TV3’s star news anchor, Nana Aba Anamoah has resigned from the station.


The action comes after the ‘Diva’ host was suspended following an alleged involvement in an “online information and photo theft” a source close to Nana Aba confirmed this on Monday November 2.2015
About a month ago, Nana Aba sparked a Twitter storm when pictures she tweeted suggesting she was at Old Trafford to watch her favorite team Manchester United were not hers and that she was not at the stadium during the game.
The Manchester United supporter was widely criticized and mocked on social media, although she explained that the entire incident was a prank and apologized, the management of TV3 in a dramatic turn suspended her for what it described as her involvement in “online photo theft.”
A statement signed by the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Augustus Dickson on that Saturday October 3 said “After preliminary investigations internally, and in accordance with TV3’s own commitment to the highest level of professionalism, management has decided to take Nana Aba Anamoah off air until further notice.
Many of Nana Aba’s followers criticized TV3 heavily describing the suspension that was made public as highhanded and unfair.
There had been a huge campaign on social media with many influential personalities calling for her reinstatement considering her enormous contribution to the network almost in a decade.
But the station did not heed to the calls.

She subsequently tweeted to apologise for her conduct: “My intention was not to steal someone’s pictures as mine. Absolutely not

 Nana Aba Anamoah wrote
“I write to officially express my sincere thanks to the board and management of TV3 Network as I notify you of my resignation with immediate effect.
“I recall with fondness how my now very distinguished TV career journey began at TV3. The struggles and sacrifices we endured, sometimes at the expense of our lives and risk of losing close family and friends. “My firm belief, unquestionable loyalty and commitment to the TV3 brand have never been in doubt. Indeed, I did everything humanly possible to guard jealously, protect firmly and stand by TV3 through thick and thin; an action that has earned me many foes within my social circles.
“I tried to resign on a number of occasions to pursue other interests or further academic studies but TV3 persuaded me to defer my decision on all occasions, out of respect, I obliged.
“I, however, find the decision by the management and board of TV3 to suspend me rather disappointing and a sign of ingratitude from an organisation that I have committed twelve years of my adult life to.
“For something I consider peripheral and not even remotely connected to the elements of my job (which I have delivered with uttermost capability) I was expecting the management and board to be more circumspect in their decision making: suffice to say you have a responsibility to manage an organisation and I have a responsibility to pursue my chosen career honourably and with all the respect that I can garner.
“I would like to state on record that I have never been involved in what you describe as photo theft and will do everything within my power to repair the damage that your publication may have caused.
“I wish you, the management, board and staff of TV3, the very best of success.
“Once again, thank you”.

She followed with another:
“Sorry to all who got offended by that joke. It was all meant to be an innocent prank.”
Though apologetic, her employer thought her conduct could not go unpunished and suspended her.
“As a broadcast network that prides itself in upholding high ethical standards and delivering credible and trustworthy content to its viewers, TV3 would like to assure viewers and other key stakeholders that it shall continue to take all necessary steps to maintain such standards,” the statement noted.
“We expect guardians of our brand particularly employees who we entrust to deliver content on air to our viewers, to ascribe to the company’s values whatever they are.”
After making an audacious move to Old Trafford and sharing pictures and videos from the stadium ostensibly to prove that she is capable paying for a ticket to watch a Manchester United match, the controversial show host returned to Ghana with thing in mind, to move on.
She tendered in her resignation letter in the morning of Monday, November 2, 2015.
She told a source she had been wanting to resign from the network for two years now but each time she makes the move, she is talked out of it.
Last year, after making part-payment for her fees in preparation to go to school, she abandoned the plans after management of the station appealed to her to defer her plans.
After the twitter row and subsequent suspension, she thought it is time to finally move on.
Nana Aba Anamoah most likely will be appearing on a television screen near you but certainly not that of TV3.

It is unclear where Nana Aba is headed to with her media career.

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