To Find Grace Episode 15


“What did you say?” Jena asked the guy she was talking to.

“No ways, I just saw that kind of person on my way in here, you mean this Jack has left already?” she sighed holding her face feeling her heart beat faster.

“Sure mam, but his room is just across the road, you will see the small flats painted brown he lives in the third one from the left” the guy explained pointing towards the road side.

“Thank you my dear, I was just told to wait here that he was supposed to be in the exam room, anyway, let me get there. Thank you again” Jena smiled at the young man and strolled back to the car.

she was just driving out and saw a RAV 4 Joining the road she waited for it to pass facing the other way to check for on coming vehicles and went past the road to the small flats.

“Excuse me, which house is for Jack?” she asked some young men walking out of a room.

“It’s that same one mam” one of them responded.

“Is he around? I was told he just came back from the class?”

“Am sorry, you just missed him, someone picked him up a few minutes ago you must have seen the white RAV 4 just leaving “the young man added pointing at the direction the car had gone to.

“Oh my God! Not again” she sighed sadly.

‘any problem mam?” the guy asked seeing Jena frowning.

“No, no problem. Just I have missed him twice now. Anyway tell him I came to see him and will probably come back later” she smiled before leaving.


“You look good, with this car am afraid I won’t be able to catch up with your standards” Jack laughed teasingly as Grace drove them both towards town.

“My God, will you stop talking nonsense I had to sacrifice to come all this way just to see you. My mother was on me and you have no idea what I had to do to get her to give me this car. So spare me the jokes “she chuckled increasing the speed as the road straightened ahead of them.

“I know Grace, I appreciate that you came, you have no idea how fast I wrote that exam just to get away to see you. I missed you a lot you know “Jack spoke seriously this time looking at Grace`s face. She smiled at him without looking at his face.

“I know” she shrugged

“You know? Is that all?” Jack raised his voice

“I missed you too Jack, it’s been long, I didn’t ever think I would miss you like this. “she laughed softly.

“I love you” Jack responded without warning and it was the first time ever he was mentioning it direct to her.

“What?” Grace played deaf for a moment.

“Stop will you, just stop this already” he shook his head knowing how hard it had been getting her to agree for them both being in love.

“What, what did I do this time?” she looked at his face for a second and back at the road.

“Well, let’s just drive then shall we. Just tell me everything about Italy and school” he quickly changed the subject.

Some minutes later, they found some quiet place at some lodge just before getting into Lusaka and sat down besides the swimming pool as they went on their little chats.

“So, what is going on with your mom? You mentioned something about your real parents on the phone last time. So what was that about?” Jack asked after drinking some lemon juice and placing back the glass on the tray they were saved on.

“Yeah that, it’s a long story Jack, can you imagine I found out my real mother threw me away when I was just born, can you believe a mother would do that to their child? Who does that? Throw away a newly born baby minutes after giving birth?” she shook her head feeling angry.

“But wait Grace, this story is not adding up. You say your biological mother threw you away huh? But how did your mother, I mean the one you know as your mother all this while, how did she know your real mother?” he asked wondering.

“Well, she said something like, my mother went back to claim me a few years later”

“Okey?” Jack asked not understanding.

“What do you mean okey Jack? I don’t know what happened later, my mother only told me that, I guess she was not serious with having me at all. I was never what she wanted probably and just decided to toss me away and move on with her damn life who cares” Grace snapped her voice emotional Jack could see the subject affect her somehow.

“Grace, you are just making an assumption right? Look, I don’t know much besides what you have told me but it’s not right that you judge your so-called mother without hearing the entire story. How do you know maybe there is something else your parents didn’t tell you” he remarked shrugging casually.

“Jack honestly I don’t even know why I brought this up, but I feel it’s not something I want to talk about. I love my life the way it is and mom is right, I don’t need them in my life. I got all I need you know” she frowned.

“If you ask me, what we never really talk about is what gets to us the most my baby. You got to open up you know. Tell me the truth, have you never thought of meeting your mother, well get to know the entire truth maybe?” Jack asked

“Nope, and I don’t think I will ever think of that” she shook her head drinking some of the contents from her glass.

“Please enough of this and what was that you called me?” she asked smiling as she looked at his face.

“What?” he made a face looking at her.

“Did you just call me.. B..”

“Baby, yeah I did” Jack smiled cutting her before she could finish her sentence.

“You are my baby Grace you know I love you. I want us to start something and go beyond this friendship thing, I made my intentions clear from the beginning so..”

“I love you too” she quickly responded before he could explain himself further.

“Wow! Finally, thanks baby” he smiled pulling her neck closer he kissed her softly. The kiss that was meant to last a couple of seconds went into some minutes a voice of someone clearing their throat broke them apart they smiled before looking up at a guy with a tray of their food.

“Am sorry, I brought your order” the guy spoke calmly placing down the food besides them

“You taste like lemons” Grace teased the moment the attendant left and they both laughed loudly.

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Grace looked at Jack as he spoke eating his food. She kept thinking of his words about her mother.

“What if he is right?” she thought to herself.

“What if there is something my mother never told me about my biological parents and I would never know the truth if I never try find them?” she asked herself silently

“Are you okey?” Jack cut through her thoughts making her murmur as she pays attention to him.

“Yeah, yeah am fine, guess am just tired from driving all the way” she smiled

“I know, thanks for this sacrifice and sorry again I could not come to the airport, I should have met this your sweet mother” Jack giggled

“Hm. I told her about you”

“And?” Jack asked.

“And she was being so protective, you be careful and all that staff mothers say you know how it is? “she nodded chewing on the salads.

“I know, so…” they went on talking spending the rest of the afternoon catching up.


Ben was in his office that afternoon finishing up the day’s work when he heard some sharp heels walking in towards him. In his mind he thought it was Jena who had called to tell him she was going to pass through and brief him on what she got from Jack`s school.

“Hey sweetie, long time” the sharp voice belonging to Chipo make him look up sharply he almost twisted his neck.

“What the hell? What are you doing here?” Ben asked standing up.

“Well, I came to see you since you have decided to ignore me for a while, I missed you know” she smiled walking towards him he pushed her away before she could get closer.

“What do you want? I told you I didn’t want to see you again” he raised his voice.

“Oh come on, you have grown cold feet all of sudden? What is this? You enjoyed being with me remember? Am here now, I love you Ben and am here for you. I know you feel something for me too” Chipo moved closer.

Unknown to the two, Jena just walked in at the moment and went right through the door just to find her husband pushed to the table Chipo trying to kiss him.

“What is going on here?” she asked her feet growing cold

“Oh my God! My love, this is not what you think” Ben panicked pushing away Chipo who smiled widely like a fool she was.

“What do I think Ben? I. .. I “she stammered loss of words she looked at Chipo from head to toe seeing the kind of clothes she had on.

“so it’s her huh? You had to pick your high school girlfriend, oh, I can’t be seeing this” she shook her head walking away Ben run to her.

“my love, please stop and hear me out! ” he shouted not minding the other workers watching him run to his wife with Chipo following behind her tight skirt moving up her thighs.

“go away, stay the hell away from me dammit!” he turned to yell in her face and run out to his wife who just got into the car and drove away without any effort to look back and Ben run after her.

“Oh am screwed” he whispered to himself holding his face in his palms he felt his forehead sweating

Story continues…