To Find Grace Episode 20


Junior was rushing to get the medicine for his aunty in town as sent by Ben when he saw Jack walking from the other side of the streets. Recalling the information he gave to his aunty about him, Junior decided to play nosy and find out what it was his aunty was looking for?

“Hey Jack, how are you?” he greeted jack like they had been friends for a long time.

“Hey man, long time. How are you?” Jack turned to greet him with a smile.

“Am okey, I saw you from afar and wanted to say hi” Junior shrugged.

“Oh, that’s okey. Thanks for that, in fact am glad to see you after such a long time. You are done with school too right?” Jack asked

“Yep, all done man, you too?”

“Sure. Am going to Monze today to see my lady” Jack quickly added to make known to Junior he still had Grace with her.

“Oh that is good for you both. By the way how is she?” Junior asked

“Okey, very ok” Jack smiled.

“Hm, did anyone come to see you concerning Grace?” Junior asked

“What? You are the one that gave that woman my details? Who is she?” Jack asked now understanding how the woman found him.

“Don’t worry man, she is my auntie, I gave her the details because I didnt think she would come to you, now I see what those servants were talking about was true after all, how can this be?” Junior spoke to himself but loudly Jack wondered what he was bickering about.

“Junior, what is going on? Why was your aunty looking for Grace?” he asked now with so much attention.

“Oh man, forget it, it’s probably a mistake if I had known why she wanted to find her I could not have given her the info about you. I know Grace so well she wouldn’t go out with my uncle.” He answered him.

“What are you talking about Junior? Am lost here” Jack held his shoulder and looked at the smiling Junior.

“Oh man, am sorry my uncle seems to have found some other woman, you know some mid age crisis or something and I heard the maids talking about my uncle wanting to find the girl and put her in her place. So when she asked about Grace I didn’t think that was her speculation, if you have not told her please don’t, it’s nothing okey? My uncle and aunty are okey now.” Junior shrugged and walked away leaving Jack shocked with the new revelation.

“Oh God here in was connecting wrong dots, what the hell. That woman would think of looking for my Grace for such nonsense?” he asked himself shaking his head as he walked towards the station.

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“What are you telling me Jack? I know that man” Grace had answered after Jack finished explaining his encounter with Junior back in Lusaka.

“Yeah I was surprised too, if you were not outside the country I could have doubted you but I know you wouldn’t even do that. “ Jack smiled at her.

“Well, that’s odd, here I was stressing thinking my biological parents have been looking for me when it is just Uncle Ben I have seen him a couple of times or so through Junior and he is a nice man. You know I met that woman, his wife with him one day and I could see she was trouble. I wouldn’t be surprised if she came to fight me over her husband because I saw the look she had given me back then. Anyway, my parents will never look for me after all” she sighed sadly but feeling relaxed the stressing over what she was going to do if she came to meet her real parents was finally over.

“Yeah so forget about that woman now. But I would still advice you get to look for your real parents it’s good to know where you come from you know” jack shrugged

“Yep. Good they never found me home. Imagine what mom would do with all that drama from a jealousy woman” Grace chuckled.

“Yeah, it could have been bad. Anyway it’s all in the past, I hope they never come back here”

“Sure I hope so too” Grace added.

“So let’s talk about something else since you are here” she looked at Jack sipping on her juice he smiled holding and rubbing her hand.

“Yeah sure, what about us getting married” Jack laughed

“What? no way am getting married to a man I started dating a few days ago” she shook her head as both of them laughed.

“Well, formally yes, but remember I started coming after you years ago and been together on phone too” Jack smiled.

“Forget it Mr., am not getting married before completing school” she raised her eyebrows at him making him fake a sad face they both smiled at each other

Story continue next weekend