Twine Episode 56


Kelvin picked me up the next morning and we went to see his father at the hospital. I was surprised to hear that Miss Maggie was the termite that had been eating up the whole family. For a second, i felt sorry for her. I wondered how she was coping in the dark cage. She must have felt so desperate and helpless for her to murder Jennifer Nwosu. We walked into the hospital building, as my mother-in law- to -be was coming out for fresh air.
“Good morning Ma”
“Good morning Mom”
“How are you my children?”
“We are fine Mom” Kelvin replied.
“Why did you bring your fiancée here? You know she need to rest, all this stress is not good for the baby” She said with concern.
“I am fine ma, i had enough rest yesterday” i replied.
“Pele. How’s that cut on your head?. Hope the pain has gone down a bit?” She asked.
“I took some pain killers and antibiotics. I don’t feel any pain. How is daddy?”
“He’s awake now, he even had his breakfast. The doctors said he should be able to go home in a couple of days” She replied.
“Ok Mom. Where were you going?” Kelvin asked his mother.
“I wanted to buy airtime. Linda called me. She couldn’t find Victoria. Wasn’t she at Tosin’s place?”
“No, mom. I know where she is. I will be back soon” He kissed me on the cheek, before walking away.
“Don’t stay too long ooo” His mother called out after him.” You know you have to take Tomi back home on time”.
A knock sounded on the door. Dantata had gone out to get a taxi and i was the only in the apartment. Our bags were packed and i was dressed up. I wondered who it was as i walked towards the door, I drew the curtains aside, sliding the glass door to the right, i moved aside as he walked in. His eyes settled on the bags in the middle of the room, his gaze drifted upwards and settled on my face.
“Going somewhere?” he asked.
“What does it look like?” I snapped.
“You always run when there is trouble, why?” Kelvin mocked.” Afraid to get your wings singed?”
I pursed my lips, i knew what he was doing. He was deliberately trying to rail me.
“No. Scared i might actually singed someone’s wings”.
He laughed.” I knew you were not a coward. The Adediwuras are known for their bravery, you can’t be an exception.”
I rolled my eyes, uncertain what to do or say next. “Why are you here? What do you want?”
“I am here to rescue you from that rogue, guys like him can’t be trusted with beauties such as yourself. I am here to protect my little sister” he said, moving closer to me. “ I am also here to officially welcome you to the family, now my headache has been doubled because i have just been given the task of fending off yet another guy. I wonder if I can live to see my fortieth”
“You offcourse! another female to give me a heart attack.” He replied. “Anyway, i will accept it as my lot in life” He said in a theatrical sad voice.
I found myself laughing.
He opened his arms and enveloped me. “Welcome to the family, Vicky”.
We laid our father to rest today. At my insistence, Auntie Maggie was brought to the funeral although just for few minutes before She was taken back to the police station. She wore a long black gown, her eyes were downcast. She didn’t glance at anyone, she watched quietly as dad was lowered to the ground. When it was time to shove sand into the grave, her cuffs were taken off and she also performed the rites. When we got back home, our living room was bursting at the seam with people; friends, friends of friends, well wishers and those who came just to get some juicy bit of information. The name of our family was on the lips of everyone, we were on every evening news. Our faces were all over the national dallies. Vicky and Dantata were whispering about something in a corner of the living room, those two were always together, one’s mouth always in the ear of the other. I wondered what they were always whispering about. Tomi and Tosin’s mother was serving our guests refreshment. Mrs. Adediwura and grandma Williams were also here, they were arguing about something, animatedly, although their voices were hushed. Grandma Williams was such a feisty old woman; she had the attitude of a bear that had caught its paw in a trap. She could even argue with the dead if she had the chance, i saw her marching towards me and i quickly looked for an escape route. Someone took hold of my arm, propelling me towards the kitchen just as she was almost at my side. I turned with a grateful heart, to thank my savior.
“Don’t thank me, i know that feeling” he said, with laughter.
“Pheww! I know she is your grandma but…..”
“Speak no more. The lady is a royal pain in the butt. How are you?’’ Tosin asked.
“I am fine.” I replied.
“It was so courageous of you to beg the D.P.O to bring Maggie to the funeral. She really loved your dad and i am sure you letting her come would mean a lot to her.” He said.
“Yes she was truly in love with my dad, despite her faults. It feels weird that I hold no grudge against her, despite the fact that she murdered my mother.” i replied.
“You have been so strong. I admire your courage” he said.
“Thank you” i replied, blushing.
There was an awkward silence between us; we were both staring at each other.
“I…….i ……should get back to my guests” I said.
“Yea you should” he replied me huskily, but made no move to step aside.
“Linda…….” We both said at the same time.
He pulled me closer, into his arms and we stayed like that for some heartbeats. I looked up into his handsome face at the same time he also gazed up. He kissed me lightly, i closed my eyes, savoring the feel and taste of his warm mouth. His tongue locked with mine, i returned his kisses passionately. He suddenly stopped, moving backwards.
“I….i….’’ I couldn’t believe i was tongue tied.
“I am sorry. That shouldn’t have happened” he said, before walking out of the kitchen.
I sighed and rested my back against the kitchen counter, i looked up and my eyes locked with that of Victoria. I looked away guiltily; she walked into the kitchen and leaned her back against the counter too.
“I know how you feel” She said.
“I am sorry” I said.
“For what? For kissing him or for loving him?” She asked.
‘’ I don’t know” I replied.
“ Don’t be. Love is such a beautiful thing, and kissing is one hell of a thing that follows” She laughed.
I blinked my eyes in surprise. “What? You are not angry?”
“No. Why should i be?” She asked, perplexed.
“You…….you and Tosin”
“Hmmn. I thought i was in love with him. It wasn’t love Linda, i merely had a crush on him and he just seemed so right and perfect to me but i couldn’t keep this other guy out of my mind and thought. I knew then that my heart belonged to another. I had a talk with Tosin and he understood. He’s a great guy” She said.
“Which other guy?, Dantata?” I asked.
She laughed and walked out of the kitchen
To be continued..