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The Situation Keeps Going Worse For Esmeralda To Even Get Money To Cater For Her Children, She Therefore Tells Jarocha That She Has Given A Second Thought About Accepting Mr. Domenico’s Proposal And Marry Him But She Will Let Him Know The Truth That She Is Not In Love With Him If That Is The Only Way To Get Money To Look After Her Children Very Well Since She Doesn’t Want His Children To Be Looked Down Upon And Also Be Humiliated.

She Goes To See Mr. Domenico At His Shop And Immediately He Sees Her He Asks His Worker To Leave The Shop And Close The Door For Them. Esmeralda Then Tells Him To Stop Talking Nonsense And Give Her The Money To Go Buy Medicine For His Children Since Thatis The Reason For Coming There.

Mr. Domenico Then Ask Her If She Now Regret Rejecting Him In The First Place And Esmeralda Replies Him As Not Rejecting Him But It Is Just That She Wouldn’t Be Able To Love Him The Way That He Will Expects Her To Love Him. Mr. Domenico Then Tells Esmeralda That, She Definitely Knew That She Will Certainly Come Back To Him Since He Always Dreams That She Is His Wife.

Damian Goes To Look For Esmeralda At Mrs. Rita’s House But Jarocha Quickly Shows Him The Place He Can Find Her Which Is At Mr. domenico Shop And The Damian Ask The Reason For Why She Goes To See Him (Mr. Domenico), And Jarocha Explain Every Bit Oof The Situation To Damian And Quickly He Runs Angrily To Get Esmeralda From That State Of Affairs. Mr. Domenico Was Just At The Verge Of Taking Advances Of Esmeralda Even Though She Keeps Rejecting Him, Suddenly Damian Gets There To Rescue Her From His Hands And He (Damian) Hits Him Hard With His Head And Ask Him How Dare Him Take Advantage Of Peoples Problem And Warns Him To Stay Away From Esmeralda Because She Will Never Be His Wife. He Then Takes Her Away And Give Her Money To Go Take Care Of The Children.

Mrs. Rita Furiously Insults Jarocha For Being And Imbecile And So Stupid In Telling Damian Where That Good For Nothing Esmeralda Has Gone To And Jarocha Answers Her It Is Actually Her Business To Do Exactly That To Tell Damian The Where About Of Esmeralda And It Is Also Her Right And Duty To Save Poor Esmeralda From The Future Mrs. Rita Wishes For Her Since Esmeralda Doesn’t Love Mr. Domenico. Jarocha Again Ask Mrs. Rita That If Indeed She Truly Love The Italian So Much, Then Why Don’t She Give Her Granddaughter Ines To Her And Quickly Mrs. Rita Shouts On Her Not To Bring Ines Into That Conversation. Jarocha Then Ask Her To Then Not Meddle With Esmeralda If Not She Is Going To Let Mrs. Rita Breath Her Last Breath Because She Is An Old Wicked Woman And A Social Climax

Pablo Is Discharged From The Hospital In Uk And He Travels With His Family To Mexico To Come Have Some Rest Before Resuming His Schooling. His Parents Starts Again Imposing Monica On Him But He Asks Them To Slow Down For Him As He Wants To Have A Talk With Monica Himself Until He Can Actually Settle Down With Her As He Has Promised. Pablo At The Family Gathering Ask His Parents Forgiveness Because He Actually Did Something That Was So Secret And He Wants Tell Them About It As He Has Plan To Start A Life With Monica.

He Was At The Point Of Disclosing It And Immediately, Mariano Ask Him To Spare His Breath As The Family Already Know About That Secret Thing Which By Getting Married To Esmeralda Before Going To Uk And Go As Far As Even Telling Him The Annulling Of The Marriage. When Pablo Heard Of What His Family Has Been Able To Do Behind His Back, He Get Very Astonished And Violent For Their Act. Mariano Then Confesses To Mariano That He Is Tired Of Pretending Always That Everything Is Alright When It Is Not For Painting Esmeralda Very Black For Pablo. Pablo Angrily Ask Them Why On Earth Can They Do That And Who Even Told Them That He Wants To Divorce Esmeralda.

Mrs Rita Ask Esmeralda To Leave Her House And She Care Less About Where She Will Go With Her Children And Esmeralda Continues To Ponder Over The Situation With Jarocha But While They Keep On Deliberating On The Issue Damian Enters To Tell Them That He Has A Great News For Them Which Is From Now Onwards Esmeralda Should Leave Mrs. Rita’s House And move over to Their House and Stay There Forever Since Both His Mother And Him And Mr. Silencioso Will Be Supporting Her With Whatever Needs. Esmeralda and Jarocha Jumps into Great Happiness That A Great Solution Has Come From Above. Stay tuned to tonight’s Episode at 8:00pm! Watch the Repeat every afternoon at 2:30 pm, and on every Sunday from 1:00pm – 4:00pm. Only on UTV

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