Twine Episode 44


Flash back*
I watched my father storm out of the house in fits of anger. My mother lowered herself into the sofa sobbing gently. I ignored her and went into my room. That night i tossed and turned unable to sleep, i thought being wealthy would make me happy and fulfilled but instead it seemed to ridge i and my loved ones further apart. I no longer had time to sit down to a simple meal with my mother, i started finding Kelvin’ s partying and ways childish and i was becoming too obsessed with having my revenge on my father and brother.
My phone buzzed beside me rudely interrupting my thoughts, i picked it up and looked at the screen. The caller was an unknown number, i picked it up wondering who would be calling at past 12 am.
” Hello” i said.
” Tosin Williams” A thick gruff voice growled. ” There’s someone here you should talk to”
I could hear screams and noises in the background. The screams subsided and it was replaced with heart racking sobs.
” Who is this?” I questioned.
” Relax boy” He replied, hitting someone on the cheek” Talk!”
” Hello….Hello… me” he cried. ” They want to kill me, please don’t let me die!”
The phone was snatched away from him and i could hear him screaming in pain as someone rained down blows on him. I tried to remain calm even though my heart was pounding fiercely in my ears.
” Sola? Sola?” I said.
” You heard him yourself” the gruff voice replied.
” Who the hell are you? and what is going on?”
” If i were you i would mind what i say. unless you want the body of your useless brother delivered to you tomorrow morning in five hundred pieces” he threatened. ” Do you know who you are talking with? do you have any idea how ruthless and deadly i am?”
” That doesn’t answer the question i asked you. Who the hell are you and what the hell is going on?”
” Your bother, Sola, owe me 1.5 million naira and he has refused to pay. I don’t joke with my money, if someone tries to mess with my money it means they messing with their lives. I supplied him goods worth 1 million and the five hundred on it is the interest. ”
” How’s that my business?” I retorted, ” Why are you calling? what do you want from me?”
He laughed wickely.” Why else would i call you? my money ofcourse! ” he shouted. ” I want my money! and i want it as fast as tomorrow morning!. If i don’t get my money by 8. Am tomorrow i will start by breaking every little bone in his body! i won’t stop there! i will give the girl to my dogs to ravage and by the time i am through with them i will go after your father! ”
” You mentioned a girl? which girl?” i asked.
” What is your name?” He shouted at someone in the background, i could hear sola pleading with him not to touch her, whoever she is, her sudden scream had me hastily taking the phone away from my ear. I could hear a feminine voice sobbing, i would recognize that voice anywhere, even in my sleep. The voice belonged to Rosa, my girlfriend, no my ex_girlfriend i reminded myself. She had run into the arms of my brother as soon as i was kicked out. She had also told him to order me out of a mall i went to shop. Before i made my money, she had ridiculed me on several occasions and she had sowed disdain and distrust for women in my heart.
” Rosa? ” i asked.
” Yes that’s the biitch’ s name!” The voice replied me. ” Are we on the same page now? will i get my money tomorrow morning? ”
” What deal did you have with my brother?”
” He bought Cokes from me”
” Cokes?”
” Cocaine!”
” For that amount you mentioned? that’s ridiculous! ” I shouted.
” I won’t warn you again……….have my 1.5M ready by tomorrow morning else…..”
He disconnected the call. I threw my phone at the wall in anger, how could Sola get entangled with such person?, what resonable person spends that ridiculous amount on some white powder? I felt like kicking something, preferably his butt. There was no way i would throw away my hard earned money on a traitor. He got me kicked out, he sent boys after Kelvin and i and he also snatched my girl. He had humiliated me on several occasions.
I walked out of my bedroom and i went into my gym to let out steam on my punching bag all the while wishing it was my brother’ s face i was pummeling.
To beat continued
Question: Would you help Sola, if you were Tosin?