeding. Which could be a serious case causing a tumour… but for now, he just has to regain consciousness. Other than that, he is in good shape.

The man nodded.

“And the other boy??”

“A few torn flesh, split lip. A broken leg, when we bought him in. But we managed to fix the bones and shift it in its normal place. He was lucky.  He would be wearing a leg cast and few weeks of rest, he would be back on his feet. He is awake. ”

The man nodded. “Good. I will have and word with him. “The nurse nodded and directed him.

James was in all shades of pain… when the man walked in behind the nurse, he tried to sit up… but the nurse held him down.

“Relax son, don’t stress yourself. I need to ask you some questions. I know you have spoken to the police already but I need to ask…

…did you recognise any of the boys…? Do you have any idea where they must have taken your friends and what they did to them??”

“No. I don’t.  They were robbers. And they caught us off guard, knocking Anthony out and taking Grace and Rose… My God!! What if they had done something horrible to them? Is Anthony okay? He wouldn’t wake up. He wouldn’t move…is he okay??”

The man’s chest constricted. He knew he hadn’t been there for Anthony as he ought. Ever since his wife died. He blamed himself and pushed the only family away. His only son. He didn’t want to care. Every time Anthony came he acted cold and aloof. Gave him money and luxury and sent him on his way. Without guidance, without love. Until that phone call that came in the middle of the night….

They found his son, passer-by’s said, dead and another young man in pain. And he had broken down shedding tears. In shame, in regrets and when he came here realising he was alive he thanked the stars and heavens and God for giving him another chance to right his wrong…and one of them was to catch the culprits and make them pay.

“He is still unconscious. Hopefully he is out of danger. I am hopeful. Have you seen them before… did they wear a mask, anything..?

“No. That’s why I believe they were robbers. Because they had no fear. But something felt strange. They went at me but were careful with Anthony until he charged at them and one put him down. The boss said something angrily to the hitter but I didn’t hear. But it seemed as though he knew Anthony… or maybe because he mentioned he was your son.”

Mr Anthony senior nodded…


“Rose and Grace… what is the police saying about them…?”

“They are investigating the matter. They would find them. ”

His phone buzzed, he looked at the caller. It was the chief of police…

“Hello chief inspector, do you have news for me?” He listened, his eyes opens, his head shoots up, and he hurries out of the room.

**** back at campus****

The school was buzzing, of the robbery that happened last night. Of the two boys found in the bush practically naked. One found dead and the other barely walking. Of the two girls missing. Everyone was talking of the video leaked online of someone who looked a lot like Grace, the new transfer from Lagos, one time enemy of Victoria who called a truce over Anthony and made peace. One time church goody-two-shoes girl who appeared holier than thou and who seemed all too shy, but yet was highly engaging in $3xual practices and enjoying it. The whole school was buzzing. And the video had a thousand hits by mid-afternoon. And Victoria was yet to hear all the details.

“I just wired your balance. Nice job guys. It was much more than I expected. Nice doing business with you guys. Chia!!!”   Victoria spoke into her phone… Muting the sound on her computer as she watched Grace and four men enjoy themselves. She cuts the call.

“Wow… who knew Grace had it in her. That drug worked wonders…” She laughs.

Sandra stands straight up behind her, laughing. . “Damn! Even I have a lot to learn. See those moves. She would freak out when she wakes up today and see’s this. She had no idea what she was feeling and what she was doing. Well…that would teach her”…

Bunmi strolls in with a sullen look on her face…

“Erm…guys… Did you hear what happened last night???”

“What are you? Like 12. We happened last night.  Party at my house and another party video.  James getting messed up and Anthony watching Grace whisked away. Am sure he is as disgusted as I am when he watched Grace go on and on with four guys in that video… good thing they wore a mask there sha. It’s classic. Grace leave school. I get Anthony back. Victoria is happy because she gets what she wants…” She squeals, Bunmi doesn’t smile. In fact Bunmi looked upset. Too upset.

“What is it Bunmi… why that look??”

“Yes Bunmi, what’s wrong?”

“Anthony, Anthony is the one who died. James is alive. You killed him. You killed Anthony!”  Her eyes pooled

Sandra and Victoria gasped…

“What’s that now??”

“They just found Grace and Rose. They are in the hospital.  Grace is in shock and not talking. That’s what you wanted right. You got it. She is messed up. Rose is in an uncontrollable wreck. James has a broken leg but Anthony…

“And Anthony?”

“He is dying. He hasn’t woken up since yesterday. You killed him. You said you loved him and won’t hurt him. But you did. He was going to be safe. You killed him. ”

“No!” No… I told them not to touch him. I told them. I paid them… No!!!”

“Dean is calling for the culprits heads.  Oh gawd Victoria… We went too far… You went too far this time…

….what if they find out…. I don’t want to go to jail. I don’t want to go to jail. I don’t want to go to jai—


A slap across her face.  Her eyes stung.  Her chicks burned.  Tears ran down.

“Shut up shut up shut up Bunmi. No one knows it’s us. No one. So shut your big mouth and act like you don’t know shit. “She picks up her phone, deletes numbers and messages to the goons. Erases contents on her laptop.

“Look everyone saw me make up with Grace. And for Pete sakes no one would assume I had anything to do it. Am just a mere university girl. Who likes to have fun and maybe fight over a boy?  Everyone does that. So shut up. Act cool. Shit would pass. And we would be back to sanity. Grace is too messed up to stay back. Rose is probably screwed up as well. I don’t care shit about James.  But Anthony. …..” She bites her lips. “I will go by the hospital. He needs me” … Victoria dashes out. Leaving Bunmi and Sandra alone.

“Bunmi…am sorry she hit you again. You know she was angry you were talking too much…  Pull it together… okay??” Sandra taps her shoulders and goes after Victoria

Bunmi sits down on the bed unflinching. Unblinking tears flowing down her eyes. .

“Victoria you bitch. You lousy lousy evil bitch. I kept quiet for so long because I was scared of you. No more. I have loved Anthony for as long as you. I was scared of you. But no more. You play with fire and don’t care who gets burnt. But this time you would get a taste of your medicine. I swear it. You hurt Anthony and you hurt me. Anthony is dying because of you bitch. And you won’t go free… no not this time.”

…..she picks up her phone and dials… The admin office picks.

“Dean’s office, how can I help you??” The voice askes.

“I have information on the culprits behind Anthony’s case! She didn’t smile.  She didn’t even blink…

It was time to have a new queen.

To be continued.