Twine Episode 12


Richmond’ s body weighed me into the hard tiled floor. He had given me some back hand slaps as well which made my temple trob painfully. His erect deek was digging into my tummy, he was still trying to kiss me while i fought back with all my strength. Suddenly, something sent Richie sprawling across the room. Someone. It wasn’t something like i thought. He jerked Richie by the collar pulling him towards the door. I sat up, my hand tentatively touching my bruised cheek.
He threw Richie out and closed the door. My crazy ex boyfriend pounded on the door calling me names. He got tired and i heard him drag his feet towards the gate.
” The last time i saw you, you were in need of rescuing and i just rescued you from your rogue boyfriend. Wow! I’ m beginning to feel like superman ” he flexed his muscles.
I pulled my tattered top up and got up on shaky legs. I was shaken, i couldn’t believe Rich would ever attempt to rape me or even hit me. He was drunk. A little voice reminded me that he was intoxicated and he wasn’t in his senses. I went into my bedroom, i changed into my PJ and i went back into the sitting room.
” What are you doing here?” those weren’t the words i had planned to say. I wanted to thank him but somehow those words had flown out of my mouth before i could take them back.
He blinked his eyes dramatically.
” Who are you? and what planet are you from? i saved you from been raped by that drunk guy! the least you could do is say thank you.”
” He wasn’t trying to rape me! he was……. he was drunk like you have pointed out”
” Oh great! sorry i came into your home uninvited” he walked towards the door and paused. ” by the way, this place look a lot nicer and cleaner…….just like Ceasar ‘ s crib!”
” Who is Ceaser?”
” My dog” he said, banging the door after himself.
” What happened to your face?” the nosey office secretary asked as soon as i entered into the reception area.
” A bike accident ”
” Oh God!” she exclaimed, dramatically acting like she cared.
I briskly walked away before she could ask more questions. He was on my mind. I couldn’t get him out of my mind and thought. I don’t even know his name or where he lives but twice he had rescued me. What is it about him that brings the worse out of me? i pounded my hand on my head.
” Get out! get out of my head!” i muttered.
” Are you alright? ” Miss Maggie asked, she walked into my office and sat down.
” I am fine ma”
She gave me a look. ” Man Problem?”
Miss Maggie was a kind soul. She always had a good word to say to everyone, i couldn’t believe she was related to that conniving Linda. I could never forget how Richie was banging her on that fateful day and how she was screaming for more. I needed someone to share my problems with and a shoulder to cry on but i wouldn’t dump my problems on Miss Maggie’ s shoulders because she was my related to my boss.
” No” i lied. I tried to laugh to cover the lie but it came out as fake as Nicki’ a$$.
” I came to ask you for a favour”
” Me?”
What favor could she possibly want from me?
” Yes.”
” Okay ma’am”
” Victoria is going through some crises now”she said softly.
Victoria was just like her aunt, she was kind and gentle but she was a very quiet person. Too quiet. There was something about her, an aura, maybe i was imagining things but it was like she was afraid of the world. It was like she was guarding an open secret. I know how it feels when i get looks from ladies because my hair wasn’t in place, because my dress was just a bit rumpled.
They don’t know how hard i try to fit in, they don’t know how hard i try to be like them but it doesn’t last more than a week or two before i go back into my shell. Neither do they know how many relationship i lost just because they judged me before getting to know the real me. I perceived that fear and shame of not been accepted in Victoria too.
” Tomi! Are you sure you are alright? ”
miss maggie was worried.
” Yes, yes I’ m fine”
” Like i said, i want a favour from you. I know you are some few years older than Vicky but i will still beg this favor of you. I want you to befriend her”
” Befriend Miss Victoria ?” I asked in surprise. ” Like become her friend?”
” Yes. She need a friend and someone she could relate with apart from me……… You know how you youngsters are. You know, someone to share boy talks with and all those funky things you young people do.” She laughed. ” Will you consider it?”
On the few occasions i met Victoria she was very polite but quiet. She rarely comes to the office or social events which her sister likes to grace. I knew nothing about her but for Miss Maggie’ s sake i will give her a chance.
” Yes…….i will be her friend. I will give it a shot.”
Her face lit up with joy.” Oh thank you! i have told her so much about you already! will it be too much trouble if i ask you to see her tonight? ”
” My boss……” i began.
” She’s going to a dinner party with her father”
” Alright ma”.
” Tidy up your table on time…….i will pick you up by 4 pm and take you back home by 6 pm. Is that Okay with you?”
Miss Maggie was true to her words. She came for me by 4 pm. It was the first time i would be going to their home. The house was so big, my parents’ bungalow surely will fit into the grand living room.
” what do i offer you?”
” I am okay”
” Let me take you to her room”
She took me upstairs and knocked lightly on the door. I was surpised. My parents never knocks, they barge and complain about you making them walk into your room after they must have shouted your name twice and the next thing that follows it is a knock on your forehead.
” Come in” a soft feminine voice said.
We entered the beautiful room. Victoria was on the bed, bent like a foetus in the tummy and her hands were between her thighs.
” Sweetie, Tomi wanted to see you so i brought her here…….hope you don’t mind.”
” Its OK”
Miss Maggie laughed and gave me a wink.
” I will leave you two to discuss ‘ girl ‘ stuff. ”
She walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. I stood awkwardly in the middle of the room.
” I know she cajoled you here”
” Its okay. I wanted to talk to someone too……may i sit down? ”
She nodded her head and i sat on the bed.
” What happened to your face?”
She must have read the reluctance to reply in my eyes.
” I ‘ m sorry” she said.
” My ex_boyfriend hit me”
” That’s terrible…… you shouldn’t let him treat you so.”
” He’ s out of my life now”
She sat up. ” What does it feel like?”
” What? ”
” Having a boyfriend ”
I couldn’t help laughing. ” Surely you must have had boyfriends! you are beautiful and you dress so well unlike me!”
” I have never had one.” She sighed.
” Are you serious? ”
” Yes.”
” Is that the crisis Miss Maggie mentioned? ” i blurted out foolishly and wished i could take the words back.” Sorry, i shouldn’t have said that.”
” No……i was kidnapped. ”
I gasped. ” Thank God you are okay…….we didn’t hear it in the office.”
” My dad wanted it to be kept private……only few family friends knew.”
I didn’t know when i pulled her into my arms.
” That must have been a terrible experience for you…..did they hurt you?”
” No……..i was blindfolded me and held hostage without food or water. They pushed me into the trunk of their car several hours later and they dropped me on the road and sped off……it was so weird. They didn’t even demand for ransome”
” Thank God you are alright. It was the lord’ s doing that they didn’t hurt you.”
” Maybe”
No wonder Miss Maggie wanted me to see her. I doubt if Linda has ever uttered a kind word to her own sister.
” So how does it feel having a boyfriend?” She asked again.
” It feels like jumping off a bridge with a blindfold on……. because you don’t know what is below or if there’s someone there to catch you.”
She laughed. ” If it is so, i don’t want to have one.”
I laughed. ” It isn’t always so…..sometimes it feels like taking a walk in the park with your best friend.”
” Wow! i like that part! the only date i have been on was when i paid Dantata 20 k to be my date. Every other girl had a date except me so i paid for one. ”
” Did he accept?”
” Yes”
I sighed.
” You are too beautiful to pay for dates ” i glanced at the face of my broken wrist watch. ” My time is far spent…. I ‘ m afraid i have to take my leave”
” Won’t you stay for dinner? ”
” Some other time.” I promised.
” Thank you for coming Tomi…….will i see you tomorrow again?” She asked with hope.
” You will ”
That was how my friendship with Vicky started.
To be continued..