To Love And Leave Episode 15


The Alarm woke me up. I had no idea how long i had slept for but everywhere is pretty dark now. It’s always quiet in this hospital but unusually quiet this evening, the ever noisy footsteps of nurses as they walk down the hall can’t be heard. I stretched on my bed and checked the wall clock, 9:30pm it is.
I stepped on the floor and noticed my foot dipped into water, i looked down and the whole room was flooded, i could hear water running in the bathroom, i quickly got out of bed, made my way towards the bathroom. Obviously one of the nurses had left the tap opened, i quickly turned it off, the bathtub was filled with water which has overrun it’s capacity and water was everywhere on the floor. I got out of the bathroom, going towards the door to notify a nurse when i felt the wind on my skin, perhaps it’s about to rain this night.
The breeze blew the curtains to the side knocking off my food flask into the pool of water, i cursed as i angrily shut the windows. I heard a movement out my room door, someone turned the knob, the door jerked open a little but the person wouldn’t come in. Who is that? I said waiting for a response that never came.
“Please the room is flooded, could you send a cleaner over to come take care of it?”
Still no response, all i heard instead were receding footsteps as the person walks away in a haste. Now I’m getting scared, my heart beating fast as i moved closer to the door, flinging it open in the process. The main corridor was empty, not a soul to be seen or a sound to be heard. Thunder struck with a lightening as it send shivers down my spine. The rain began to fall, pouring heavily with a loud sound as it reaches the roof of the building.
I walked down the hall towards the nurse’s station, i should be hearing the nurses gossip by now but tonight, it is very silent. I peeped and all that got to my view was blood on the counter. Now i know something is definitely wrong, someone bad is in the premises and the nurses have been murdered. I should call for help but wouldn’t that attract the killer? I thought of making a call, then i remembered by phone as been left on the bed in my room. I have to get it.
I turned as slowly as i could, tiptoeing back to my room when a shadow flipped behind me, i turned but saw no one. Maybe I’m hallucinating, i thought to myself. I decided to continue my journey to the room and pow….. the lights went off! I stood frozen on my feet as sweats dripped down my face. The faster i get to my room, the better and by the way if i couldn’t see the killer, then he can’t see me too.
I continued towards the room, my hands on the walls as my guide. I was halfway to my room when i heard the footsteps again, coming towards me and getting louder. I wanted to run but my legs won’t move, i tried screaming but i was lost for words to say. I began to move, faster with each step, i felt something pulling me back, restraining my movements and as far as i tried to run, it felt as if i was getting slower and pulled back. The steps moved closer, i could feel the shadow close to me, the warmt of the body on mine, i dashed to the side to make a run for it but my legs must have crossed each other, i tripped and fell, face first but it wasn’t the pain that i felt instead i felt my wrist being grabbed, i turned over with blood gushing down my face. The lights came on and i saw the knife raised up, it was long with a red wooden handle and a hand that grabbed it, my view dropped to his face but then i saw it wasn’t a “he” . The killer was a lady, one i recognized, Ada smiled wryly and kept shouting DOLAPO….DOLAPO.. . as the knife came down hard on my stomach. I screamed……. and i heard was; “ Dolapo…… Dolapo….. wake up” I opened my eyes and saw Wale grabbing my wrist as i clutched my arms on my stomach .. It has been an awful dream.
Wale: Hope you’re okay brother? Were you dreaming?
Me: Yea i was. (Still shivering)
Wale: What was it about?
Me: Don’t bother. It was just a silly dream.
Wale: Okay then. A nurse told me on my way in that the doctor wants to see either me or Mom. So please let me go and see him, I’ll be back soon.
Me: Okay.
Wale left the room closing the door behind him, i heard the sound of rushing water from the bathroom. Is my dream coming true?? I asked myself. I shook my head to get the thought off my mind when i heard the thunder and lightning…. This can’t be, is my dream coming to pass?? No! Such a dream can’t come to pass. I looked up at the clock and the time says 9:30pm. I was straining my eyes to see if i actually saw the time correctly when the light went off, everywhere was dark now . I heard the door knob turned and made a creaking sound…..
My heart skipped a beat.
To be continued