To Find Grace Prologue


Life is always beautiful, blissful and sweet when you live amongst people who greatly love you and whom you love in return, but this sweetness and bliss can turn to sourness and bitterness when you find out that those you trust with your very own life have been untrue to you in many ways.

Mr. And Mrs. Mwape kidnapped Grace when she was five because they were obsessed with her and made it seem like she was burnt to death in a fire accident. They made her forget about her biological parents. She grew up knowing them as her parents. Though they wanted her to study abroad at university level for fear of the unknown, yet her strong will to study in Zambia prevailed. At school, she met and fell in love mutually with junior, her biological father’s nephew.

Meanwhile Grace’s biological mother had been having dreams and deep feelings that her daughter is alive, yet without any evidence to back this up. Of course her husband never felt the same way as she did. Will Grace and her real family ever reunite? Talking about junior, will he marry or impregnate his own cousin unknowingly?

Come along with us as we take you through the world of fantasy where you’ll find the answer to the above questions and also meet some interesting characters such as Jack, Isaac, Mupalo and Joshua only on PobsOnline Stories, starting tomorrow

Story By Tisa Phiri