Twins Episode 19


The following morning Mike woke up early. He felt a slight head ache, taking some pain killers, he went to sit outside still in his pajamas. Unknown to him Esther was watching from the window shaking her head. “He is suffering poor child” she frowned looking at Mwanida who was cleaning the house.

“Yeah I can see that too, it’s unfortunate what is happening. He will pull through, he just needs someone to help me through but the best person to do that is lost right now. I pity him.. “She shrugged getting back to what she was doing.

After some time thinking through things, Mike decided to take the step he had been planning, now sure that Isabel was still in a web, he decided not to continue baring the pain but make his brother get to his senses and Isabel to the right mind. . He dialed some number and when the person picked the call, he stood up paced away towards the wall to avoid anyone hearing the conversation.

“I want you to find him, I think I know where he is hiding out. I had him followed yesterday. Yes please, “he went on speaking.

“Just get him tonight and let me know, the other cops cannot find out about this my man, please. That brother of mine will get what he deserves all in due time. Just tell me when you have him and I will come through, tonight will be okey.” He frowned and murmured some good bye sliding the phone close.

He went back to the house and to his bedroom finding Isabel still in bed. “I want you to come with me somewhere “he feigned a smile looking at her.

“Okey, do the cops know we will leave this house? What time? “She asked looking at him and wondering what was with his calmness when he was so upset the other night.

“No they won’t, I just want to show you something and we will be back before they know it. It’s something special I have planned for both of us outside this house. Just be ready this evening I will let you know when all is ready” he added and went to the bathroom leaving her wondering.

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Jake kept twisting in his bed, trying to get some sleep but he could not. He kept thinking and panicking. The fear of being caught and taken back to Prison haunted him. He was pissed to the core and wished he had done more to keep his new life going.

“Damn just when life was getting better someone had to mess my plans, someone must surely pay for this” he snarled angrily. He had looked for Esther hoping he could take it out on her but was let down realizing she had moved in with Mike. He scowled upset of the thought.

Just a day before he escaped, he had managed to get Isabel on her soft side for him. Even though she could not tell it to his face, he knew she was feeling something for him and he had taken advantage of that.

“Give me time to figure out something and I will let you go and see your husband. I feel jealou you are his wife because I love you and you know that for sure” he held her face.

“What is that you plan on doing Jake, Mike is innocent and I cannot endure sitting here minus going to see him. What will he think of me” Isabel had queried him.

“Well, I asked for a few weeks so I can figure out a way my love, please do not send me back to prison. Please I beg you I swear I will kill myself inside that hell if I went back “he tried to play miserable and make Isabel feel for him

“This has to come to an end Jake, you cannot continue taking your brother`s place here. i don’t want any of you to get hurt” Isabel remarked and he knew she had a soft spot for him.

“I will show you that I love you my Isabel, you are mine now and I will not let my brother win you over again. I will not allow him raise my child “he shook his head whispering to himself.

He looked at the phone put on flight mode to avoid it being active, scared of dialing the number for Isabel in case the cops were tracking it. He felt irritated with the thoughts that Mike was with Isabel at that very moment. Looking at her snaps in the phone he smiled drawing his fore finger on her face.

“I miss you my woman, I will get you soon don’t worry” he sighed kissing her image and closing his eyes

Jake later on decided to remove the old sim and replaced it the following day, immediately calling Isabel. The first call went unanswered and the third was picked by a strange voice. He quickly cut it and turned of the phone Angry at that he tossed it on the bed holding his head. He looked outside and the sun was now overhead. He knew moving during the day like that would expose him so much so he decided to masquerade himself again. This time, with white moustache and a round head sock. He wore old clothing’s to play a poor old man.

He looked from side to side crossing the road and taking a cab to Mike`s place. By the time he got there, it was a few minutes past 2pm. He disembarked from the taxi two blocks away from Mike`s house and started walking imitating an old man with a walking stick and sun glasses on his face. He smiled seeing the detective walking out to the police car parked outside the house.

“You will not have me you fool. Am not going back to prison, not today not ever” he smiled and walked on reaching the house. The gate was wide open and he assumed someone was driving out seeing the detective move aside a little bit.

A few seconds alter Mikes car drove out. He noticed he was alone in the car. Instead of stopping to allow any suspicion, he walked past and greeted the cops in a calm elderly voice. They all watched him walk by without knowing who he was. He went round the houses and when he was sure they had left, he walked back to the house this time knocking softly.

“Good afternoon mam, am asking for water, am so thirty my child and hungry too. Be kind to the old man and give me something to eat” he spoke with a convincing voice at Mwanida who opened the gate to check who was there.

One of the officers walked to the gate asking who it was. “Do not allow any strangers in this gate madam, let him go away right this minute” the officer told Mwanida.

“Am sorry my son I just wanted something to eat. Be kind to your old man and help me please” Jake muffled.

“It’s okey, I will just give him water and find something for him to eat then he will leave, he does not have to enter the gate “Mwanida sighed looking at the cope with pleading eyes. She felt pity for the old man.

“Who was that?” Isabel asked seeing Mwanida enter the house after seeing her talk to someone at the gate.

“It’s an old man asking for food. He looks so old and hungry. Can I get him something?” Mwanida asked Isabel.

“Okey that’s okey, give him” she nodded

Jake was disappointed seeing Mwanida walking back to him with a bowl of rice and chicken, he cursed inside. He had hoped for Isabel to show up at the gate so he would give her a signal it was him. Feeling let down he planned on trying to call her later and talk to her.

He took another taxi to his hide out and moved out of his old disguise clothes changing into his normal clothes. He decided to take a little nap and found himself waking up to the sound of a loud knock on the door.

“Who is there?” he moaned feeling sleep[y.

“Room service sir, we brought you the Dinner you ordered this afternoon” the voice of a female attendant reached him and he sighed. He had thought it was brought in earlier than he was told but he was too hungry to let the food pass.

“am coming ! He shouted lifting himself and staggered with sleep as he walked to the door. Surprised at the person standing their before him.

Twins continues…