Unleashed Desires Episode 3


Just like an infected zombie, I stood up from the couch and worked up to her. I stretched my palm towards her and watched as she squeezed the oil from the long yellow rubber into my small tiny palms.

“Oya wait let me lie down” she said, dragging her feet, and pulling up her fallen wrapper to cover her breast.

Madam Amaka stood up from the cushion and laid flat on the carpet. Her hands were stretched on the floor like a criminal who was about to be nailed face front to the cross.

Her wrapper was slightly below her back, revealing her smooth fair back. From its look, I could tell that Madam Amaka’s back was as soft as a baby’s bed. It looked like a white woman’s own.

Madam Amaka wasn’t a type that bleached her Skin. She was not the type to use the regular Vaseline which mama used at home either. Madam Amaka used creams. But her creams were not whitening creams. They were expensive creams that just made her skin fresher and younger each day. She glowed like the morning sun flower.

During one of their market spree, Madam Amaka had once suggested that Mama bought the creams she was using. Madam Amaka’s cream had just finished and she needed a replacement urgently. Mama who was a lover of her natural black skin, turned down the Idea instantly.

“No no no. I do not want to get fair. My husband loves me the way I am.” Mama threw at her repulsively.

“Ah ah Mama Wale. You will not be fair. It only brings out the original black in you. You should try out this cream.” She persuaded, stretching the cream towards mama and attempting to mention its ingredients contained in its content. “It will maintain your skin and colour and also make your black skin glitter.” She added.

“No. This is how bleaching starts o. From this one now, I will think of becoming as fair as you. I am okay with my Vaseline. At least I am fine like this na. Or am I not beautiful? Who I wan do yanga for? I am already married. Any addition to my skin might irritate my husband. I am not going to buy your cream. I better go for Vaseline. If there is no Vaseline in this life, I will use groundnut oil or even palm oil.” Mama said.

I was still standing behind Madam Amaka and admiring her black skin, while she struggled to find a suiting position to lay down comfortably.

I was like a soldier standing docilely. I was simply waiting for my next instruction. I could feel my heart pound and my legs shiver. But then, a part of me wanted to feel how it felt to massage another woman’s back. My innocent self was happy to do the Job perfectly. Hence it was my first time massaging Madam Amaka’s back, I was willing to give it my very best.

“Oya Wale rub it please.” She said, heaving a long sigh and shutting her eyes close.

I knelt beside her with my knees placed carefully on the rug carpet. I was just like a chief priest kneeling before an Idol he intends to worship. This time, there was no Idol. It was just the opened back of Madam Amaka starring me in the eyes like a night owl. I was about to worship and appreciate the beauty and softness of Madam Amaka’s back for the very first time.

I poured the oil which was now dripping down my hands on her back, and gently walked my hands round it. I walked my hands to her shoulder and pressed on it softly with my hands. Madam Amaka moaned faintly. She made me feel I was doing it so perfectly.

I could feel my hands glide effortlessly, back and front on her back. Its smoothness was one I never felt before. I felt like placing my head on her back and falling asleep right on it.

The sweet flowery smell of the oil, travelled into my nose. It sent sweet sensations down my body. Her continuous moans and feeling of comfort made me calm. My heart rate stabilized. I breathed slowly and steadily.

“Pull down the wrapper and go down a little.” She instructed.”

My heart skipped. I stopped for a second to rethink. I wasn’t sure I had actually heard her well. I didn’t want to make a mistake.

“Wale.” She called out.

“Yes ma” I replied.

“Pull down the wrapper to my waist, and go down a little. Massage the waist more. It hurts me.”

This time, I was very sure I heard her well. I was sure I heard the words “wrapper to my waist.”

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I gently dragged down the wrapper, and placed it at the centre of her back. I was scared to go down to her waist.

“No go down a little bit further.” She instructed.

I pulled further until I had gotten to her waist. I could now see the full view of her back. I could see it stare at me and smile.

As if to say “Wale am all yours”, Madam Amaka’s body Jiggled.

My knees began to hurt slightly. I struggled to place them at a better position to ease its pain. Madam Amaka tossed her head sideways in my direction.

“Do your knees hurt?”

“No. No they don’t.” I blurted.

I knew I had lied. But that was the only way to ensure that I continued to enjoy the pleasure I was enjoying. This was much more better than watching Tom chase Jerry round the whole house.

“Do you want to sit down?”

“Where?” I asked

“On my back.” She replied.

“No I am fine.”

I lifted my knees and squatted on the floor. I could no longer bear the pains I felt on my knees any longer.

“Wale. Sit down on my back. Just imagine you are riding a horse. You will be more comfortable that way.” She said.

I hesitated at first, but madam Amaka insisted. She said it would be easier that way. I was going to be sitting right on her massive buttocks.

Like a cowboy, I mounted her buttocks and stretched my hands towards her back. I continued to rub my hands round it with smiles covering my face. This was the sweetest experience I had felt in my life. It was the best day ever. It was a rare moment with Madam Amaka, yet the very best of it all.

I was still rubbing my hands happily on her back, when the door Jabbed open. I shuddered as I sighted mama standing at the door with a food flask held in her hands.

She was starring at me right in the eyes. I was caught right in the act.

To be continued…