Unknowing Alpha Episode 5


Torn between going in and staying back, I pace around the front door. Ten minutes have sauntered past and still no word from Alpha. He should know by now that patience is not one of my strong points. My mind finally decided, I reach for the front door, and simultaneously, someone pulls it open from the other side. Alpha. He clenches his jaw and glares at me, his eyes spewing fire.

“I wanted to check if everything was fine over here is all,” I say. “How’s your mum? When the call came in, you sounded really terrified.”

“Mum is fine,” he says.

“Can I see her?”

“She’s at work. The call was a misunderstanding.” He grabs my arm and turns me away from the house. He’s obviously angry about something, but I can’t place a finger on it. Bipolar much? “Next time I ask you to stay put, just do so.”

“The fact that you’re Miller Jordan’s son doesn’t mean you can order me around,” I snap. The words have barely left my lips when my eyes meet a cold pair of eyes boring a hole through me from the bottom of the stairs. I don’t know why, but the way she stares makes me feel like we’re starring in a horror movie where I’m a poor unfortunate soul haunted by a ghost. I try to ignore the feeling of a dark cloud hovering over me, but it’s no use.

“Who is she?” Playing deaf to my question, Alpha nudges me forward. He obviously wants to get me away from her line of sight.

“Hold it right there, Logan Paxton,” the girl says. I turn around to look at Logan, there’s no one other than the three of us. It takes a moment to realize the girl had referred to Alpha. “Logan?” I ask, my gaze darting between Alpha and the confused girl.

“He’s Alpha.”

“I am talking to Logan,” she says, advancing toward us. Alpha’s grip slackens just enough for me to retrieve my hand.

“Alpha, what’s going on?” I ask. “Who is she?” Once again, Alpha grips my hand.

“Let’s go.” Seething, I snatch back my hand.

“I am not moving an inch. Not until I know what’s going on here. Who is she and why does she call you Logan Paxton?” Alpha stays silent. “Alpha, I need answers!” I say.

“Beta I don’t have time for this,” he says, sounding pissed off.

What game is he playing? If anyone here has the right to feel pissed off, it’s me.

“Neither do I!” I say. “So start taking.” The girl closes the gap between her body and Alpha’s. The back of her palm kisses his forehead, and then his neck. Pulling down his lower eyelids, she stares for a moment or two.

“You look fine,” she says. “What then is this nonsense about you being Alpha? What the hell is that anyway? An alphabet?” We both stare at Alpha (or Logan?), but he doesn’t attempt to speak. “I need an answer, Logan Paxton!” she yells. “And now!”

“Alpha, what’s going on?” I ask. The girl jabs her left pointer toward me.

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“I am talking to Logan. You best not interfere.” Turning to Alpha, she grabs his upper arms and shakes him with a strength I never saw coming.

“I have told you a million times to answer me when I speak to you, because you make me look crazy, and it’s not funny anymore.”

“It’s not funny?” I ask. “Says who? Oh, and you sure don’t look crazy. You are crazy. Did you escape from an asylum, because you pretty much reek of madness.” Clinging to Alpha, she turns to look at me. A dirty smile spreading across her face, she rocks her head sideways.

“And you are?” I return her smile.

“A sane person. Pleased to meet you.” She tugs at Alpha’s collar, her eyes wide as though with fear.

“Logan, who is she? Why did you bring her here?”

“Camille, please not now,” Alpha says. “Can we do this later?”

“You are going to tell me who she is and why she’s here,” she yells. Alpha scratches his head.


“We’re together,” I say.

“Ah, together,” Camille says. Biting her lower lip, she nods. “I see.”

“Do you have a problem with me?” I ask.

“On the contrary.” Tearing away from Alpha, she gives me a firm handshake.

“I’m Camille Paxton. I’m his…”

“Camille,” Alpha warns. It’s official.

The Jordans’ mansion is a box of secrets. Moments of disgruntling silence tells me not to expect an answer. Shaking my head in fury, I glare at Alpha and storm out of his sight. I listen for his footsteps, but he makes no attempt to come after me. I should have known such things only happened in Hollywood movies. I turn fifty shades of ‘I’m so disgusted’.

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